15 Best Dinosaur Pokemon, Ranked

Modeled after the most dominant creatures of the pre-historic ages, dinosaur Pokémon are also renowned for their sheer strength and intimidating appearance.

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Since the dawn of the Pokémon franchise, there has been a rich pedigree of dinosaurs, or at least dinosaur-like Pokémon, introduced for almost every generation.

If you’re looking for a list of the best dinosaur Pokémon from different generations, we got your back!

This article features the most badass dinosaur Pokémon that you can capture if they are available on the Pokédex you have right now.

Best dinosaur pokemon

Ranking the Best Dinosaur Pokémon of All Generations

Here are 15 of the most powerful dinosaur Pokémon with the highest base stat totals:

15. Tropius (Base Stat Total: 460)


This Grass/Flying-type Pokémon from Generation 3 uses the leaves on its back as wings to fly. It is known to grow fruits from its neck, which are sweet and delicious enough to become a favored tropical snack among children.

Tropius’ features deeply resemble a tropical plant, specifically the banana tree. However, its physique is reminiscent of a typical sauropod – a subgroup of dinosaur species with large bodies and long necks.

With a base stat total of 460, Tropius is quite lacking in the defensive department, considering that it’s 4x more susceptible to Ice-type attacks. However, it has a variety of abilities that can be put to advantage during team fights, like Chlorophyll, Solar Power, and its hidden ability Harvest.

14. Bastiodon (Base Stat Total: 495)


As the Shield Pokémon, Bastiodon has a solid frontal shield-like face that repulses any attacks that come through it. During combat, a group of Bastiodon can form a wide wall that protects their young from danger.

The shield face of Bastiodon is comparable to the frills of ceratopsian dinosaurs, such as Chasmosaurus or the more popular Triceratops. Just like Bastiodon, it is also implied by science that Triceratops’ frills are used as shields to fend off attacks from predators.

Bastiodon has a base stat total of 495, which are mostly allocated to Defense (168) and Sp. Defense (138). This makes Bastiodon a literal tank, albeit in exchange for having extremely low offensive prowess.

13. Rampardos (Base Stat Total: 495)


Rampardos is a Rock-type Pokémon possessed with an extremely durable skull capable of smashing jungle trees and other hard objects. This distinctive trait is also the reason why it’s known as the Head Butt Pokémon.

The bipedal dinosaur Pachycephalosaurus is likely the inspiration behind Rampardos’ hard-headed Pokémon design. Its thick skull holds an uncanny similarity to the head of Rampardos, which is mainly used for protecting itself.

If Bastiodon exchanges high defense for low offense, Rampardos does the opposite by having most of its base stat points on Attack (165). When paired with a Pokémon that uses the move Trick Room, a slow Rampardos can attack first and deal heavy damage to the enemy team.

12. Dracozolt (Base Stat Total: 505)


Hailed from Generation 8, it is almost impossible to find a Dracozolt in the wild as it’s a pre-historic Pokémon that must be resurrected by combining two fossils – a Fossilized Drake and Fossilized Dino.

Dracozolt has a rather peculiar appearance that can be described as a chimera consisting of two different body parts of Pokémon based on real-life dinosaurs.

The upper half of Dracozolt is akin to the Paraves, a group of theropods that are related to modern-day birds. The lower half, on the other hand, matches the appearance of a Stegosaurus.

Dracozolt’s base stats are well balanced, with a slight emphasis on HP (90), Attack (100), and Defense (90). The combination of Electric/Dragon-typing and the ability Volt Absorb provides Dracozolt resistance against several types of moves, like Fire, Water, Grass, Flying, Electric (complete immunity), etc.

11. Aerodactyl (Base Stat Total: 515)


Aerodactyl is one of the first dinosaur Pokémon introduced in Generation 1. It is another Fossil Pokémon that once roamed the Pokémon world during prehistoric times.

At first glance, it is not hard to notice that Aerodactyl is inspired by a group of extinct animals that ruled the skies during the Mesozoic to the end of the Cretaceous period. They are called the pterosaurs, which are scientifically considered as distant cousins to the dinosaurs.

While Aerodactyl is based on a separate group of pre-historic creatures, it is undeniable that its head gives off enough dinosaurian creature vibes to it.

Due to its mega evolution form, Aerodactyl can be trained as a fast sweeper that can demolish the opposing teams if left unchecked. It can learn high-damaging contact moves like Giga Impact and amplify its power with its ability Tough Claws.

10. Aurorus (Base Stat Total: 521)


If you have the Sail Fossil, you can revive an Amaura and eventually evolve it into an Aurorus. It is a Rock/Ice-type Pokémon with a body that produces freezing air as cold as -240 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aurorus is designed after Amargasaurus, an Early Cretaceous dinosaur under the subgroup of sauropods. Along the long neck of the Amargasaurus is also a set of extended spines that possibly supported a sail.

An Aurorus with the hidden ability Snow Warning can be an excellent weather setter during competitive double battles. This hidden ability triggers a hailstorm, which damages any non-Ice-type Pokémon in the field at the end of each turn.

9. Tyrantrum (Base Stat Total: 521)


Apart from Aurorus, Tyrantrum is the other fossil Pokémon introduced in Generation 6. This fearsome Pokémon is known to reign the ancient lands 100 million years ago, living a life similar to a king.

Considering its name and overall appearance, it is quite obvious that Tyrantrum is an actual dinosaur creature based on the Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Late Cretaceous dinosaur dubbed as the “tyrant lizard king.”

The Rock/Dragon-type Tyrantrum’s arsenal comes from its wide gaping mouth equipped with strong jaws. As a result, its ability Strong Jaw allows it to deal more damage with biting moves like Crunch, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, and Thunder Fang.

8. Meganium (Base Stat Total: 525)

Image 37

Everyone who loves Generation 2 will always be familiar with Meganium, the final form in the evolutionary chart of Chikorita.

The petals around Meganium’s neck emanate a scent that calms aggressive feelings. In turn, Meganium uses this scent in battles to blunt the fighting spirit of its foes.

Despite being overshadowed by the other starters of its generation, Meganium fits more with teams that excel in defensive playstyle. Its high base stats in Defense (100) and Sp. Def (100) enables it to maximize the sustaining potentials of regenerative moves like Giga Drain and Leech Seed.

7. Venusaur (Base Stat Total: 525)

Image 38

The flower on Venusaur’s back has a smell that attracts any nearby Pokémon. The more sunlight this Pokémon gets, the more colorful its flower becomes.

According to Ken Sugimori, the one who designed most of the Pokémon for Generation 1, Venusaur’s design is based on a frog.

However, many features of the Venusaur are highly identical to the Pareiasaur, a species of extinct reptile, and the Kannemeyeria, an herbivorous dicynodont of the Middle Triassic period. Nonetheless, it still looks dinosaur enough, right?

Venusaur can work with sun teams that utilize the effects of Chlorophyll. Once the bright sunshine is active on the field, it can eliminate the charging turn of Venusaur’s Solar Beam, as well as boost the power of Fire-type moves by 50%.

6. Lapras (Base Stat Total: 535)

Image 39

A species of smart and kindhearted Pokémon, Lapras can understand human speech, and it almost went extinct due to poaching. Thankfully, protective regulations were imposed, and now there is a large population of Lapras always ready to ferry people across the sea.

Lapras is a cross between a tortoise and a Mesozoic aquatic reptile known as the Plesiosaur. Coincidentally, Plesiosaur is also believed to be a descendant of the Loch Ness Monster from Scottish folklore.

The pacifistic nature of Lapras makes it an underrated Pokémon in battles. However, when utilized properly, it can enhance its stats with Dragon Dance while surviving punishments from sweepers with its high base stat on HP (130).

5. Rhyperior (Base Stat Total: 535)

Image 40

Getting a Rhydon that holds the item Protector via trade can evolve into a Rhyperior, a behemoth that relies on its carapace for protection and strong arms with holes that shoot rocks at its foes.

Rhyperior’s name implies that its design originated from the rhinoceros. However, this Pokémon’s tail club and carapace resemble the armored dinosaur Ankylosaurus.

In PvP battles, Rhyperior can be an absolute beast with its whopping 140 base stat on Attack. A Trick Room partner can cover the awful base Speed stat (40) of this Pokémon, as well as its ability Solid Rock, which reduces the damage it receives from super-effective attacks.

4. Haxorus (Base Stat Total: 540)

Image 41

Entering a Haxorus territory is dangerous as this Pokémon had a pair of extremely sharp tusks that could slice through steel. Ironically, it is usually docile and will only attack when its place is threatened.

Haxorus possesses the common features of a theropod, with some elements that can still be considered to be Dragon-like, like the scales and intimidating red eyes.

Adding a Haxorus to your team increases its offensive capabilities, thanks to its superb base stat on Attack (147) paired with power-enhancing moves like Dragon Dance and Swords Dance.

3. Archeops (Base Stat Total: 567)

Image 42

Even though it was known as the First Bird Pokémon, Archeops is actually better at running than flying. It can run at the speed of 25 mph before taking off into the sky.

The name Archeops is solely based on the word Archaeopteryx, the name of a real-life winged dinosaur, which is also called the “first bird.”

Many of you might be surprised that Archeops had a staggering base stat total of 567, which earns this Pokémon the third spot on our list.

It can learn destructive physical attacks like Thrash and Giga Impact. However, its effectiveness may not linger for too long because of the ability Defeatist, which reduces Archeops’ stats once its HP drops below half.

2. Baxcalibur (Base Stat Total: 600)

Image 43

The recent release of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet provided us with a fresh generation of Pokémon, and one of them is the Dragon/Ice-type Baxcalibur.

Baxcalibur can spew cryogenic air that instantly freezes everything in its path. Its dorsal blade can be used as an additional weapon to finish off enemies during combat.

Many fans link Baxcalibur with Godzilla, but some notice its similarities with a Spinosaurus or a Concavenator – dinosaurs that are both equipped with sails on their backs.

As Generation 9’s very own pseudo-legendary Pokémon, Baxcalibur is a scary foe to fight against during double battles. It has access to strong offensive moves and can sustain itself during hailstorms due to its hidden ability Ice Body.

1. Dialga (Base Stat Total: 680)

Image 44

Topping our list is a legendary Pokémon with the power to manipulate time and was revered in myths as an ancient deity. It is believed that its birth signaled the first movement of time.

The Temporal Pokémon Dialga is loosely based on the sauropod Amphicoelias, with its long neck and quadrupedal form.

Dialga holds a base stat total of 680, making it arguably the most powerful dinosaur Pokémon in the entire franchise so far. It can incapacitate the opposing Pokémon using its exclusive move Roar of Time, which damages the target and distorts even the time itself.

Exploring the Dinosaur Kingdom of the Pokémon World

Since the Pokédex entries of Aerodactyl and other fossil Pokémon suggest that dinosaurs once roamed the Pokémon world, wouldn’t it be interesting for Game Freak to come up with a spin-off game that features a prehistoric region filled with these fascinating creatures?

Remember that they already pulled it off with Pokémon Legends: Arceus, which is set in an era many years ago, so this is not an impossible feat anymore.

And that is our list of the best dinosaur Pokémon of all generations!

Thanks for reading, fellow trainers! If you want more lists such as this one, feel free to read more of our articles here at Pokémoncoders:

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