10 Best Snake Pokemon in All Generations Ranked

Snakes are some of the most misunderstood animals in the world. There are some people that hate them, some people like them, and some people are neutral. Then again, we can’t deny that snakes can be dangerous if they have to be. So, why not make the 10 best snake Pokemon in the games?

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You knew we would be going there because several snake-looking Pokemon are in the game. Whether you like snakes or not, these Pokemon are very lovable, and you may have used them in one of your playthroughs in any of your games or hacks.

Snake pokemon

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List of the 10 Best Snake Pokemon

Whatever your opinion of snakes, it is undeniable that they make for some of the best Pokemon. While some snake-themed Pokemon are adorable and others are more frightening, they are all formidable opponents.

Look no further than this list of the top 10 snake Pokemon in the games if you’re looking to add one to your team.

10) Dragonair

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To start off our list of the 10 best snake Pokemon, we have the Dragonair. One would argue that it really isn’t a snake, but it has the features of one. Dragonair is a Gen 1 Dragon-type which is the middle form of Dragonite.

This Pokemon looks like those underwater snakes due to its length and affinity. Most Pokedex entries state that it has an aura that gives it a mystical feel, like some mythical snakes of old.

09) Ekans

Image 49

There’s no way we wouldn’t put Ekans on this list. This Gen 1 Poison-type’s name is so obvious because Ekans spelled backward is SNAKE.

If there was ever a snake Pokemon that would pop up in your mind, Ekans would be the first one to do so. A Pokedex entry states that Ekans is stealthy and love eating bird Pokemon eggs, like some snakes that eat eggs in real life.

It could be comparable to an Anaconda due to its size.

08) Dunsparce

Image 50

At first glance, you wouldn’t think that Dunsparce is a snake-looking Pokemon. That’s because it is based on a mythological snake called the Tsuchinoko. This snake comes from Japanese folklore, where it is said to be able to speak, but all it does is lie, and it also loves to drink.

Going back to Dunsparce, it does look like a short and chubby snake which is what the Tsuchinoko is. Dunsparce is a Normal-type that appeared in Gen 2, and Pokedex entries state that it uses its tail like a drill and burrows underground to escape from its enemies.

07) Onix

Image 50 1

Who would forget about one of the biggest snake-looking Pokemon in the series, Onix. That’s why we’re putting it on our 10 best snake Pokemon list because even though it’s made of rocks, it looks like a snake.

Making its debut in Gen 1, this Rock-type Pokemon is among the most popular. There’s even a special variation of it, which is called the Crystal Onix. Its evolved form, Steelix, could also count as a snake Pokemon, and it’s just as big and menacing.

06) Seviper

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If you want to see a snake-looking Pokemon, then look no further than Seviper. The appearance alone will make you scream snake.

It’s a big snake nonetheless with fangs, which makes it scarier, but some snakes have fangs, especially when their mouth opens wide. Seviper made its first appearance in Gen 3, being a Poison-type.

Speaking of fangs, a lot of real snakes use their fangs to inject venom into their victims, which is probably why Seviper is a Poison-type.

05) Arbok

Image 51

We’re halfway through our list of the 10 best snake Pokemon and putting in Ekans’ evolved form, Arbok. If Ekans is SNAKE spelled backward, then Arbok is KOBRA spelled backward.

Its appearance is obvious since Arbok looks like a giant cobra with its hood. Arbok is still a Poison-type, and it is stated that the markings on its hood are meant to be a face. It’s used to trick unsuspecting Pokemon into being mesmerized until Arbok strikes.

04) Serperior

Image 52

This Gen 5 Grass-type is the final form of one of the Starter Pokemons from Gen 5. Serperior definitely looks like a snake, and one of those mythical and oriental snakes. The funny thing is that in its first form Snivy, it has legs and arms.

Its second form Servine still has legs and the hands are so small that it involves Serperior, a full-blown snake with no arms and legs.

Based on Pokedex entries, Serperior uses its glare to intimidate enemies, but if they aren’t intimidated, that’s when they start charging up, aiming to fight.

03) Gyarados

Image 52 1

We’re in the top 3 of our 10 best snake Pokemon list. Another Gen 1 alumni in the form of Gyarados makes its way to our list. Evolving from Magikarp, Gyarados looks like one of those giant sea snakes.

It’s a Water and Flying-type, so that’s scary to have a giant flying snake. Gyarados is definitely one of the most recognizable Pokemon in the franchise.

It even has a variant that is said to be a Shiny version with its own story, the Red Gyarados.

02) Milotic

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We have the elegant Water-type Milotic on our number two. This Gen 3 Pokemon is very hard to get because you have to catch a Feebas, which is very hard to obtain already.

Once you have the Feebas, you need to increase its beauty until it evolves. That’s hard as well, but the reward is worth the effort since Milotic is one of the best Pokemon to use for offense or defense.

It looks like an elegant snake from Asian mythology. Even the Pokedex entries state that its beauty can quell the rage of any person or Pokemon.

01) Rayquaza

Image 53

The number one on our 10 best snake Pokemon list is Rayquaza. That’s no surprise, not because it is a Legendary Pokemon but because of how intimidating it can be.

Just imagine a giant snake flying in the sky, manipulating the weather, and releasing loud bellows. Rayquaza appeared in Gen 3 and is a Dragon and Flying-type Pokemon.

It is also one of the best Pokemon to use in any game if you are able to obtain it. According to the Pokedex, Rayquaza has been feeding off water particles for millions of years.

This is definitely the best snake-looking Pokemon around because it has the size and the intimidation factor.

In Closing

That concludes our list of the 10 best snake Pokemon around. There really isn’t a lot of snake Pokemon in the game. Unlike dogs, birds, or cat-looking Pokemon, snake Pokemon aren’t as many, but that’s not bad. These snake Pokemon have their own appeal and charm that you may want to use.

Pokemon are based on a lot of things, animals, plants, and others. Snakes are just one of them; regardless of how you feel about snakes, they have their uses. Many of the Pokemon on this list is very strong, reliable, and worth your while.

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