Pokemon Aquamarine (Version 3.0.0)

Pokemon Aquamarine is part of a series of games with the same concept. Think of this game as Pokemon Red, and its sister game is Pokemon Blue.

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The only difference is that Aquamarine is a rom hack that has the same content as its sister games, but the Rival just has a different Eevee evolution.

Pokemon Aquamarine has an interesting concept because instead of being a human character, your character gets turned into Mew. You’ll be playing as Mew throughout the entire game. The Region and some of the locations are based on real-world places like Hawaii, Antarctica, Galapagos, and more.

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Pokemon Aquamarine Details and More


Your character has a dream and wakes up realizing that you turned into Mew. Professor Palm tells you to find the truth by encountering the members of Team Tactix to find some answers.

You traverse through the Region finding the truth and catching Pokemon along the way. Plus, you have to get your body back to normal when you can.


One feature in the game is that your character is Mew. Even though the story tells you that you’re a human, you’re pretty much Mew throughout the entire game.

The Pokemon roster goes up to 400 from numerous Generations. There are also a couple of Fakemon that you can catch in the game. You have an Eevee starter and your rival has the same. It all depends on how the player evolves their Eevee later on in the game.

Pokemon Aquamarine Information

Pokemon aquamarine

Pokemon Aquamarine
Creator: Vaporeon22
Updated: November 21, 2023
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link
Cheats: Click here

Feature List

  • Around 400 Pokemon
  • Pokemon Roster goes up to Gen 7
  • Fakemon also available in the game
  • Fairy-type
  • Physical/Special split
  • New Moves are added
  • Custom enemy Trainers in the game
  • Decapitalized some texts
  • Getting Stardust can have a high rate of Shiny Pokemon encounters




We don’t share pre-patched rom hacks and roms – sharing these files is considered piracy, and it’s illegal!

Pokemon Aquamarine Download



Gen 6/7 Sprites- Layell (X/Y Sprite Project, Sun/Moon Sprite Project)
Gen 4/5 Sprites- Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum & Black/White
Hummling/Fairikeet/Peaxie- Shiny_Vaporeon/Vaporeon22
Dolphry- The_ShinyMew/The_ShinyMew_2015 (iFunny)
Narwish- SurfingRaichu/SpookyWorld (iFunny)
Triphin- MegaStarizard/Vesper09 (iFunny)
Tortot/Tortundra- Rybread52 (iFunny)
Tortide/Tortress/Tortremor/Tortasty- MegaStarizard/Vesper09 (iFunny)
Tortalus- Aka_Kun/Kazeun (iFunny)
Music help from UmbreonGurl/Umbreon (iFunny)


Map Editing- AdvanceMap
Text Editing- Advance-Text, XSE
Trainer Editing- A-Trainer
Hex Editing- HxD
Pokemon Editing- Gen III Suite, Pokédex Order Editor, Gen3Tools
Cry Editor- A-Cry
Sprite Editing- unLZ.GBA, Nameless Sprite Editor, OverworldEditorRE
Script Editing- XSE
Shiny Script- Shinyzer
Music Editing- sappy & Mid2Agb
Pixel Art- Microsoft Paint, GameMaker Studio 2, IrfanView
Image Editing- unLZ.GBA, Advance Palette Editor, IconEd, NTME, NSE
Patching- Lunar IPS
Emulator- VisualBoy Advance
Miscellaneous- PokemonGameEditor, ModExe, JPAN’s hacked engine, TL’s Quick Enhancer


dreamengine- Ominous Wind, Aura Sphere, Focus Blast, Giga Impact, Iron Head, Poison Jab, Power Gem, Roost, X-Scissor, Wild Charge, Air Slash, Aqua Jet, Bullet Punch, Power Whip
MrDollSteak- Scald, Drain Punch, Dark Pulse, Energy Ball, Dragon Pulse, Brave Bird, Ice Shard, Stone Edge, Shadow Claw, Shadow Sneak, Aqua Tail, Nasty Plot, Avalanche
DoesntKnowHowToPlay- Roar of Time, Earth Power, Bug Buzz, Discharge
Shadowraze- Zen Headbutt
Spherical Ice- Moonblast
Chaos Rush- Night Slash
Garuga17- Flash Cannon
pawell6- Stone Edge (Rock Wrecker’s Animation)
BadgerLordZeus- Power-Up Punch
Vaporeon22- Draining Kiss, Play Rough, Dazzling Gleam, Boomburst, Flare Blitz, Razor Shell, Inferno, Horn Leech


Manekimoney and DarkCyborg- Effort Value vitamins no longer cap at 100, but rather 252
Touched- Limit for effort values changed to 252 from 255
Delta231- Updated to Gen VII paralysis and burn mechanics
blackuser- Updated Volt Absorb to absorb Thunder Wave
HidoranBlaze- Updated Rough Skin to Gen IV mechanics
MrDollSteak and Umbrelava- Updated Sturdy to Gen V mechanics
Chacha Dinosaur- Updated Spite, Protect/Detect, and Blizzard now doesn’t miss in a Hailstorm
kleenexfeu and MrDollSteak- Updated binding moves
DoesntKnowHowToPlay- Updated Disable, Enctore, and Taunt
Zeturic- Hidden Power now has a set power of 60 and shows what type it is
chainfire57- Snow Warning replaces Cacaphony as an ability


HackMew- For creating several easy to use hacking tool, as well as the Magma Armor ASM routine and roaming pokemon bug fix
DoesntKnowHowToPlay- For the creation of several useful patches, including the Physical/Special split and showing stats in the dex. Additionally, changing the items available through Pickup
JPAN- For adding several special routines thanks to their hacked engine
jiangzhengwenjz, Li Yun and Dreamaker- For their routine that adds in an EV and IV display screen
The_Learner- For their Quick Enhancer tool that helps display physical/special icons, color natures, and gain EXP from catching Pokemon
FBI- For their infinite TM usage routine
Darthatron- For their B2/W2 Repel ASM routine
Skeli and MWisBest- For making eggs easier to hatch in general
Skeli- For making in-shop TMs being purchasable one at a time
Super Versekr Dark- For making Choice Scarf & Choice Specs
Spherical Ice- For making sideways stairs, EV reducing berries, Ability Capsules, and PC boxes being able to use more wallpapers
Dreamaker- For making Selphy only give out Rare Candies
Jambo51- For making eggs hatch at level 1
kikiyama- Developer of Yume Nikki, which the paradox event takes inspiration from

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