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Legendary Pokemon have been around since Generation I. That’s why we’ll have this Legendary Pokemon list to give you your fill of information pertaining to what these Legendaries are all about. However, the term Legendary has a bit of a misconception until the Generation IV games. Apparently, the old versions dubbed even the Mythical Pokemon as Legendaries. That was corrected in Generation IV with the release of Diamond, Pearl, and later Platinum.

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One of the most popular Legendary Pokemon is Mew. Even back then, Mew was considered as a Legendary but was later changed into Mythical because it is. The number of Legendary Pokemon has increased in the later Generations with Generation VII having the most with a total of 11 at the moment. In terms of the lore, Legendary Pokemon usually have something to do that impacts the story.

Legendary pokemon list

In terms of gameplay, they are usually stronger than regular Pokemon. There is also a defining trait that there is only one Legendary Pokemon present in each game. Much like how you could only capture one Mewtwo in the Generation I games as well as in the remakes. These Legendary Pokemon also have some special features. In the later game, there are some of them that have the ability to have several forms and other traits which makes them more distinct and stronger.

What you need to know more about Legendary Pokemon

Are Legendaries stronger than regular ones?

If we’re just basing on lore, then chances are they usually are. However, in the games, it usually boils down to several factors. While Legendary Pokemon have high stats, special abilities, and other advantages, the nature of the Pokemon games will allow any Pokemon to beat a Legendary. You probably saw a lot of those videos where a team of Legendary Pokemon got defeated by a Bidoof.

That sounds silly but in a way, balance is always present in the Pokemon games. Then again, we are not just brushing off the fact that Legendary Pokemon isn’t entirely weak. You also have to keep in mind of RNG and chance. You can even get a Legendary Pokemon that has low stats and a bad Nature.

Then again, you could also get lucky and get a Legendary that has high IV, a good Nature to match, and why not let it be a Shiny one. You just have to customize your Legendary to be good in battle if its default stats aren’t doing it any good.

Can you trade Legendaries to other games?

The answer is yes but not all of them. It is a tricky situation because a lot of the old games can’t be updated anymore. For example, Mewtwo appeared in the Generation I games Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. While you can get Mewtwo in the later games, there are inter-generational methods where you can trade your Mewtwo from Red to Pokemon Black.

However, it can work differently or not at all for older games. That’s why this Legendary Pokemon list is helpful to give you an idea of which ones appear later or earlier. A player can’t trade a Legendary from the later Generations to an older game simply because the copy of the game doesn’t have the data of that Pokemon. You can’t trade a Generation VI Legendary like Xerneas to the older Generations because it didn’t exist back then.

It can be possible to trade it to Generation VII but as of now not VIII. Then there’s Generation VIII which is still a fresh game and it doesn’t have all Pokemon data yet from the older games and not just Legendary ones hence trading them won’t be possible.

When can I catch Legendaries?

It really depends on the game. There are three instances where you can catch a Legendary. The first one is when they are a part of the story. There are times where you have to battle a Legendary because the plot requires you to do so. This is usually the only chance to catch them so if you end up knocking them out, you just have to reset the game and catch it again. The other instance involving the plot is when they are released into the wild.

Much like the Legendary Dogs of Generation II, once they are free, you can encounter the as Wild Pokemon have a chance to catch them. If you fail, then just hope you can encounter them again. The last one is usually after you beat the game. Several bits of information will appear stating that Legendary Pokemon have appeared. You have to do your best to catch them by going to their locations and possibly doing some tasks.

Entire Legendary Pokemon List

Generation I

PokemonTypeAbilityHidden AbilityMiscellaneous
ArticunoIce/FlyingPressureSnow CloakGalarian Version (Psychic/Flying)
ZapdosElectric/FlyingPressureStaticGalarian Version (Fighting/Flying)
MoltresFire/FightingPressureFlame BodyGalarian Version (Dark/Flying)
MewtwoPsychicPressureUnnerveHas Mega Evolution (Mega Mewtwo X is Psyhic/Fighting) Mega Mewtwo X has Steadfast Ability and Mega Mewtwo Y has Insomnia Ability

Generation II

PokemonTypeAbilityHidden AbilityMiscellaneous
SuicuneWaterPressureInner Focus/Water Absorb (Gen V+)None
EnteiFirePressureInner Focus/Flash Fire (Gen V+)None
RaikouElectricPressureInner Focus/Volt Absorb (Gen V+)None

Generation III

PokemonTypeAbilityHidden AbilityMiscellaneous
LatiasDragon/PsychicLevitateNoneHas Mega Evolution
LatiosDragon/PsychicLevitateNoneHas Mega Evolution
RegirockRockClear BodySturdyNone
RegiceIceClear BodyIce BodyNone
RegisteelSteelClear BodyLight MetalNone
GroudonGroundDroughtNonePrimal Groudon Form (Ground/Fire) with Desolate Land Ability
KyogreWaterDrizzleNonePrimal Kyogre Form (Water) with Primordial Sea Ability
RayquazaDragon/FlyingAir LockNoneHas Mega Evolution with Delta Stream Ability

Generation IV

PokemonTypeAbilityHidden AbilityMiscellaneous
HeatranFire/SteelFlash FireFlame BodyNone
RegigigasNormalSlow StartNoneNone
GiratinaGhost/DragonPressureTelepathyHas Origin Forme with Levitate Ability

Generation V

PokemonTypeAbilityHidden AbilityMiscellaneous
TornadusFlyingPranksterDefiantHas Therian Forme with Regenerator Ability
ThundurusElectric/FlyingPranksterDefiantHas Therian Forme with Volt Absorb Ability
LandorusGround/FlyingSand ForceSheer ForceHas Therian Form with Intimidate Ability
KyuremDragon/IcePressureNoneHas White Kyurem with Turboblaze Ability and Black Kyurem with Terravolt Ability

Generation VI

PokemonTypeAbilityHidden AbilityMiscellaneous
XerneasFairyFairy AuraNoneHas Neutral Mode
YveltalDark/FlyingDark AuraNoneNone
ZygardeDragon/GroundAura Break or Power ConstructNoneHas 10% Forme and Complete Forme with only Power Construct Ability

Generation VII

PokemonTypeAbilityHidden AbilityMiscellaneous
Tapu BuluGrass/FairyGrassy SurgeTelepathyNone
Tapu KokoElectric/FairyElectric SurgeTelepathyNone
Tapu LelePsychic/FairyPsychic SurgeTelepathyNone
Tapu FiniWater/FairyMisty SurgeTelepathyNone
Type: NullNormalBattle ArmorNoneNone
SilvallyNormalRKS SystemNoneNone
SolgaleoPsychic/SteelFull Metal BodyNoneNone
LunalaPsychic/GhostShadow ShieldNoneNone
NecrozmaPsychicPrism ArmorNoneHas Several Forms like Dusk Mane Necrozma (Psychic/Steel), Dawn Wings Necrozma (Psychic/Ghost), and Ultra Necrozma (Psychic/Dragon) with Neuroforce Ability

Generation VIII

PokemonTypeAbilityHidden AbilityMiscellaneous
ZacianFairyIntrepid SwordNoneHas Crowned Sword (Fairy/Steel)
ZamazentaFightingDauntless ShieldNoneHas Crowned Shield (Fighting/Steel)
RegidragoDragonDragon’s MawNoneNone
KubfuFightingInner FocusNoneNone
UrshifuFighting/DarkUnseen FistNoneHas Rapid Strike Style (Fighting/Water) and Gigantamax for both


Hopefully, our Legendary Pokemon list helped you in understanding and know more about the different Legendaries. Always remember that no matter how good a Legendary is, it can succumb to balancing mechanics. Even Mythical Pokemon will struggle when pitted against a formidable Pokemon of any specific types or rank.

They can be good to use in the main game but when you’re playing against competitive players online, then you won’t always win just because you have an entire team of Legendary. Training and growing your Pokemon’s stats is one thing that you can do. If you really have the time and interest, try doing other things to boost your Legendary Pokemon of choice.

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