The 20 Best Dog Pokemon From All Generations

They say that dog is man’s best friend, and with Pokemon, you’ll find a couple of them that look like dogs. After all, Pokemon has been based on plants, inanimate objects, and of course, animals.

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That’s why we compiled a list of the 20 Best Dog Pokemon, and if you are a dog lover and a Pokemon fan, you will surely like what you will about to discover on this topic.

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List of the 20 Best Dog Pokemon

What is the point of this list, you ask? There really isn’t other than to give appreciation to these Pokemon. We’re not ranking them based on how good they are in terms of gameplay or how they look.

We’re just doing our best to get all of them out but probably not what you’re thinking of.

20) Zigzagoon


Let’s start this list of the best dog Pokemon with good old Zigzagoon. Introduced first in Gen 3 as a Normal-type Pokemon, Zigzagoon looks like a cross mix between a dog and a raccoon.

The dog part looks a bit more dominant, and its evolved form Linoone doesn’t look anything like a dog. Nevertheless, Zigzagoon is one of the earliest Pokemon you encounter in Gen 3, fulfilling that early Normal-type like Rattata in Gen 1 and Sentret in Gen 2 did and many more will do after. It even has a Galarian form which is a Dark and Normal-type.

19) Houndoom

Image 1

While its first form Houndour looks like an adorable yet feisty puppy, Houndoor is anything but. This Gen 2 alumnus is a Dark and Fire-type Pokemon that looks fierce.

It actually reminds you of a Doberman dog which is a tall, black, and mean-looking dog. It even has a Mega Evolution form which makes it even meaner than it already is. One of its Pokedex entries states that if you get burned by its flame breath, the pain will never go away.

18) Lillipup

Image 2

Even the name has the word pup, which looks like an adorable puppy. Lillipup is like Zigzagoon, where it fulfills that early Normal-type Pokemon.

In this case, Lillipup appears early on in the Gen 5 games. One of its Pokedex entries states that despite being small in stature, it will take on the meanest enemies with great courage to protect its masters.

17) Poochyena

Image 3

Poochyena is another dog Pokemon that appears alongside Zigzagoon as one of the early encounters in the Gen 3 games. It is a Dark-type, and Poochyena, if the name wasn’t obvious enough, is a combination of pooch, a term for a dog or puppy, and hyena.

Then again, the hyena is like a distant relative to dogs, sort of like how tigers and lions are distant relatives to a house cat. Anyway, Poochyena has only one evolution: Mightyena, which is a bigger dog.

16) Herdier

Image 4

This is the first evolved form of Lillipup, and upon first look, it looks like one of those dogs with a mustache or beard. We’re talking about certain types of Terrier breeds or even a Schnauzer.

The name itself, Herdier, sounds like one of those sheepdogs where they “herd” sheep into a pen. Nevertheless, Herdier here is an excellent Normal-type to have, at least as far as you can take it. A Pokedex entry also states its loyalty to its trainer.

15) Yamper

Image 5

When you see a Yamper, you’ll be reminded of a Corgi dog. It’s small and cute, and it has those little teeth sticking out, making it very adorable. It’s an Electric-type Pokemon making its debut in Gen 8.

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Its Pokedex entry states that this herding dog is loyal and wants treats for its work. Whenever it runs around, small discharges of electricity are always following behind. It even has a nice lightning bolt tail to make it more adorable.

14) Arcanine

Image 6

Don’t be fooled by its stripes because it’s not a tiger. The name Arcanine as in canine, tells you that it is a dog and a big one. In fact, if you take a look at its face, it really looks like a dog.

It’s the evolved form of Growlithe and a Fire-type Gen 1 alumnus. It can run really fast, making people think that it has wings. It also has a Hisuain form being a Fire and Rock-type. Arcanine is probably most renowned for being one of Gary’s best Pokemon if you follow the anime, that is.

13) Electrike

Image 7

Electrike comes from Gen 3 and is an Electric-type Pokemon if the name wasn’t that much of a giveaway already. Its face does look like a dog from the head to the mouth, and its little fangs stick out.

According to the Pokedex, an Electrike runs fast and stores the electricity in its fur after running. You better not touch any of these because you’ll get a static shock if you do so. Its evolved form Manetrike looks a bit better, like a larger dog.

12) Snubull

Image 8

This Gen 2 Pokemon started off as a simple Normal-type. Later on, it because a sole Fairy-type as well as its evolved form Granbull. Both of its forms are based on bulldogs because if you look at its face, it looks like a bulldog.

Granbull, on the other hand, has bigger fangs from below, and you have probably seen some bulldogs have huge fangs. One thing you have to know is that in Gold and Silver, as well as its remakes, Heart Gold and Soul Silver will make you frustrated in getting a Snubbull.

It could only be found in Route 38 with a 1% encounter rate. That’s right, 1%, so this means you have to be patient in finding one. The good thing is that in Crystal, it is easier to get one since it can be found in a lot of areas and has a higher encounter rate of around 30%.

11) Zamazenta

Image 9

This is our first Legendary Pokemon on this list first appearing in Gen 8. This Fighting-type Pokemon is the exclusive Legendary for Pokemon Shield. It makes sense because once it achieves its Crowned Shield form, it looks like it has a shield in front of its body.

In fact, its body is covered by armor, and according to the Pokedex, Zamzenta is strong enough to absorb attacks from even Pokemon that are under Dynamax. It gains the Steel-type secondary typing once getting Crowned Shield.

10) Zacian

Image 10

We’re halfway through our best dog Pokemon list, and the opposite of Zamazenta is Zacian. Another Legendary dog Pokemon, and if you look at both of them minus their special forms, they really look like gigantic and majestic dogs.

That’s pretty much their lore anyway, being defenders of Galar during ancient times and they slept or millennia to awaken later on. Zacian has its Crowned Sword form, which is why it is the exclusive Legendary for Pokemon Sword. It also gains the secondary Steel-type upon gaining the Crowned Sword form.

09) Smeargle

Image 11

Smeargle’s name is probably based on the dog breed of a Beagle. They have very few similarities, but the Smeargle has an artistic flair to it. There’s an ooze of liquid coming out of its tail, allowing it to mark its territory.

Smeargle reminds you of one of those classic French artists. Its tail acts like the paintbrush, and the ooze is the paint. If you also pay close attention to its head, it looks like it’s wearing a hat as those artists do.

08) Stoutland

Image 12

Stoutland is the final evolution of Lillipup and Herdier. Stoutland finally grows into a full-blown and large dog. Its facial hair has grown so long that it is considered a wise Pokemon.

It primarily helps with rescue missions for people that have been stranded and lost in the snowy mountain. It has thick fur to help combat the cold, and it wouldn’t need to worry about heat. Stoutland maintains its Normal-type and can be an excellent addition to your team.

07) Boltund

Image 13

This is the evolved form of Yamper from Gen 8, and it is still an Electric-type. You can see the vast change from a Corgi-looking Yamper into a Boltund that looks like a Great Dane.

It’s probably one of the most realistic dog Pokemon in terms of appearance. Much like Yamper, Boltund is able to generate bolts of electricity as it runs swiftly on the ground. It can run so fast that it can boost past 50 miles per hour.

06) Furfrou

Image 14

We have an interesting dog Pokemon in the form of Furfrou, which is a Normal-type. It made its first appearance back in Gen 6, and it only has this as its form, so there are no evolutions. It is also dubbed a Poodle Pokemon, which makes sense when you look at its design.

Poodles generally have curly fur covering their bodies, but the Furfou has generic dog fur. If you’ve seen the anime, you can see that, like Poodles, Furfrou owners tend to personalize and change the look of their Pokemon. You have those Furfrou that have trimmed and shaved fur and some with color.

05) Zorua

Image 16

We’re in the top 5 of the best dog pokemon list, and we have this cute little Dark-type called Zorua. Making its appearance in Gen 5, and it later evolves into Zoroark. Some think that Zorua and Zoroak are Legendary Pokemon, but they actually aren’t.

Both of them also have Hisuian forms, but going back to Zorua, it has some fox-like features, but it still looks like a puppy with its dark fur, and according to the Pokedex, it has the capabilities to transform into a person.

04) Vulpix

Image 15

Here’s another one that seems like a dog but also has fox traits. Vulpix, the Gen 1 alumnus, is a Fire-type that evolves into the Ninetales, and that alone is based on the nine-tailed fox from mythology. Regardless, Vulpix is adorable on its own and gives anyone a sudden surge of happiness.

They say that when a Vulpix hatches from an egg, it only has one tail but slowly grows to have five until it evolves into a Ninetales. Both Vulpix and Ninetails have an Alolan form that is are Ice-types.

03) Rockruff

Image 17

If you really want to see a dog Pokemon that’s a dead ringer for a dog, then you got Rockruff. It’s a very cute way to name it because it’s a Rock-type, and Rock is the first part, and ruff is the latter which is what dogs usually sound like.

This Pokemon first appeared in Gen 7 and based on its look, and it makes you think of those puppies you can see in real life. Its evolved form Lycanroc looks much more like a wolf, so you better keep a Rockruff just for you to admire it.

02) Growlithe

Image 18

Regarding Gen 1, Growlithe is probably the first dog Pokemon that catches your eye. It looks like a dog and a tiger smashed together. Its evolved form Arcanine was previously on the list, but nothing beats the cuteness of Growlithe.

It’s a Fire-type Pokemon, and if you’ve seen the anime, you know that it’s usually the Pokemon that Officer Jenny brings around, and for a good reason. A Hisuian version of Growlithe also looks a bit more oriental.

01) Suicune

Image 19

The best dog Pokemon, at least for us, is Suicune. This majestic Legendary dog Pokemon first appeared in Gen 2, particularly in Gold and Silver. Along with its other Legendary dog brethren, Raikou and Entei, Suicune stood out the most.

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This Water-type Pokemon is the recipient of Master Balls from players back then. In fact, in Crystal, Suicune plays a vital role in the player’s journey. There’s nothing to compare when it comes to Suicune, as it also appears as the mascot for a lot of Gen 2 stuff and most Crystal ROM hacks.

In Closing

These are the 20 best dog Pokemon according to us anyway. There are some that we didn’t include, unfortunately. As we said, Raikou and Entei are the other two from the Legendary Dog Trio. Don’t forget about the other ones that are evolved form of the ones on the list.

Then again, this list is mostly for fun and not something that can help improve your gameplay. If you have one of your favorites not on this list, feel free to hit the comments. There are always those with their favorites to put on the list.

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