10 Most Powerful Legendary Pokemon

The Pokemon games have a lot of Legendary Pokemon under its belt. Just like mythical Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon are considered strong. It started with the three Legendary Birds Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Then the other two being Mew and its man-made counterpart Mewtwo. The more games that are added means the more Legendary Pokemon were also added. In fact, you can make a list of the 10 most powerful Legendary Pokemon.

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Our list won’t straight-up rank them from the weakest to strongest or vice versa. The point is that some Legendary Pokemon have their specialty and they can be strong in one field but weak in another. We will specify what makes them worthy of being one of the ten strongest Legendary Pokemon in the game.

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Finally, this isn’t an official list but rather a compilation of good data on what makes them that strong and more.

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The 10 Most Powerful Legendary Pokemon

01) Arceus


First appearing in Generation IV as a Normal-type, Arceus is basically the game’s version of god. It is renowned that Arceus is the god of all Pokemon and you can argue that it is the strongest Legendary Pokemon out there. When we say a god, Arceus is believed to have created all Pokemon life forms. It is confirmed that it created the Legendary Trio of Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina. Finally, Arceus doesn’t die and is believed to have lived for thousands of years and created the Sinnoh Region.

02) Palkia


Palkia is one of the Legendary Trio created by Arceus and is a Water and Dragon-type. The strength of Palkia is that it has the ability to warp space. It is said that it resides in another spacial area appearing in and out of the Pokemon world. The ability to warp space gives its place on this list because that power alone is astonishing.

03) Dialga


Dialga is the counterpart to Palkia and is a Steel and Dragon-type. The power it posses is that it can manipulate time but not in a manner of time traveling. Palkia can slow down time as well as freeze time. It also resides in another dimension and often fights with other Legendary Trio. Using its ability to manipulate Time can make Dialga have the ability to duke it out with other Legendary Pokemon.

04) Giratina


Giratina is the last of the Legendary Trio and is a Ghost and Dragon-type. Giratina rounds up the Legendary Trio in our 10 most powerful Legendary Pokemon list. Its ability is to manipulate antimatter, which is basically the subatomic realm. It has the ability to pass through different dimensions and when it isn’t fighting with Palkia or Dialga, it is just staying in its own realm.

05) Necrozma


Necrozma first appeared in Generation VII and is a Psychic-type Pokemon. Necrozma is the embodiment of light and if you learned anything from school, light can be powerful even if it isn’t used in a destructive way. Necrozma is capable of going beyond 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit destroying anything in its path. It also has the capabilities to transform into Dawn Wings, Dusk Mane, and Ultra Necrozma when it fuses with the right Pokemon.

06) Yveltal


Introduced in Generation VI, Yveltal is a Dark and Flying-type. Yveltal is a very straightforward Legendary Pokemon because all it does it destroy. The danger of Yveltal is that it has the ability to absorb the life force of anything near it. It can even absorb the life force of the planet when there’s nothing living nearby. It hibernates once it has done its duty to come back again another time.

07) Xerneas


Xerneas is the opposing Legendary to Yveltal and it is a Fairy-type. Opposite to Yveltal, Xerneas grants life instead of taking it. It is a different kind of strength but can be considered as one of the stronger Legendary Pokemon out there. It is even stated that it is a stronger version of Ho-oh another Legendary Pokemon from Generation II being able to grant life.

08) Rayquaza


One of the main Legendary Trio introduced in Generation III and is a Dragon and Flying-type. Raquaza flies in the sky and even resides in the atmosphere which is something that other Legendary Pokemon are unable to do. Speaking of the atmosphere, that is Raquaza’s ability where it can control the atmosphere as well as the ozone layer. Its strength is tremendous and can even subdue either Kyogre or Groudon even in their Primal forms. Rayquaza can be up there as one of the 10 most powerful Legendary Pokemon.

09) Kyogre


Kyogre is another one of the Legendary Trio from Generation III and is a Water-type. Kyogre is considered as the master of the ocean or if we could phrase it differently as the god of the sea. It said to have manipulated to seas giving birth to some areas around the world. If it also wanted to, Kyogre can flood parts of the world being the sea as its domain. Don’t forget about the ability to cause harsh weathers like typhoons and thunderstorms.

10) Groudon


The last of the Legendary Trio of Generation III and is a Ground-type but is a Ground and Fire-type in its Primal form. Speaking of Primal form, only Groudon and Kyogre are the ones capable of such a feat at least for now. Groudon resides in its Magma Chamber but is able to cause droughts and intense heat on the land. It can cause volcanic eruptions possibly destroying different parts of the world. When Groudon and Kyogre fight, they are able to create new patches of land where life can grow.

In closing

That pretty much concludes our 10 most powerful Legendary Pokemon list. If you read the whole thing, different Legendary Pokemon have different strengths and things that can hinder them from being the strongest except Arceus that is.

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