15 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks With Physical Special Split

If you’ve been playing Pokemon games for a long time, you’ve probably heard something like the Physical and Special split. It started in Gen 4 and it widened the variety on how players could train their Pokemon.

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That’s why we’re presenting a list of the best Pokemon ROM hacks with Physical Special split. That’s because the older games didn’t have the split but with ROM hacks, they can change it.

Not all ROM hacks have a Physical and Special split but the good thing is that there are a lot that have it. There’s so many of them that you may not know which ones to play. Rest assured that this list will help you with everything that you need.

Just remember, Physical relies on the Attack stat to deal more damage while Special requires the Sp. Attack.

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List of the Best Pokemon ROM Hacks with Physical/Special Split

15) Theta Emerald EX

Theta emerald ex with physical special split

To start this list of the best Pokemon ROM hacks with Physical Special split is Pokemon Theta Emerald EX. This is an improvement of Pokemon Theta Emerald which is a ROM hack of Emerald. In terms of the story, everything is the same. This game has added features compared to the original Theta Emerald. Speaking of Emerald, the original Gen 3 games didn’t have the split so think of this as a way to play the game with the split on.

It is also a bit harder but in a fun way. The roster is around 700 plus Pokemon with the Fairy-type included. The moves are also pumped up to around 600 and the Pokemon can be leveled up to 250. It also has over 100 TMs that you can teach your Pokemon and they can be used in an unlimited amount. The game does have some glitches so just restart in case something severe happens.

Notable Features

  • Mega Evolution is included
  • HM moves can be deleted
  • Gain EXP from catching Pokemon

14) Dark Rising 2

Dark rising 2 best pokemon rom hack with physical special split

Dark Rising 2 is a followup to the first game, but the first Dark Rising didn’t have a Physical and Special split. This game improves a lot of the features from the first game. You play a different story because this is somewhat a sequel but the story itself is unique from any other games but nothing too special but enough to keep you interested.

One interesting thing about this game is that has Digimon that you can catch. The Physical Special split makes it better since you’re not only playing with Pokemon but with Digimon as well. You have a roster until Gen 6 with Fairy-type and updated moves as well.

Notable Features

  • 190+ Pokemon and 190+ Digimon to catch
  • Mega Evolution available
  • Updated Items

13) Clover

Clover best pokemon rom hack with physical special split

While Dark Rising 2 has Digimon, Pokemon Clover has Fakemon under its arsenal. These Fakemon are original creatures created for ROM hacks. The game itself has over 300 Fakemon for you to catch and train. None of the original Pokemon from any Generation will appear in this game, but that’s part of the appeal to this game where you can use some not so familiar Mons.

It has the standard and familiar Pokemon element. A lot of the types, moves, items, and other things are pretty much the same. You just have to deal with some Mons that you’re not familiar with. The graphics are also slightly enhanced compared to the original games.

Notable Features

  • 386 Fakemon to use
  • Black and White 2 Repel system
  • TMs can be used in an unlimited amount

12) Cloud White

Cloud white pokemon rom hack with physical special split

Cloud White is a hack of FireRed, and the story is the same. However, Cloud White adds a lot of things to make the game longer than intended. It boasts on giving the player around 70 hours of gameplay, and that’s always a good thing. It has a lot of added content that after you beat the game; you get more areas to explore and villains to purge.

Speaking of the Pokemon, there are a ton of them which is until Gen 6 and they reach over 500. The other good thing is that you have a chance to catch all of them. Mega Evolution is also included in the game among other features that you may want.

Notable Features

  • 540 Pokemon to catch and train
  • Updated graphics
  • More Regions to explore later on

11) Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma

Ultra shiny gold sigma pokemon rom hack with physical special split

If you’re craving for a Gen 2 remake and if you’ve already played Heart Gold and Soul Silver, then Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma is the one for you. It is pretty much a hack making it look like the Gen 2 games. You even have Kris as the playable character who was not present in any of the remakes.

This game has a lot of added content to it, like more Pokemon to catch until Gen 7. Mega Evolution and Alolan Forms are also available. Pokemon that also evolve through trading will evolve naturally. You don’t have to trade them to make them reach their final evolution. Updated types, stats, moves, and everything else in between.

Notable Features

  • 807 Pokemon to catch until Gen 7
  • Numerous Battle Frontier areas
  • Enhanced graphics and sound

10) Radical Red

Radical red pokemon rom hack with physical special split

The name of this hack tells you that it is based of Pokemon FireRed. It has the same story and a lot of other elements in between. This game is a bit harder than normal and has a built-in Nuzlocke mode if you want to further punish yourself. Despite the difficulty, the game is fun and has a lot of features going for it.

One thing is that you don’t need to use HMs because they are replaced with something else. Pokemon stats, types, moves, and abilities have been updated. Speaking of abilities, new ones have been added into Radical Red. The Physical Special split makes life a bit easier, but this game can still be hard to a certain degree.

Notable Features

  • Can swap Pokemon Abilities later
  • IV can be seen on the menu easily
  • EV training areas are available

09) Prism

Prism pokemon rom hack with physical special split

Pokemon Prism is the first GBC ROM hack on our list. It is a ROM hack from Pokemon Crystal but has an entirely new story. In fact, it doesn’t start off by letting players choose their starter Pokemon. You get one by default which is a Larvitar and that’s not a bad thing. The story is unique and will keep your attention until the end.

Despite being a GBC ROM hack, the roster of Pokemon goes up beyond Gen 3. There’s also new types exclusive to this game such as Gas and Sound as well as the Fairy-type being included. You can customize your character among other things. Explore a lot of areas and even play as your Pokemon in some parts of the game like the Mystery Dungeon games.

Notable Features

  • New Region of Naljo and Rijon
  • 252 Pokemon to catch
  • Unique types like Gas and Sound

08) Victory Fire

Victory fire pokemon rom hack with physical special split

We’re at the halfway point of our list of the best Pokemon ROM hacks with Physical Special split. Why not have a game where it is an original yet traditional game. Victory Fire is a hack that pretty much screams Pokemon. You follow the usual tropes where you have your trainer pick a Starter and follow the usual elements.

The story is unique but you do the usual stuff like catch Pokemon, battle trainers, beat Gym Leaders, topple the evil organization, and become Pokemon Champion. It isn’t a bad thing and gives you a different experience, even if the formula is the same and the game has a lot of things to keep you company.

Notable Features

  • Pokemon roster goes up to Gen 5
  • Modified character and animation sprites
  • Day and night system with weather

07) Nameless Version

Nameless version pokemon rom hack with physical special split

Pokemon Nameless Version is an interesting hack since it uses concepts from the Pokemon games but you get thrown into the story at the beginning. You control Chronya who looks like a warrior but that’s due to the story where you will later do the Pokemon basics such as battling trainers, catching Pokemon, fighting Gym Leaders or in this case fighting in the Arena and more.

The story is enough to keep you company but there are features that you can rely on. The game has the Physical Special split and the roster goes up to Gen 8 but not all Pokemon are available. Mega Evolutions are also available in the game as well as updated stats and types perfect for your immersion.

Notable Features

  • Gyms are turned into Arenas where you earn Badges
  • HMs are changed to skills
  • Black and White Repel system

06) Blazing Emerald

Blazing emerald pokemon rom hack with physical special split

Blazing Emerald is  ROM hack of Pokemon Emerald. This game basically uses the same story and some elements from Emerald. You do start off choosing from three different Starters like Clefairy, Eevee, and Pikachu. This game is a bit hard compared to the original Emerald. Perhaps it can be some people’s cup of tea, especially when they like a challenge.

Items have been updated to Gen 7 as well as the Pokemon in the roster. One interesting thing is that some trainers and especially the Gym Leaders have their Pokemon altered when you fight them. There’s also a stat scanner that allows you to check your Pokemon’s IV and EV values.

Notable Features

  • Enemy AI has been enhanced
  • Day and night cycle
  • Several sprites and animation have been changed

05) FireRed: Rocket Edition

Firered rocket edition pokemon rom hack with physical special split

This game puts you in the shoes of a Team Rocket Grunt. You only get a Rattata as your starter, but you get more Pokemon later on. The game’s story is based on the Gen 1 games, but you are the Grunt. You end up fighting the main characters and will lose most of the time due to the plot. Aside from catching Pokemon, you can also steal Pokemon from the enemy trainers.

Rocket Edition only has the original 151 Pokemon, which you have a chance of catching them all. It is an interesting take and the features are also there to make the game better and not just the Physical Special split. You can even choose to be a good Team Rocket Grunt by not stealing Pokemon in the game.

Notable Features

  • Types and stats are updated with Fairy-type
  • You can use Fly to go anywhere at the start of the game
  • Morality system

04) Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

Pokemon adventure red chapter rom hack with physical special split

Here’s a hack for the manga lovers out there. Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter is a hack of FireRed but it is based on the manga Pokemon Adventures Chapter Red. Basically, the game follows the story of the manga to a certain degree. It isn’t a step by step remake but if you know the story, then you know what happens next.

Pokemon stats and types have been changed as well as the inclusion of the Fair-type even though it wasn’t in the manga at the time. Character portraits are also present during some conversations and altered sprites and animations. Even if you didn’t read the manga, the game will be fun and just right for you.

Notable Features

  • Pokemon will follow you
  • TMs are reusable
  • Day and night cycle

03) Glazed

Glazed pokemon rom hack with physical special split

Pokemon Glazed is a good example when people get creative. It is one of the best ROM hacks out there based on Emerald but doesn’t feel like it. It has an original story while maintaining the core elements of the Pokemon games. You even get to choose from five Starter Pokemon instead of the usual three.

Glazed is so good that there multiple versions of it like Blazed Glazed and Glazed Reborn. You have three Regions to explore and do the usual things. The Pokemon roster goes up to Gen 6 as well as having new custom animation during battle. Don’t forget about that Pikachu that’s stalking you in the game.

Notable Features

  • A lot of Legendary Pokemon in the game
  • Rematch trainers and Gym Leaders
  • Dream World Pokemon are available

02) Gaia

Gaia pokemon rom hack with physical special split

Gaia has its own reputation when it comes to being one of the best ROM hacks. It has been played in speed running events and has a ton of players. Much like Glazed, Gaia has something going on for it. It has its own story and its array of Pokemon. It has undergone numerous updates in the past and now it is a near perfect Pokemon game.

The content in the game is pretty much updated to Gen 6. You have the Physical Special split from Gen 4 and the Pokemon roster reaches up to Gen 6 but not all are present. Items and Moves are also updated as well as the Types and Stats. A lot of other added events are in the game.

Notable Features

  • Everything updated until Gen 6
  • New Items, Moves, and More
  • Mega Evolution

01) Unbound

Unbound pokemon rom hack with physical special split

To finish off our list of the best Pokemon ROM hacks with Physical Special split, we have Pokemon Unbound. This game is like Glazed and Gaia but on steroids with the many content that it has. It has Pokemon up to Gen 7 along with Mega Evolution, Z Moves, and updated everything. The game gives you so much content, you wouldn’t know where to begin.

It also has a quest progression system for the main story and side quests that you can take. The game is immersive and it even lets you customize your characters if you like that kind of thing. There are also daily quests and events that will reset the next day in case you didn’t do it. Don’t forget about the updated graphics and audio.

Notable Features

  • Unique questing system
  • Z Moves and Mega Evolution
  • Pokemon roster goes up to Gen 7

In Closing

These are the 15 best Pokemon ROM hacks with Physical Special split that you can play. Even if you don’t care much for the split system, these are still good ROM hacks to play. The split probably makes the gaming experience better and in some cases technical.

People that are experts in this field can turn the tide of battle in their favor. Then again, Pokemon games are generally average to easy. The specific ROM hacks that are hard are for those that want a little challenge, and a split can be good for that.

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