Pokemon FireRed Rocket Edition (COMPLETED VERSION)

If you’ve played the original Pokemon FireRed, then you know that it was a splendid game. Even if you played LeafGreen, then the experience was pretty much the same, except some Pokemon appeared in one and not in the other.

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However, as good as the game FireRed was, there is a ROM hack called Pokemon FireRed Rocket Edition. This is a hack of the FireRed game, and it puts you in an interesting perspective.

Instead of playing the main character Red or Green, you play as a Team Rocket grunt. That’s right, you’re the villain, but your goal is not to hinder the hero’s progress because you have your own tasks to complete. Partake in an intriguing adventure of your own as you tackle the dark side of the Kanto Region. You’ll uncover parts of the story that were probably too much to handle.

Battle Gym Leaders as they show their dark side. You’ll unravel the mystery that is the reason why Mewtwo was created. Don’t forget about stealing other people’s Pokemon because that’s what Team Rocket is all about. Explore the Kanto Region and uncover all original 151 Pokemon and maybe even more as you play Pokemon FireRed Rocket Edition.

Game Information


Pokemon FireRed: Rocket Edition
Base: FireRed
Author: Magnus Nyborg Berg, strange_kid, Brolunite, Paul Aamodt Brandal, and Bacson Dias Graca
Language: English
Discord: Link
Source: Link
Cheats: Link


  • All original 151 Generation I Pokemon are in the game, and more
  • Generation VI features such as the Fairy type is included in the game, and all Pokemon types are updated
  • Able to use the HM Fly at the start of the game
  • Encounter renowned characters in the game and uncover their stories in the grand scheme of things
  • Able to run inside and outside of buildings
  • Encounter rates in areas such as open water and caves have been reduced
  • The game has a morality system allowing players to be good or bad
  • Choosing to do good or bad things can cause different rewards and punishments from the different characters in the game
  • Players are allowed to steal enemy Trainer Pokemon once they are defeated in battle in Pokemon FireRed Rocket Edition
  • Rise up in the ranks of Team Rocket allowing you to steal more Pokemon from higher class Trainers


Pokemon firered rocket edition


We don’t share pre-patched rom hacks and roms – sharing these files is considered piracy, and it’s illegal! Before you can play this game, you need to patch the downloaded file to a clean base rom. To learn more on how to patch, check this guide.

Pokemon FireRed Rocket Edition Download

Please note: Rocket Edition is a hack of “1636 Pokemon Fire Red (U)(Squirrels)” – trying to apply the patch to any other version of the game will not work.

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Taichee is the ultimate writer for Pokémon gaming enthusiasts. With extensive experience, he expertly delves into popular Pokemon game series and ROM hacks for GBC, GBA, and NDS, meticulously testing cheats and sharing general gaming strategies on Pokemoncoders.

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I can’t seem to play the game… I already patched it using this https://www.marcrobledo.com/RomPatcher.js/ site and downloaded myboy emulator and tried to play it it doesn’t show anything its just black and then the game closes. But if I try playing other roms they work. Any suggestions?

It’s probably the base rom you are using that causes the problem. Use the FireRed v1.0 and you’re good to go.

is the end with Bill the newest version,
the story is awesome and i would like to know if its gonna continue.
Great Job

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. I heard that Gold might be the continuation of the story, but idk.

can I get a .gba file i can’t use .ips

Sorry pal, but we don’t give .gba files here. It’s piracy and purely illegal.

Don’t worry PokeCoder aka Admin, it is no longer illegal with these roms. They ended this law 3 years ago. Nintendo Source In fact roms are used in speedrunning so it isn’t illegal. If it is then we all would of been arrested for it by now.

when i get to the point where i’m asked to go into oak’s secret lab it says the beta ended but you said it was the latest version

This is for the people who downloaded the beta accidentally and dont want to restart. Now it worked for me and I usually play on my phone. I am now only able to play on my laptop but thats better then starting over. Step 1. Download the full version on your laptop Step 2. Open your email on phone Step 3. Attach the .sav file for your Rocket Edition and email it to yourself. It was tricky to find but I found it “Samsung s8+ >myboy>saved files” Step 4. On your laptop, download the .sav file and transfer it to… Read more »

Thanks for this information Randall, very much appreciated.

Is there any way to play it on mobile?

Yes, on Android devices you can, Apple you cannot. In the play store Download “myboy” emulator and then download the roms and it should work. I prefer .gba files so you don’t have to extract anything

I was stopped by bill and told to come back when the game was finished, is there a way to transfer my save file? I’d really like to not restart the game

This is what I did. I was playing on my phone, but now can only play on my laptop which is fine considering the game is nearly done. Step 1 – Download full version of game on Laptop Step 2 – find the .sav file for your playthrough and email it to your self so you can transfer it to your laptop Step 3 – Put the full game (.gba) in the same folder as your save file (.sav) Step 4 – change the name of the .sav file to be the exact same name as the the full version… Read more »

I got stopped by Bill as well I’d like to not restart the game if at all possible is there a way to transfer my save files to this version?

I have patched the rom but still it is just a continuous white screen?

Perhaps you have the wrong base version? The majority of rom hacks work with v1.0 and not on v1.1.

I can’t open it at all it just says that its an analytics report as the type of file. I’m on Mac air

You can play it directly, you have to patch it first to the appropriate rom base, check this guide https://www.pokemoncoders.com/apply-ips-ups-patch-play-rom-hack/

did anyone else get stoped by bill and told to replay the game? if so how do I transfer over my save files or do I just restart.

I would like to know exactly the same thing!

Did you get an answer?

Same thing…. do i have to restart the game?

Whenever I download it it says archive is corpted pls help me

Why in spanish? Can it be changed

I played this game to completion once before and it seemed like the postgame possibility of challenging the elite 4 was not done, has this changed?

hay i want to play the game and catch mewtwo since i compleated the game but im useing gameboy advanced emulater and i can you the in game save funtion so i have to use the emulater save but this wont trigger the abililty to play after the ending
how do i fix it

pls help the game freezes right after the mewtwo fight and i cant get past it

Do you have any cheats enabled? If yes, disable them. Cheats can cause freezing issues. If there are no cheats enabled, it is probably a glitch in the game.

I didn’t use cheats so it was prob a glitch but I reinstalled it and replayed it and it worked this time. Thank you for the help

most pokemon who have johto evolutions such as onix to stelix and syther to scizor along with Poliwhirl to Politoed and seadra to kingdra just get them to level 50 and moon stone and sunstone to evolve the gift eevee

but if your wondering most of the movesets are from black and white 2
such as the evelutions learning the elemental fangs at level 21

oh the trade evolutions just get them to level 40

you can play the game how ever you want steeling or just catching them Enjoy ^_^

Awesome hack, great story.

But Starmie’s Natural Cure seems to be bugged, poison is not healed upon switching out. 🙁

how do play via android emulator!? D’X

You need a good GBA emulator and to make the game more exciting, I recommend you can use cheats for your Pokemon game.

Playing this for the first time and gotta say its already turning out to be amazing game with a really interesting story! Also, is Houndour available to obtain?

Hey dude awesome story and very neat work!! congrats made me feel like a kid again, a bad one ahah

a question : how to we trade evolve? like how can i get alakazam?


U steal him or go to the cave Mewtwo is

You can get Alakazam by leveling up your Kadabra in level 33. Hope this will help you!

Last edited 2 years ago by Chaosmaster

its really good has a lot of plot and i love it i would like if i have a question i did not yet finish the game but i have a question to ask how do you go to the Vermilion City cause i have tried to search for the tutorial but nothing came up thank you so much if you would answer my reply

i am fairly new to pokemon games……i have downloaded the file but am not able to open it …..could anyone please help me?

You need to patch this game to a FireRed rom, check our Patching guide.

This is by far the best hack I have ever played the story had me soooooo hooked 100% recommend this to everyone!!

I’m super agree with you Noel, thanks for coming here.

Just finished this beauty, and i entireley agree. This hack was awesome. The most interesting I have played in e very long time

Can I get an Umbreon in this version? And if so how?

Yea you can steal one from a pair of trainers that have both umbreon and espeon

Inn this hack, you can have an umbreon exposing eevee to the moonstone. I was hoping i could get a sylveon, but as it seems, the friendship evolution doean’t work. You can get an espeon, i think, with the solar stone, but you only get one far forward in the game.

I see that everywhere that you can evolve Eevee using a moonstone in pokemon fire red rocket edition but i cant use the moonstone at all, it just wont let me. And im pretty lost as to where i can ask anyone seeing that im from DK so i saw this post and thougt i could see if anyone here knew something?

Why didn’t I get bills parce?

Yeah, how about try talking to the grunt near the machoke? Or Primeape? Sorry, I kind of forgot

Do Pokemon that would usually evolve by trade have alternate ways of evolving

i.e machoke &kadabra

HaHa because i couldent save the game i lost all my progress Veryy funnyny …….

I’m on a phone how do I get this thing to work lol

Download a GBA emulator, there are plenty of them and patch this file to a FireRed rom. You can use Lunar IPS patcher for patching the game.

Couldn’t get lunar ips to work on my phone so got any other ideas lol

Hey there Brandon, you can’t run Lunar IPS on mobile. It only works on Windows PC.

I know that now, but that’s what you suggested when I previously asked for help so now I’m stuck on what I should do

You need a computer so you can use Lunar IPS and patch the file to a FireRed rom. After that, send the patched GBA file to your phone. Hope this helps and gives you idea how it is done.

Download myboy emulator on Android and then download this game , now open the pkmn game in myboy emulator, u can start playing and can use cheats everything without any fault.

If you are on android you can just get Uni-Patcher in the app store and Patch it from your phone. You just need a fire red rom and this ips-file and you are ready to go.

Thanks for this information. Really useful.

How to patch fire red???? What do you mean patch hahaha ??

This depends on whether you are on mobile or computer. You need a GBA emulator and a patcher on both. I know on Mobile there is My Boy! And Rom Patcher. For PC there is Lunar IPS. In the ROM slot, you put the game the hack is from(FireRed here) and in the patch, you put the game file. I would probably name it if your download folder is a bit messy and boom.

I can not access the game is there like a zip version for this?

Hi there, this is not a pre-patched file. You have to patch this first to a FireRed rom to play. Sorry but we don’t share pre-patched files here.

What is ending of this game please tell

I’d rather not to tell 😀

Amazing hack. Enjoyed every bit. The only downside, it ends after the first time innthe Indigo Plateu. They won’t let me in again. That ending witj professor Elm, though. Maaaaaaaaan! I need an Emerald Magma/Aqua edition

I found a bug when I met Blaine in Pokemon Mansion he could not be asked when I arrived there, can you fix this bug thanks.

Hey there, sorry but we do not own this game or any of the game listed here. You can reach out the author of FireRed rocket edition using the source link we’ve provided above.

is there a walkthrough for this game because I’m confused what to do?

How about searching checking Youtube for the walkthroughs?

Hey i was patch to pokemon fire red but after i done patch the game just blank screen when open what the problem thanks?

I had the same issue. Would love some help on this please

I had the same problem. Download the version 1.0 instead of 1.1, it solved the pb for me

What version of FireRed should I patch?

You need V1.0

How to patch this?