10 Best Bear Pokemon of All Generations, Ranked

Bears are often depicted as cute but strong and ferocious creatures in the Pokemon world.

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If you’re keen on capturing a bear Pokemon for your next gym battle, we’ve got you covered!

There are a lot of Pokemon that look like bears, but keep in mind that this list contains the 10 best bear Pokemon among all generations, from Gen 1-9.

10 best bear pokemon

For a change of pace, we’re going to rank these beasts not based on their power, but on how bear-like they are.

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So sit back, relax, and enjoy our list of the most adorable bear Pokemon in the series!

10. Pancham


Let’s start our list of the best bear Pokemon with Pancham. Making its debut in Gen 6, Pancham is a Fighting-type Pokemon.

This little bear looks like a baby Panda, which is a distinctive species of bear.

It has black spots on its eyes and its mouth is always biting a leaf. This is a reference to the fact that pandas eat bamboo leaves.

9. Teddiursa


From one cute baby bear to another baby bear, this time in the form of Teddiursa. It looks like a teddy bear with its size and brown fur.

This Pokemon made its debut back in Gen 2 as a Normal type. It also has a crescent moon on its head which adds to its overall cuteness.

One of its Pokedex entries states that when it finds honey, the crescent moon mark on its head will glow. You could say it is based on one of those honey bear species.

It loves to store food before the winter season comes, which is what actual bears do before hibernating.

8. Kubfu


This next one comes from Gen 8. We’re talking about Kubfu, a Fighting-type bear Pokemon that looks like it’s ready to fight.

The white color on its forehead appears to be a headband similar to what martial artists wear. Even its name Kubfu sounds something like Kung Fu.

The game describes this bear Pokemon as a Wushu Pokemon which is a type of Chinese martial arts.

A Pokedex entry states that if it pulls its white hair, it becomes heightened and focused. It’s like those martial artists that remove their headbands and get a power-up.

7. Cubchoo


We’ve covered a panda, a brown bear, a fighting bear, and the next one is a baby polar bear. The Cubchoo made its first appearance in Generation V and is an Ice-type.

The typing alone confirms that it is based on a polar bear since those bears live in winter or in ice-based areas like the Antarctic.

If you also notice, it has snot hanging from its nose. It’s the usual caricature of someone with a cold and this snot hanging from the nose is a part of its body.

6. Stufful


Our last bear cub Pokemon on this list is Stufful. This Gen 7 Pokemon is a dual-type Pokemon being a Normal and Fighting-type.

The appearance is based on the Japanese Red Pandas. They don’t like the pandas from China but they are called as such because of the color of their fur.

The name as well Stufful is a play on the words stuffed toy which is usually associated with a stuffed bear.

A Pokedex entry states that while it looks adorable, it will attack when it gets mad.

5. Ursaring


We’re halfway through our list of the 10 best bear Pokemon in the series. We’re tackling the evolved form of Teddiursa which is Ursaring.

It looks fierce and it appears to be a cross between a grizzly bear and a brown bear.

The crescent moon on the Teddiursa’s head has now become a full moon on the Ursaring’s belly.

The name Ursa is also based on the celestial bodies Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, which translate to big bears and little bears respectively.

Ursaring further evolves into Ursaluna in Gen 8 gaining the Ground type as its form and Normal being its secondary type.

4. Bewear


This evolved form of Stufful is standing on its two legs. Certain species of bear walk on all fours and some walk on two legs.

Bewear can pretty much do all of those and still resembles the look of Stufful. It’s a red panda by nature or in this case, it has more pink than red with a darker shade on its other parts.

It is a Normal and Fighting-type Pokemon and the name Bewear tells you to beware of it. Despite its cute nature, it will fight and defend itself and its cubs.

3. Pangoro


From an evolved red panda to an evolved panda, we have Pangoro rounding off the top 3 bear Pokemon in the series.

From a cute Pancham, this evolved form retains the Fighting type and also gains the Dark type as its secondary typing.

The Pangoro in terms of ferocity, looks so far ahead of the Pancham. From what once looked like a bear cub simply eating, the Pangoro is there looking for a fight.

2. Snorlax


In Gen 1, there really isn’t a bear Pokemon, so to speak. However, Snorlax does resemble a bear. It’s big, burly, and sleepy.

The sleeping aspect is probably a nod to a bear in real life going to sleep for hibernation. The other thing is that a Snorlax hits like a truck and a real bear would bum-rush you despite its size.

Snorlax is iconic for so many reasons aside from blocking your path. It’s also a Normal-type and the first one on this list to have a Gigantamax form.

1. Urshifu


The number 1 bear Pokemon in the series is Urshifu. This is the evolved form of Kubfu and it has two forms or in this case evolutions.

The forms are differentiated through the styles which also brings a different secondary type. Both forms have the Fighting-type as the main type.

The first form is the Single Strike Style which is a Dark-type Pokemon and the second form is the Rapid Strike Style which is a Water-type.

Both styles have a Gigantamax form, so you have variety when it comes to the Urshifu that you want.

You can only give the Urshifu one form, so if you want to get the other one, you need to catch and evolve another Kubfu.

This is definitely one fascinating bear Pokemon, and is one of the best fighting-type Pokemon in the series so far.

In Closing

That closes our 10 best Bear Pokemon in the series. These are just 10 of them but once again, there really isn’t much of them out there.

The ones not included are Beartic and Ursaluna. Perhaps somewhere down the road, Nintendo will release more bear Pokemon.

Do you agree with our list? Maybe you wanted to put other bear Pokemon on this list?

Better yet, the rankings are not in the order that you want. Maybe you’re wondering if Snorlax is indeed a Bear Pokemon, but all of those are just for fun, and let us know what you feel in the comments section below.

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