40 Cutest Pokemon Around

Whenever people play Pokemon games, they focus on various things. These would include the Pokemon’s Type, Moves, Stats, and more. The more hardcore players go for, the better EVs, IVs, and other complicated things.

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However, you can always just stop and admire the Pokemon’s cuteness for a couple of seconds. That’s why this is a list of the 40 cutest Pokemon around.

Cute doesn’t mean that it’s strong, but that’s the point; we’re admiring the cuteness of different Pokemon. Please think of this as a fun list where we rank the cutest Pokemon in the series, stretching to 8 Generations.

The only factor is that they are cute and all those things such as typing, strength, and stats will be irrelevant.

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40 of The Cutest Pokemon Around in the Series

40) Ditto


Starting our list for the 40 cutest Pokemon around is Ditto, which can pretty much transform into any Pokemon giving it any cute look. However, on its own, this Gen 1 Normal-type looks cute. You have an adorable-looking blob with two dots for eyes and a line for a smile that you just want to play with.

39) Skitty


Cats are cute, and Skitty, a Gen 3 Normal-type, is one of the cutest cat-looking Pokemon in the series. It always has its eyes close and the pink fur makes it a whole lot cuter. It even has an interesting tail where it has 3 fur balls sticking out of it, adding to its cuteness factor.

38) Makuhita


Makuhita is a Gen 3 Fighting-type Pokemon and when you see it, you get reminded of a cute pudgy kid who may be your nephew or niece. It looks so adorable with its round body, closed eyes, smiling face, and arms that look like they’ll give you a light tap but will hurt.

37) Squirtle


People will argue who the best Gen 1 starter is, but Squirtle may have the lead in terms of cuteness. It a nice blue skin, a round head, big adorable eyes, and that tail. It’s a cute-looking turtle Pokemon and being a Water-type adds to its cuteness in a certain way.

36) Furret


Furret which is a Gen 2 Normal-type Pokemon is a take on the real-life animal called a ferret. They both look the same in terms of the body shape, fur, and other factors. Now, of course, in the Pokemon world, it is one of the cutest things around. The stripes on its body make it look interesting to a certain degree.

35) Oshawott


Oshawott is the Water-type from the Gen 5 Starters. It is cute, but it has an interesting physiology. It looks like it has the body of a penguin but with a head of a little mammal. Then again, that’s what makes it cute, and if you look closely at its face, it has freckles making it all the better.

34) Alcremie


Alcremie is a walking dessert Pokemon packed with cream, fruits, sugar, and more. You would think that this Pokemon is an Ice-type since it looks like ice cream but it is a Gen 8 Fairy-type. It looks cute but it has the ability to change colors based on the spins that you do in the game. It looks green when it turns into Matcha, Pink when it turns Ruby, and more. This is an interesting one to put on the 40 cutest Pokemon around.

33) Deerling


Bambi was very cute in his movie, so why not add Deerling to this list? This Gen 5 Normal/Grass-type looks like a regular fawn or doe but with a touch of Pokemon. The color of Deerling changes depending on which season it is or months in the real world. The ability to change forms/colors definitely makes it cuter, and when it evolves into Sawsbuck, it has more visible differences depending on the seasons.

32) Komala


Based on a real-life koala, Komala a Gen 7 Normal-type Pokemon looks like it is always sleeping. Even one of the Pokedex entries says that it is born asleep and dies asleep. That sounds a bit horrible, but we can’t look over how cute this sleeping Pokemon is and is even cuter than a sleeping Snorlax. It has its arms wrapped around a piece of the log, making it look adorable when it’s sleeping.

31) Togepi


Probably one of the more recognizable Pokemon in the series is Togepi, which started out as a Normal-type in Gen 2. Nowadays, it has been classified as a Fairy-type ever since the type was introduced. Regardless of the type, Togepi is still that lovable Pokemon stuck in its egg body making it cuter and interesting.

30) Pachirisu


Pachirisu looks like a squirrel but it just has the colors white, blue, and yellow. The colors match because it is a Gen 4 Electric-type and just look at that face which is so adorable. This one won’t bite you but it’ll possibly give you a shock. The fur on its tail makes it looks like it has spikes which it doesn’t.

29) Manaphy


Manaphy is the very first Mythical Pokemon in our 40 cutest Pokemon around list. It is a Water-type from Gen 4 and it looks like one of those cute little aliens. Its body also looks like it is made up of water and the antennae on its back can split making it look a bit cuter.

28) Dedenne


Dedenne is what happens when you feed your hamster too much food. This round ball of fur is cute and adorable that you would just want to hold it in your hand. Just be careful because it is an Electric/Fairy-type that may electrocute you if it were real. Look at its whiskers because it looks like electrical wiring.

27) Munchlax


For a period of timem Snorlax was just as it was, but in Gen 4, Munchlax was introduced as the initial form of Snorlax, and it is just adorable. It has the appetite to make it so much more interesting and a little bit cuter. It is like a child that loves to eat, and its two lower teeth add to its appeal. It is a pain to catch a Munchlax because of how hard to encounter one is.

26) Victini


Another Mythical Pokemon that we’re adding here is Victini, which is a Gen 5 Psychic/Fire-type Pokemon. On top of that, this is another Pokemon that has cat-like features with the ears, the paws, and its overall look. Plus, don’t overlook that smile which makes it cuter in the process.

25) Scorbunny


Rabbits or bunnies are always cute which is why people have them as pets and that’s where Scorbunny comes in being an adorable rabbit-looking Fire-type starter from Gen 8. It’s a rabbit that has the theme of soccer and it can’t get any cuter than that.

24) Mantyke


Have you ever heard of an animal that is called a ray? Well, that’s what Mantyke is — a baby or small ray. It evolves into Mantine later on, which looks like your standard Manta Ray, but Mantyke overloads the cuteness. It’s like a kite floating in the air or gliding underwater since it is a Gen 4 Water-type.

23) Chespin


One of the three Starter Pokemon from Gen 6 is Chespin, and it is the Grass-type of the bunch. It looks like a mole covered in vegetation, but that single molar on its mouth makes it look so adorable. Its later evolutions make it look a bit more fierce, but that’s why it’s the cutest of the three Starters.

22) Misdreavus


Despite being a Ghost-type Pokemon from Gen 2, Misdreavus looks so cute. It looks like a little ghost girl who isn’t going to haunt you in your sleep. Compared to other Ghost-types, Misdreavus looks a bit harmless, cute, and very attractive for its small stature.

21) Vanillite


We had Alcremie earlier which was something like cream moving around and here we have the Gen 5 Ice-type ice cream-looking pokemon Vanillite. What can we say, it is literally an ice cream on a cone that has life. It looks cute and cold at the same time that you just don’t want to lick it up.

20) Amaura


Amaura is the only one on our 40 cutest Pokemon around list that came from a Fossil. It is a Gen 6 Rock/Ice-type Pokemon and it looks like a little brachiosaurus or brontosaurus, or whatever those long-necked dinosaurs are. Just look how adorable its big eyes are and those things above it that make it looks like those are its eyelashes. It’s a cute dinosaur-looking Pokemon until it evolves.

19) Phanphy


People like baby elephants and that’s what Phanphy is. If its ears were bigger, then you would think about Dumbo, but Phanphy looks so adorable like an elephant. What’s not to like with its cute trunk, mouth open, and little eyes. It’s a shame its cuteness disappears when it evolves into a fierce-looking Donphan.

18) Clefairy


Another Gen 1 pioneer is Clefairy which went from being a Normal to Fairy-type. Clefairy is definitely one of the cutest Pokemon from the first batch. It’s somewhat round, pink, and has a smiling face. It even got an initial form later which is also cute but Clefairy on its own has enough cuteness to be on this list.

17) Rowlet


Rowlet nabs the title of being the cutest from the other two Gen 7 Starters. It is a Grass/Flying-type and it is an owl. Owls are known for being wise and this owl-type Pokemon is also cute aside from being wise. It has big eyes as any other owl would and Rowlet looks like a ball of feathers that looks adorable staying on a tree.

16) Yamper


Yamper is a Gen 8 Electric-type Pokemon that looks like a chubby little dog. Having those teeth below its mouth adds to its cuteness especially when the tongue is hanging out. It reminds you of your puppy or small dog that runs to you with its mouth open when you arrive home from home or school. It’s a pudgy little Pokemon that’s perfect to be a pet.

15) Togedemaru


A name like that would make you think it’s Japanese and it could be if you want. This Gen 7 Electric-type Pokemon looks like a hamster or gerbil that had too much to eat. It’s round, fluffy, cute, and shockingly adorable. The patterns on its body look like lightning bolts attuned to its type.

14) Piplup


Introduced as one of the Starter Pokemon from Gen 4 as the Water-type. It’s basically a cute-looking baby penguin with an adorable blue color. It makes you want to pet it since penguins aren’t normally found anywhere in the world other than cold areas. Then again, we’re talking about Piplup here which evolves into a bigger penguin later on.

13) Chansey


Chansey has always been the Nurse Joys’ assistant in all of the anime series. Chansey from Gen 1 has that motherly figure and aura which is perfect for helping Nurse Joy. Chansey looks adorable with its size, pink color, and warm smile which makes you think for a moment if it is sentient.

12) Chikorita


This Gen 2 Grass-type Starter looks so cute because of its big eyes, smile, and what seems to be a necklace around it. It’s like a small dinosaur and that leaf on its head adds to its cuteness factor. It’s even more adorable the way it moves and sounds in the anime series.

11) Jigglypuff


Jigglypuff is one of those Gen 1 Pokemon again that started out as being Normal being Fairy-types or in this case, it has it as a secondary type. Jigglypuff is the Pokemon series’ mascot when it comes to singing. It’s a round singing sensation with a voice that can make you fall asleep intentionally, that is.

10) Celebi


We’re on the top 10 portion of our 40 cutest Pokemon around list. Why not have another Mythical on this list which is Celebi from Gen 2 which is a Psychic/Grass-type. Getting Celebi has always been hard and a Pokemon that cute, you may want to get it aside from the fact that it is very useful. It is a mixture of a bee and a small fairy, making it look adorable.

09) Shinx


Shinx looks like a lion cub but with a bit more colorful. You don’t see cubs having black, yellow, and blue fur. This Gen 4 Electric-type is something so cute that you would want to pet it. It won’t bite and shock you and it can make cute roars and look at those cute eyes that can just melt you up.

08) Mudkip


In terms of the three Gen 3 Starters, Mudkip has that cute factor nailed down to the last detail. This Water-type Pokemon seems to be based on animals called mudskippers. They’re amphibious fish that can go on land and breathe. Mudkip maintains a lot of those qualities with the cuteness added to it. That smile will be enough to warm your heart, and it has fins for a tail.

07) Cinccino


Cinccino’s initial form which is Mincinno is cute but Cinccinos’ look makes it a whole lot cuter. It basically looks like it’s wearing a scarf although that is its fur. This Gen 5 Normal-type Pokemon is probably based on a real animal called a Chinchilla, which is like a small rodent similar to hamsters, but it looks a bit like a rat. Cinccino’s appearance makes it look a bit stylish thus adding flair to its cuteness.

06) Jirachi


Jirachi appeared in Gen 3 as a Mythical Steel/Psychic-type. Its head looks like a star or a Christmas lantern, complete with ornaments. Jirachi has this legend that it has the ability to grant wishes and who wouldn’t want to wish from something as cute as this. You can even wish to be cute yourself if you want to.

05) Emolga


One of the more popular Pokemon in the series, although not on the level as some Pokemon is Emolga. This Gen 5 Electric/Flying-type captured the hearts of many when it first appeared in the games. It also helped that it was a very fun Pokemon to have in the anime. It is based on flying squirrels or something like a small lemur making it cute as it smiles across the air while flying.

04) Mew


Pretty much a lot of the cutest Pokemon from Gen 1 are colored pink. We have Jigglypuff, Clefairy, Chansey, and now Mew. The very first Mythical Pokemon in the series has it all when it comes to cuteness overload. It is small, cat-like, and very powerful. Being powerful doesn’t remove its cuteness, and players wanted to have their own Mew back then, even if it meant cheating the game.

03) Shaymin (Land Forme)

Shaymin (land forme)

Shaymin is a Mythical Pokemon introduced in Gen 4 as a Grass-type capable of changing between its Sky and Land Forme. The Sky Forme looks like a fawn, and it looks a bit mature, but the Land Forme is where the cuteness explodes. It looks like a little hedgehog with a patch of grass on its back and flowers growing from it. This gentle-looking Pokemon can melt your heart any day of the week.

02) Pikachu


Pikachu needs no introduction and it has been to Pokemon mascot after over 20 plus years in the series. It’s an electric mouse that people love, and it pretty much sold a lot of merchandise back in the day due to how cute it was. Pikachu plushies and other items we’re flying off the shelves when it comes to how cute it was and the anime hyped it up even more.

01) Eevee


Pikachu may have been the mascot, but Eevee takes the number one spot in our 40 cutest Pokemon around list. It looks like a baby fox and just looks at those cheeks; you would want that on any of your Pokemon. Eevee has the style, the fur, and it can evolve into other cute Pokemon. Sylveon seems to be the cutest out of all of its evolutions, but Eevee will take the top spot.

In Closing

This concludes the list of the 40 cutest Pokemon around. Did any of your favorites make it on the list? If they did make it on the list, were they ranked higher or lower than yours? This list is meant for fun and not something factual since different Pokemon have a different factor of cuteness to them.

We can even add 10 more on the list but that would be just overkill. Cuteness depends on the Pokemon, plus some of these start off as not so cute or will evolve into something that isn’t as cute. Just remember, cuteness doesn’t mean that much when you play the game but it’s good to discuss these things.

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