10 Best Bat Pokemon of all Generations, Ranked (2024)

Usually found in dark caves, bat Pokémon are some of the most common flying creatures any trainer can encounter in their journey.

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While some may overlook their usefulness in battles, there are lots of things to learn about bat Pokémon – their diversity, habitats, as well as unique characteristics and abilities (like sleeping upside down!).

Are you looking for a complete list of bat Pokémon? We’ve compiled the best bat Pokémon that you should find if they are available on your Pokédexes this 2024!

Editor’s Note (February 5, 2024): As more trainers journey through the broad biomes of Paldea, this article remains its relevance, as no new species of bat Pokemon was added in Generation 8 and 9.

Bat pokemon

10. Zubat (Base Stat Total: 245)


Zubat is arguably the most popular bat Pokémon among the oldest fans of the franchise. Introduced in the first generation, this eyeless Pokémon emits ultrasonic waves to sense its surroundings.

Large populations of Zubats inhabit the caves of Kanto, Jhoto, and Hoenn. With a base stat total of 245, Zubat is currently the weakest bat Pokémon in all generations.

Its signature move Supersonic, though quite annoying for the opposing team, has only a 55% chance of success.

Many trainers capture Zubats to complete the Pokédex or add a future Crobat to their team.

9. Noibat (Base Stat Total: 245)


The Sound Wave Pokémon Noibat has an interesting type combination that few may expect to come from a bat Pokémon.

Like other Flying/Dragon types, Noibat possesses a set of well-designed features in a way that it lowkey resembles a dragon. It uses a pair of large ears to produce ultrasonic waves when searching for food.

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Despite sharing the same base stat total with Zubat, Noibat has a more decent moveset. Some of the notable moves Noibat can use are Wing Attack, Dragon Rush, and Roost.

8. Woobat (Base Stat Total: 323)


Based on the real-life species of bat called the Honduran White Bat, Woobat is a Psychic/Flying Pokémon from the fifth generation.

It has a distinctive heart-shaped nose that serves as a suction cup to attach itself to cave walls while sleeping. As a result, caves where Woobats live are usually filled with heart-shaped marks on their walls.

Woobat has a base stat total of 323. Using the move Stored Power, trainers can take advantage of this heart-nosed bat by turning its stat changes into damage in battles.

Another promising move from Woobat is Heart Stamp, a psychic physical attack that has a 30% chance of a target to flinch if Woobat attacks first.

7. Swoobat (Base Stat Total: 425)


A Woobat that reaches a high friendship with its trainer can evolve into a Swoobat. Known as the Courting Pokémon, Swoobat developed a tail capable of producing ultrasonic waves that can destroy rocks.

However, emitting ultrasonic waves for long durations may lead a Swoobat to exhaustion, making it unable to fly for a while.

This bat Pokémon can survive more battles with its 425 base stat total. It excels in the speed department, which makes it capable of outspeeding slower opponents and hitting them hard with attacks like Psychic and Giga Drain.

6. Gligar (Base Stat Total: 430)


Though Gligar is categorized as a FlyScorpion Pokémon, it still carries some features of a bat Pokémon, like a pair of large ears and wings. While it looks meek enough at first glance, a wild Gligar will not hesitate to attack anyone with its poisonous tail.

Surprisingly, Gligar is not a Poison-type Pokémon. It’s a Ground/Flying-type with the highest base stat total among the unevolved bat Pokémon in this list.

A Gligar with the ability Hyper Cutter can prevent its attack stat from being lowered – perfect for countering the ability Intimidate and the move Growl.

5. Golbat (Base Stat Total: 455)


Golbat is the evolved form of Zubat. Unlike its predecessor, Golbat has a pair of small eyes and a large mouth.

The fangs of this bat Pokémon can puncture thick hides, and it will never stop sucking the blood of its victim until it becomes too heavy to fly.

While it has a base stat total of 455, Golbat doesn’t have an impressive moveset. However, its type combination makes it highly resistant to Grass, Fighting, and Bug-type attacks, and immune to Ground-type attacks.

4. Gliscor (Base Stat Total: 510)


If you make a Gligar hold a Razor Fang during nighttime, it can evolve into a Gliscor. The Fang Scorp Pokémon Gliscor gains more bat-like features than its basic form.

It also had fangs resembling those of a vampire and was capable of staying airborne without flapping its pair of wings.

Gliscor is a bat Pokémon that can bring serious damage to any competitive team. Its base stat total is 510, with a decent def stat of 125.

Some technical machines like Stealth Rock makes Gliscor an effective Pokémon in battles.

3. Crobat (Base Stat Total: 535)


Soaring the sky with its four wings, a Crobat can chase its prey hastily without making any noise. Anyone who dares to venture in the dark at night may get bitten by a Crobat without realizing it.

As the final form of the Zubat evolution line, Crobat is one of the fastest Pokémon up to date. It can overwhelm many Pokémon in terms of speed.

A well-trained Crobat can also annoy its foes with Confuse Ray and Toxic before finishing them off with Air Slash or Dark Pulse.

2. Noivern (Base Stat Total: 535)


It takes a lot of time and patience to evolve a Noibat into a Noivern. Noivern is a bat-wyvern hybrid known for its ferocious nature.

Its large ears are capable of emitting ultrasonic waves strong enough to scare a Hydreigon at night. Even so, taming a wild Noivern is possible by feeding it its favorite fruit.

Being a Dragon-type makes Noivern resistant to multiple types. Trainers can also utilize a Noivern offensively as this Pokémon can learn a wide variety of moves such as Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, and U-Turn.

1. Lunala (Base Stat Total: 680)


It’s hard not to put the Legendary Lunala at the top of this list. Together with Solgaleo, Lunala served as the version mascot for Pokémon Sun and Moon respectively.

Lunala is a Psychic/Ghost bat Pokémon with physical features reminiscent of the crescent moon and the night sky. Its wings can absorb light and turn it into energy during battles.

In Pokémon Ultra Moon, Lunala can travel between worlds by opening an Ultra Wormhole. It provides the opportunity for its trainer to battle other legendary Pokémon from the previous games. 

Like a typical legendary Pokémon, Lunala boasts a set of insanely high base stats, making it the strongest bat Pokémon so far.

While most bat Pokémon are abundant in caves and forests, Lunala can only be encountered and captured once in-game.

When it comes to competitive play, Lunala is highly vulnerable to Ghost and Dark-type attacks. But thanks to its ability Shadow Shield, it can reduce the damage if Lunala’s HP is full, allowing it to counter with a hard-hitting attack move.

Bat Pokemon: The Bottomline

Bat Pokémon are just as interesting as other Pokémon species. It’s difficult to imagine a Pokémon game without any bat Pokémon in it, especially with lots of caves, tunnels, and forests to explore for each region.

So, next time you encounter a bat Pokémon, try to see if you’re skilled enough to add it to your current team!

Have you enjoyed our list? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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