10 Best Non Legendary Pokemon

What is the strongest Pokemon? That’s usually a question many players ask because they want to have the best teams to play the games. The usual answers are Legendary Pokemon, but what if we make a list of the  10 best non Legendary Pokemon that you can use whenever you play the games.

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These are just suggestions when it comes to which Pokemon you would want on your team. Keep in mind that depending on the Generation, these Pokemon may or may not be available.

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That being said, if they are, then you might want to take one or two of them. Plus, always remember you can play it your way, but we’ll make a list either way.

10 best non legendary pokemon

List of the 10 Best Non Legendary Pokemon

10) Crobat

Crobat 10 best non legendary pokemon

We’ll start this list of the ten best non Legendary Pokemon with good old Crobat. Crobat is a Poison/Flying-type that first appeared in Gen 2. It has since appeared in all of the other Gens from 3 to 8, which is very impressive. It goes to show that this little bat can be an excellent asset to your team because it excels in Speed.

It may not hit hard, but it can be a nightmare to deal with. Give it Moves like Confuse Ray, Double Team, and a Poison-type move, and it will wreak havoc. It is a bit weak on the defensive side, so be sure to amp up its evasion. Plus, Zubats can be encountered early in the games, so catch one and evolve it to a Golbat and then Crobat with high enough Friendship.

09) Snorlax

Snorlax 10 best non legendary pokemon

Here we have a Gen 1 favorite and arguably one of the most formidable Normal-type Pokemon in the series. Most of the time, you will get a Snorlax, so that’s reassuring. This bad boy has very impressive HP and Sp. Defense, so you can have it soak up some damage during the battle if you need to buff up your main Pokemon with Battle Items.

Give it moves like Rest and Belly Drum, then it can do significant damage paired up with any Physical-based attacks like Earthquake, Giga Impact, and even Body Slam. It has also appeared in all Gens despite the different ways to obtain it.

08) Greninja

Greninja 10 best non legendary pokemon

One of the best starter Pokemon in the series, which evolves into Greninja which is a Water/Dark-type. The only downside is that this one only appears in Gen 6 and 7 for now, at least. It has impressive Speed, Sp. Attack, and a decent enough Attack stat. If you plan on using it, take advantage of its Speed and offensive capabilities.

Let the Greninja go first, and it can wipe out enemy Pokemon as fast as possible. It learns Water Shuriken, which is a priority move and deals good damage. You can even make it your Surf slave since the move is suitable for it.

07) Dragonite

Dragonite 10 best non legendary pokemon

We all know that joke about Lance having three Dragonites and a stock of Full Restores. That’s because Dragonite is an excellent and strong Dragon-type to have. It is available in all Generations, and it can learn a plethora of good moves allowing you to customize it depending on what your team needs.

It can be a good offensive Pokemon or one that is on the tanky side. It doesn’t succumb easily to enemy offense, and its ability Inner Focus prevents it from flinching. Get one of these guys, and yes, you’re good with just one.

06) Espeon

Espeon 10 best non legendary pokemon

A lot of people would agree that Espeon is the strongest evolution form of Eevee. Then again, that may be subjective, but there’s no denying that this Pokemon is powerful. It is a Psychic-type that has appeared since Gen 2 and all of the Gens after it. You pretty much get an Eevee in all of these games anyway, so you might want to consider getting an Espeon.

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Give it moves like Calm Mind and Psychic as it excels in moves that rely on Sp. Attack. Its Speed is also deadly, but it lacks defensive properties, so it pretty much has to deal the first blow before it gets knocked out. In later Gens, it can learn Fairy-type moves, so that’s nice.

05) Gengar

Gengar 10 best non legendary pokemon

We’re halfway through our list of the ten best non Legendary Pokemon. We have Gengar filling that spot, and if you didn’t know, other than the Dragon-types, the Ghost-types were very strong back in Gen 1. Gengar is an absolute monster, and it appears in all of the main Gen games.

It also has a Mega Evolution and a Gigantamax form in the later games, so that’s pretty cool. It can learn a plethora of moves, so you don’t need to limit yourself when it comes to your team since you can teach it Water, Fire, Ice, Electric, Grass, and other moves. It is a Ghost/Poison-type, so you can also have it moves like Shadow Ball and Venoshock.

04) Tyranitar

Tyranitar 10 best non legendary pokemon

This sexy beast first appeared in Gen 2 and appeared in all of the later Gens and for the right reasons. This strong Rock/Dark-type is a great addition to your party. It has impressive HP, Defense, and Attack. It is an excellent physical attacker or defender to have.

Give it moves like Earthquake, Stone Edge, Crunch, and the other Fangs. One thing that makes Tyranitar so good is its ability to Sand Stream. This ability acts like Sandstorm, but it lasts for the entirety of the battle even if Tyranitar is swapped out or dead. Any enemy that isn’t immune to Sand Stream will get high all the time, but so can your Pokemon.

03) Metagross

Metagross 10 best non legendary pokemon

Metagross is a Steel/Psychic-type that is one of the strongest non Legendary Pokemon in Gen 3. It appeared in the later Gens except 7. Metagross is another strong physical attacker or defender due to its typing. Steel pretty much resisted many other types, and paired with its Psychic-type, it nullifies the effect Fighting has on Steel. Speaking of Steel, the Steel-type move Meteor Mash is good to have since it deals good damage and has a chance to increase Metagross’ Attack stat. Its ability Clear Body is also beneficial because it cannot suffer stat deductions from enemy Pokemon.

02) Aegislash

Aegislash 10 best non legendary pokemon

The exciting thing about Aegislash is that it has the ability to Stance Change. It always starts any battle in Shield Form, which boosts its Defense and Sp. Defense. When using an attacking move, it will change into its Blade Form, thus boosting its Attack and Sp. Attack.

It has good moves like King’s Shield when in Shield Form to get an extra buff and tank the battle. Its typing being Steel/Ghost makes it resistant to a lot of moves. Give it the right offensive moves like Night Slash and Iron Head, and you got a nice little damage dealer here. Use it depending on what you need, be it a tank or just some added firepower.

01) Garchomp

Garchomp 10 best non legendary pokemon

The number one on our list of the ten best non Legendary Pokemon goes to Garchomp. You probably had nightmares when you faced this Dragon-type against Cynthia for the first time. In contrast, it’s Attack and Sp. Attack is very impressive, and its other stats don’t lag as well.

It can hit hard and take some damage itself.  This Pokemon, like many Dragon-types, were so strong before Gen 6. Garchomp is very useful in the offensive aspect, and it has its ability Sand Veil, which is much like Sandstorm. All you need to do is grind and evolve it to Garchomp, which is more straightforward than trading and whatever. Another thing is that Garchomp has a Mega Evolution later on.

In Closing

These are just the 10 best non Legendary Pokemon that you may want to have in your teams. There are a couple of strong ones out there that we didn’t include. These are merely suggestions, and most of them are easy to obtain in the games without too much of a hassle. Adapting to the situation is always key because that’s how these games work.

If you feel like we’ve missed a Pokemon that is too strong, you can always leave your thoughts in the comments and feel free to leave why the Pokemon is worthy of being strong as long as it isn’t a Legendary Pokemon.

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