10 Best Fish Pokemon From All Generations Ranked

We’ve made a list of the best dog, bird, and even snake Pokemon. Why not have another list of the best fish Pokemon? That’s right; fish are very common animals in the real world. In fact, there is so much fish we probably don’t know that there might be more down there. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best fish Pokemon around.

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Just to be clear, the fish in the Pokemon series aren’t always underwater. Just ignore the fact that they float in the air with no sign of water. Then again, that doesn’t mean that they don’t go underwater either way. Plus, there are also regular fish in the Pokemon world, but we won’t be dealing with them.

Fish pokemon

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List of the 10 Best Fish Pokemon

Choose the fish Pokemon that best meets your needs because they each have special skills and advantages. You can choose the ideal fish Pokemon because there are so many to choose from!

If you’d ask me which one is my favorite, I’d choose the clumsy Magikarp, which I like to turn into powerful Gyarados.

While some of these fish Pokemon are more fantastical in nature, others are based on actual fish. In either case, catching them is exciting and entertaining. Following is a list of fish Pokemon we can recommend for you.

10) Feebas

Image 62

The Gen 3 Pokemon Water-type Feebas starts our list of the 10 best fish Pokemon. At first glance, Feebas doesn’t look appealing, and it looks like one of those rockfish in real life.

A rockfish looks unappealing, and it doesn’t have much value in being eaten. Feebas look unappealing, but players get them to get a Milotic. It has a 50% catch rate when you use any Rod.

The other tricky part is that you need to raise its Beauty high enough for it to evolve into a Milotic, which is one of the better Pokemon out there.

09) Relicanth

Image 61

From one unappealing fish to another, we got Relicanth. This one also comes from Gen 3 and is a Water and Rock-type Pokemon. Relicanth is a fish that stays in deep waters being able to withstand the pressure.

It also looks like another rockfish or one of those janitor fishes. It doesn’t have eyes, but it can sense its surroundings and move on about. There’s a 5% chance for you to encounter a Relicanth though, which is tough.

08) Stunfisk

Image 59

We’re still rolling with some of the more unappealing fishes in the series. That’s why we have our Gen 5 Pokemon called Stunfisk. It is a Ground and Electric-type, so there’s no water on it.

The Stunfisk is based on those flatfishes in the real world. Stunfisk itself looks flat, and the difference is that its eyes are on the middle and not on the side like a regular flat fish.

It’s probably a Pokemon that isn’t high on anyone’s list, but it may deserve some love.

07) Luvdisc

Image 58

If Stunfisk needs love, this next one is called Luvdisc. This Gen 3 Water-type Pokemon looks like a heart; hence it has love or luv on its name. It is actually based on a real-life fish called a kissing gourami.

The fish itself looks like it’s going to kiss something and also looks unique, having a pink color, which is what Luvdisc has as well.

Pokedex entries state that Luvdiscs love swimming in shallow waters or across the shoreline following couples who are in love.

06) Lanturn

Image 57

Here we have a Gen 2 Pokemon, Lanturn, making the list of the 10 best fish Pokemon. It’s a Water and Electric-type and the evolved form of Chinchou.

The Lanturn is based on those deep sea anglerfishes. These types of fish have a glowing light at the end of their head. They survive underwater when they are able to see in the dark.

Pokedex entries state that its light is so bright that it can illuminate large areas of the ocean floor. It’s also electric, so other fish are in the water, so be wary.

05) Whiscash

Image 56

We were at the halfway point of our 10 best fish Pokemon list, and we have a fish that people would instantly recognize, and that is Whiscash.

Whiscash is based on a catfish because the whiskers are very obvious. It comes from Gen 3 and is a Water and Ground-type. It evolves from a Barboach, which is based on another aquatic critter, probably an eel of some sort.

Whiscash is very territorial and can emit mild quakes on the ground when it’s threatened, so enemies are in for a fight.

04) Carvanha

Image 55

Here we have another Gen 3 fish being, Carvanha. Spoiler alert, this is the last Gen 3 fish Pokemon on this list. Gen 3 has a lot of fish and Water-type Pokemon due to its geography.

The Carvanha is a Water and Dark-type Pokemon that evolves into a Sharpedo, which is basically a shark. Carvanha is based on a piranha. Like a piranha, the Carvanha is strong enough to bite through different materials.

Pokedex entries state that it has a very strong jaw being able to eat through boats and ships. Just like piranhas, this fish can eat through anything.

03) Lumineon

Image 54

Lumineon takes the number 3 spot on our 10 best fish Pokemon. It made its debut in Gen 4 and is a Water-type. It is also the evolved form of Finneon, which is another fish-looking Pokemon.

Lumineon has a nice neon glow to it hence the name. It has a nice black color with a glow to back it up. It’s based on a real-life butterfly fish. It may not have a black color, but the look and stripes are the same.

Pokedex entries state that it loves staying in deep waters while glowing its bright aura underneath.

02) Goldeen

Image 55

We have a Gen 1 alumni here, Goldeen, who is one of the more recognizable fish Pokemon out there. It is a Water-type, and its evolved form Seaking are both based on a goldfish. Goldeen looks closely more to a goldfish.

Goldeen has a horn, and it plays a lot into its play style. It has moves revolving around horns like Horn Drill and even a Flying-type move called Peck.

When it is about to lay eggs, it will travel through the rivers in a group laying its eggs and go back to sea once the process is done.

01) Magikarp

Image 53 1

Was there any doubt about who the number 1 best fish Pokemon is? That’s right, Magikarp takes the spot because of how popular it is. Whether you like Magikarp or not, even non-Pokemon players recognize it aside from Pikachu.

This Gen 1 Water-type is caught by a lot of people because they want to turn it into a Gyarados. The fact that you can get one so early means that it’s accessible and good.

When we say good, not necessarily good in battle but good because it evolves into something better.

In Closing

There you have it, the 10 best fish Pokemon that you can get. Fish is simple, but these Fish Pokemon are anything but simple. They all have their charm and appeal, and they can even live above water, so that’s interesting on its own when you think about it.

There are still a couple of fish Pokemon out there, but these 10 are the ones that you might be interested in. A lot of them are Water-type with an additional typing or none at all. That’s just the nature of the game and the affinity with these things.

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