Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Cheats


Have you been playing Pokemon Dark Rising 2 and wanting to create extra fun of the game? I’m sure you will love this list of Pokemon Dark Rising 2 cheats that we gathered and manually tested just for you.

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Several months ago, I published my collection of Dark Rising cheats and guessed what? Pokemon fans liked it very much; I even created the Youtube video Pokemon Dark Rising Cheats Working Codes to serve as a visual guide; on the other hand, to prove the cheats works. To my surprise, the video received plenty of amazing positive feedback and likes.

Pokemon dark rising 2 cheats

This overwhelming support of my readers and Youtube viewers inspires me a lot that leads me to collect the cheats of another game in the Pokemon Dark Rising series. In this post, you will find the list of working cheat codes for Pokemon Dark Rising 2.

I tested them personally with my My Boy emulator, and I’m positive that these cheats will work for you too.

Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Cheats List

Note: Cheat codes below have been tested on My Boy (Paid) for Android; for My Boy free version users, you can follow this Youtube video guide on how to enter multiple-liner codes. Furthermore, if you’re using John GBA, Visual Boy Advance, or GBA4iOS, I believe these codes can work in your Game Boy Advance emulator as well.

Wild Pokemon Modifier (Cheat type: Code Breaker)
Pokemon dark rising 2 wild pokemon modifier

Master code (Enter and activate this first as a separate cheat)
000014D1 000A
1003dae6 0007

83007CEE 0001 = BULBASAUR
83007CEE 0002 = IVYSAUR
83007CEE 0003 = VENUSAUR
83007CEE 0004 = CHARMANDER
83007CEE 0005 = CHARMELEON
83007CEE 0006 = CHARIZARD
83007CEE 0007 = SQUIRTLE
83007CEE 0008 = WARTORTLE
83007CEE 0009 = BLASTOISE
83007CEE 000A = SEWADDLE
83007CEE 000B = SWADLOON
83007CEE 000C = LEAVANNY
83007CEE 000D = WEEDLE
83007CEE 000E = KAKUNA
83007CEE 000F = BEEDRILL
83007CEE 0010 = FLETCHLING
83007CEE 0011 = FLETCHINDR
83007CEE 0012 = TALONFLAME
83007CEE 0013 = RATTATA
83007CEE 0014 = RATICATE
83007CEE 0015 = SPEAROW
83007CEE 0016 = FEAROW
83007CEE 0017 = BUNEARY
83007CEE 0018 = LOPUNNY
83007CEE 0019 = PIKACHU
83007CEE 001A = RAICHU
83007CEE 001D = NIDORAN F
83007CEE 001E = NIDORINA
83007CEE 0020 = NIDORAN M
83007CEE 0021 = NIDORINO
83007CEE 0022 = NIDOKING
83007CEE 0023 = CLEFAIRY
83007CEE 0024 = CLEFABLE
83007CEE 0025 = VULPIX
83007CEE 0026 = NINETALES
83007CEE 0027 = JIGGLYPUFF
83007CEE 0028 = WIGGLYTUFF
83007CEE 0029 = WOOBAT
83007CEE 002A = SWOOBAT
83007CEE 002B = SHINX
83007CEE 002C = LUXIO
83007CEE 002D = LUXRAY
83007CEE 002E = FOONGUS
83007CEE 0030 = RIOLU
83007CEE 0031 = LUCARIO
83007CEE 0032 = DIGLETT
83007CEE 0033 = DUGTRIO
83007CEE 0034 = LARVISTA
83007CEE 0035 = VOLCARONA
83007CEE 0036 = PSYDUCK
83007CEE 0037 = GOLDUCK
83007CEE 0038 = MANKEY
83007CEE 0039 = PRIMEAPE
83007CEE 003A = PURRLOIN
83007CEE 003B = LIEPARD
83007CEE 003C = POLIWAG
83007CEE 003F = SKIDDO
83007CEE 0040 = GOGOAT
83007CEE 0041 = CARNIVINE
83007CEE 0042 = PANCHAM
83007CEE 0043 = PANGORO
83007CEE 0044 = CHATOT
83007CEE 0045 = TURTWIG
83007CEE 0046 = GROTLE
83007CEE 0047 = TORTERRA
83007CEE 0048 = FRILLISH
83007CEE 0049 = JELLICENT
83007CEE 004A = GEODUDE
83007CEE 004B = GRAVELER
83007CEE 004C = GOLEM
83007CEE 004D = SHELLOS
83007CEE 004F = TYMPOLE
83007CEE 0050 = PALPITOAD
83007CEE 0051 = SEISMITOAD
83007CEE 0052 = TRUBBISH
83007CEE 0053 = GARBODOR
83007CEE 0054 = YAMASK
83007CEE 0055 = COFARIGUS
83007CEE 0056 = SEEL
83007CEE 0057 = DEWGONG

Legendary/Mega Evolution and Mythical Pokemon (Cheat type: Code Breaker)
Pokemon dark rising 2 legendary cheat

Master code:
000014D1 000A
1003dae6 0007

83007CEE 00FA = ARCEUS
83007CEE 0194 = DIALGA
83007CEE 0195 = PALKIA
83007CEE 0196 = YVETAL
83007CEE 0197 = LATIAS
83007CEE 0198 = LATIOS
83007CEE 0199 = MANAPHY
83007CEE 019A = M-BANETTE
83007CEE 019B = KELDEO
83007CEE 0193 = PHIONE
83007CEE 010D = REGIROCK
83007CEE 010E = REGICE
83007CEE 00F3 = COBALION
83007CEE 00F5 = Virizion
83007CEE 0111 = KYUREM
83007CEE 0112 = MEWTWO Y
83007CEE 0113 = DARUGIS
83007CEE 0114 = DARUGIS-S
83007CEE 010A = M-AGGRON
83007CEE 010B = GENESECT
83007CEE 0104= ARTICUNO
83007CEE 0105 = CHARIZARD Y
83007CEE 0106 = M-LUCARIO
83007CEE 0109 = M-HERACROS
83007CEE 0096 = VICTINI
83007CEE 0097 = XERNEAS

Warp/Teleport to locations (Cheat type: Code Breaker)

HOW TO USE: Go to any door to warp/teleport.

Cheat code:
82031DBC 0003 = ARKIOS CITY
82031DBC 0004 = PLAYER’S ROOM
82031DBC 0103 = EDIN CITY
82031DBC 0203 = VOLTON CITY
82031DBC 0803 = HYETAL CITY

Walk Through walls (Cheat type: GameShark v3/Action Replay)
Pokemon dark rising 2 walk through walls cheat

Cheat code:
509197D3 542975F4
78DA95DF 44018CB4

Infinite Cash (Cheat type: Code Breaker)
Pokemon dark rising 2 infinite cash cheat

Master code:
8E883EFF 92E9660D

Infinite cash
820257bc 423f
820257be 000f

1 Hit kill (Cheat type: GameShark v3/Action Replay)

Cheat code:
C833D1A0 02FA7205

Rare Candy (Cheat type: Code Breaker)
Pokemon dark rising 2 rare candy cheat

Cheat code:
82025840 0044

Master ball (Cheat type: Code Breaker)
Pokemon dark rising 2 master ball cheat

Cheat code:
82025840 0001

No random battles (Cheat type: GameShark v3/Action Replay)

Cheat code:
D41DD0CA 33A629E5
8E883EFF 92E9660D

Max all stats (Cheat type: Code Breaker)
Pokemon dark rising 2 max stats cheat

1st Pokemon max all stats

2nd Pokemon max all stats

3rd Pokemon max all stats

4th Pokemon max all stats

5th Pokemon max all stats

6th Pokemon max all stats

Shiny Pokemon (Cheat type: GameShark v3/Action Replay)
Pokemon dark rising 2 shiny cheat

Cheat code:
39584B19 D80CC66A
CE71B3D3 1F6A85FB
198DF179 5413C867
73ECB8A0 BDD8B251
D5AFFB37 6855972C
73ECB8A0 BDD8B251

Important: Shiny Pokemon has only one gender and nature. If you wish to change the gender and nature restart the game.

Steal/Catch Other Trainer’s Pokemon (Cheat type: GameShark v3/Action Replay)

Cheat code:
4D83B1BF E0F5F507
8E883EFF 92E9660D
B6C5368A 08BE8FF4
90B4977C C0151DC2

Important: Press L+R before using the Pokeball.

Infinite Exp (Cheat type: Code Breaker)

Cheat code:

For this to work: in the Gameshark cheat list, enable the infinite EXP cheat when it says you receive your experience from the battle. This will start to level up your Pokemon and when you want it to stop, you have to disable the infinite exp cheat in you Gameshark cheat list.

Pokemon Level Modifier (GameShark v3/Action Replay)

Enter code 754ED27A 8B1BEFEE + LVL code
Example: (Meet Lvl 100 Pokemon)
56307399 25DF4466

Level 1: 8BB602F7 8CEB681A
Level 2: 00939804 4086FF3B
Level 3: 2BD38F05 D5A578B1
Level 4: 5685B807 3787DACB
Level 5: A9E4EA45 3651CADD
Level 6: E37D365E D7EAB6AB
Level 7: 51374592 F7A27768
Level 8: A08DD229 10D187E3
Level 9: D84D4738 70F68A80
Level 10: 4C6C2B8C CD0528EB
Level 11: 1F1785AC 433A6DC2
Level 12: B4F6F07D 8F56BA40
Level 13: E32BCCB1 07782CD6
Level 14: D4ABF236 D713B4E0
Level 15: 3CD3295F 921F1D1C
Level 16: B9C51F47 95395496
Level 17: 784E8A1B 83A3E0EF
Level 18: 902D754C 80AFE55F
Level 19: 9D362B43 96A4D044
Level 20: 8C434E48 F703A9E1
Level 21: CC449941 F0BBB13A
Level 22: CEDDB323 FFA50BB1
Level 23: 4688F12F FF9DBE10
Level 24: F6DA2242 E2EDA644
Level 25: 2D02A8EA 9B748C49
Level 26: 9D2895EF 6A2BEE59
Level 27: 1BB7262E 80989B57
Level 28: 79693C0B A82C5A23
Level 29: B98E773A D6E0D6AD
Level 30: A457FA67 BCD9C478
Level 31: 881976CC 20B658FF
Level 32: 0073F88A 0A4E81B6
Level 33: 792E7A0F F4BF8DDB
Level 34: 0965B686 64E170F2
Level 35: C70600E8 789A0DAC
Level 36: 0CF8B98B 706A26BE
Level 37: 2E7A201E 5EDBDEE3
Level 38: 9B169FF5 CBABA5A6
Level 39: 7928BBA3 C55BBEAB
Level 40: 155D7103 D66B8A15
Level 41: 7B9DFCEF 830C6BDA
Level 42: BA697C16 93D76910
Level 43: CCED8F7A 8EC0F43C
Level 44: 58EAABBC FC3CA9C2
Level 45: 710D8A2D 45E999F3
Level 46: 2EC0F0EC 6B1A061F
Level 47: E951E67F BFD89E41
Level 48: B743EDBF B82BB83A
Level 49: 4BF9418B EFC87C19
Level 50: CBEB73A3 90A08906
Level 51: 9818C0C6 E03F8431
Level 52: 8A448A37 583B581C
Level 53: 1855C5A3 70B67919
Level 54: 72898F14 3F2CD864
Level 55: 3E7B9D1E 5CE7F0DC
Level 56: B62795CF CEAE6A48
Level 57: 05858D31 D4449EFE
Level 58: 314DD562 05A14AD1
Level 59: 1DE20256 C4AB72E6
Level 60: 202ABE52 BDC4E314
Level 61: 8AA97E8E D5A80225
Level 62: 8655EB8B 26823B03
Level 63: ACFA01BA 15A282DC
Level 64: AFD8D98B 21E6E4D4
Level 65: 1C2D3029 63D27E35
Level 66: 23D312F1 77111159
Level 67: 20999F30 F1874934
Level 68: 51CF1F27 2E270374
Level 69: 845807DF 2140D018
Level 70: 628E474E E708D501
Level 71: DF5B6268 4EC6A43E
Level 72: 7781E696 7D4D1BAB
Level 73: 2390ED5B F7A08F55
Level 74: FD22366B 83B5DB98
Level 75: 39E224D9 232864F2
Level 76: 2056B422 AB6E09BD
Level 77: 600E909B 524CA077
Level 78: 2E14F003 6BE9DAB3
Level 79: 287541CA 8951C140
Level 80: 9675F502 DB139F05
Level 81: BB099C03 1B03F256
Level 82: 6DC87BB5 6FE8ACDD
Level 83: D82A82B0 CAB7DFD4
Level 84: F738C6D5 A33DF2E1
Level 85: FB80C720 E028C27A
Level 86: 1906A7C9 D7EBAA39
Level 87: D31623FE 50011104
Level 88: D052E037 C6886109
Level 89: A4E99E04 BB9B2A8F
Level 90: 750CEC25 D42EAE36
Level 91: 1CAC5FD6 92679660
Level 92: A5CCA03B 7FED218A
Level 93: 08CBA806 AE4A2260
Level 94: 722C0931 68DA1B05
Level 95: 32DCE4F7 2ABBC366
Level 96: 9F6EE1B2 D14F1E6F
Level 97: 095F268D 77B7D906
Level 98: C2955A45 B3CBC610
Level 99: FCEFE173 1DCCEB51
Level 100: 56307399 25DF4466

TM/HM (Shared by: Dasher Gaming

82003884 0121 = TM01 Focus Punch
82003884 0122 = TM02 Dragon Claw
82003884 0123 = TM03 Water Pulse
82003884 0124 = TM04 Calm Mind
82003884 0125 = TM05 Roar
82003884 0126 = TM06 Toxic
82003884 0127 = TM07 Hail
82003884 0128 = TM08 Bulk Up
82003884 0129 = TM09 Bullet Seed
82003884 012A = TM10 Hidden Power
82003884 012B = TM11 Sunny Day
82003884 012C = TM12 Taunt
82003884 012D = TM13 Ice Beam
82003884 012E = TM14 Blizzard
82003884 012F = TM15 Hyper Beam
82003884 0130 = TM16 Light Screen
82003884 0131 = TM17 Protect
82003884 0132 = TM18 Rain Dance
82003884 0133 = TM19 Giga Drain
82003884 0134 = TM20 Safeguard
82003884 0135 = TM21 Frustration
82003884 0136 = TM22 Solar Beam
82003884 0137 = TM23 Iron Tail
82003884 0138 = TM24 Thunderbolt
82003884 0139 = TM25 Thunder
82003884 013A = TM26 Earthquake
82003884 013B = TM27 Return
82003884 013C = TM28 Dig
82003884 013D = TM29 Psychic
82003884 013E = TM30 Shadow Ball
82003884 013F = TM31 Brick Break
82003884 0140 = TM32 Double Team
82003884 0141 = TM33 Reflect
82003884 0142 = TM34 Shock Wave
82003884 0143 = TM35 Flamethrower
82003884 0144 = TM36 Sludge Bomb
82003884 0145 = TM37 Sandstorm
82003884 0146 = TM38 Fire Blast
82003884 0147 = TM39 Rock Tomb
82003884 0148 = TM40 Aerial Ace
82003884 0149 = TM41 Torment
82003884 014A = TM42 Facade
82003884 014B = TM43 Secret Power
82003884 014C = TM44 Rest
82003884 014D = TM45 Attract
82003884 014E = TM46 Thief
82003884 014F = TM47 Steel Wing
82003884 0150 = TM48 Skill Swap
82003884 0151 = TM49 Snatch
82003884 0152 = TM50 Overheat
82003884 0153 = HM01 Cut
82003884 0154 = HM02 Fly
82003884 0155 = HM03 Surf
82003884 0156 = HM04 Strength
82003884 0157 = HM05 Flash
82003884 0158 = HM06 Rock Smash
82003884 0159 = HM07 Waterfall
82003884 015A = HM08 Dive

Closing Remarks

There you have it! So far, these are my cheat codes for Pokemon Dark Rising 2 that I’ve tested. I can say that these are proven working.

Feel free to try them and use them as you can, but more codes are waiting for us to be discovered. How’s this collection of Pokemon Dark Rising 2 cheats going for you? Please share your thoughts about it.

You can improve this list and help our fellow Pokemon players find the best codes for their Dark Rising 2 game. Contribute your Dark Rising 2 codes by leaving the cheat information in the comment form below.

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Max all stats doesn’t work

I noticed that most of these rom hacks don’t have all Pokeball codes. It’d just be nice to have all of them at the start and not worry about buying them so much thruout the game

Cheat code for legends works code is
Master code:
1003dae6 0007
Later next cheat code that you add is the one you want but you need to activate the mastercode first

Is there a way to get all badges? Or be able to use hm’s without the badges?

Shiny pokemon code is not work

what is the code for Charizard X

Last edited 2 years ago by Sujal

BTW the pokemon modifier code so u can catch what you want works however the pokemon knows no moves all it can do is struggle. I leveled a pangoro from 5 to 17 and it didn’t learn a move

Please give me mega stone,Darkrai and giratina cheat code reply me

Lmao Master code: 000014D1 000A 1003dae6 0007 83007CEE 00F9 = CRESSELIA 83007CEE 00FA = ARCEUS 83007CEE 00FB = HEATRAN 83007CEE 0194 = DIALGA 83007CEE 0195 = PALKIA 83007CEE 0196 = YVETAL 83007CEE 0197 = LATIAS 83007CEE 0198 = LATIOS 83007CEE 0199 = MANAPHY 83007CEE 019A = M-BANETTE 83007CEE 019B = KELDEO 83007CEE 0193 = PHIONE 83007CEE 010D = REGIROCK 83007CEE 010E = REGICE 83007CEE 010F = REGISTEEL 83007CEE 00F3 = COBALION 83007CEE 00F4 = TERRAKION 83007CEE 00F5 = Virizion 83007CEE 0111 = KYUREM 83007CEE 0112 = MEWTWO Y 83007CEE 0113 = DARUGIS 83007CEE 0114 = DARUGIS-S 83007CEE 010A = M-AGGRON… Read more »

Your mastercode in order to the pokemon doesn’t work

Complete Wild Pokemon Modifier 0001 – BULBASAUR 0002 – IVYSAUR 0003 – VENUSAUR 0004 – CHARMANDER 0005 – CHARMELEON 0006 – CHARIZARD 0007 – SQUIRTLE 0008 – WARTORTLE 0009 – BLASTOISE 000A – SEWADDLE 000B – SWADLOON 000C – LEAVANNY 000D – WEEDLE 000E – KAKUNA 000F – BEEDRILL 0010 – FLETCHLING 0011 – FLETCHINDR 0012 – TALONFLAME 0013 – RATTATA 0014 – RATICATE 0015 – SPEAROW 0016 – FEAROW 0017 – BUNEARY 0018 – LOPUNNY 0019 – PIKACHU 001A – RAICHU 001B – SANDSHREW 001C – SANDSLASH 001D – NIDORAN F 001E – NIDORINA 001F – NIDOQUEEN 0020 –… Read more »

Super ThankYou All Is Working Me Yehey Im So Happy

The code for stealing pokemon dont work what shall i do

The master code for the legend Pokémon don’t work ? Who can help me out please

How can i do all this on pc?
on VisualBoyAdvance ?… ty

im on a pc with VBA but its not working

The one kill hit code doesn’t work please tell me the right code

Lol. The TM and HM codes didnt work. In my side the only did not work is the tm and hm code. All of the code is working except those

If using an app that isn’t my boy! Just use the second line of the pokemodifier master code otherwise it won’t work

I’m using John GBA premium but the mastercode isn’t working, it never worked in firered or dark rising 1 either. Plss help in copying and pasting but it says it is unknown . Even tried manually adding the code

I play my boy but the wild Pokemon modifier mastercode didn’t work for me please help

You should put in dark rising 2

How can I get the TM/HM cheat? I don’t know how it works or how to do it? May I ask?

Use the first part of the rare candy cheat the the last four digits for whichever hm/tm you want

Does this work for mgba I can’t get the codes to work and wasn’t sure if it is the mgba app or if I need a master code.

Please add pokemon delta emerald cheats


82003884 0121 = TM01 Focus Punch

Full list of codes added in the list above

Yeah Right

Not working, lol

Is it only me or other too max stats cheat code not workin???????????

Do you have a cheat for noiverin

Why the Walk through walls is not working☹️please give me a help

All cheats worked thanks but if you know cheats of all time then pls tell me

Master Ball Code did not work for me help

Is there a code to make wild Pokemon male?

You can use most of Fire red cheat codes in Pokemon dark rising 2.

Legendary and mythical Pokemon cheat not working help please

Hi I tried doing wat you said we should do with multiple lines code but it doesn’t seem to work and I am using John gba lite any tips because I don’t have money for my boy

Yu don’t need money for myboy .. Just download it .. ????

No darkrai in darkrising :/ welp…

You can get my boy from google for free

My boy could be get freely
Una site

catch trainer pokemon code wont work for vba

Hi PokemonCoders.. just want to ask why are all the wild pokemon here are female? can’t find any male pokemon unless i use cheats and some only know struggle.. and is there a cheat for noibat?

what is mega stone cheat code

82025840 005B

Just finished playing the 1st dark rising.. just want to know if the cheats on the 1st dark rising also works for dark rising 2.. like the items on 1st DR..

83007CEE 0111
Code breaker

What’s the cheat for Piplup? I tried using the cheat from the original Dark Rising cheats but it just came up as Leafeon.

I want mega stone cheat code can you giveme

82025840 005B

Not working in gameboy advance thers no game shark 3 action replay and not working all CODES pealse reply me ASAP

I also tried but not working

Legedary/mythical/mega evolution pokemon don’t learn any attack

How to use them

Type : Codebreaker

82025840 0013 – Full Restore
82025840 0047 – PP Max

is lvl 100 the max lvl for the game?

they all worked thank u pokemon coders ur the best

You know mega stone cheat?
Plz tell me!

Legendaries don’t learn any

Yes legandary pockemon only now struggle

Walk through don’t work ????
Plz help ????

For the VBA, the cheats work quite nice.

A couple don’t work.

The master code for Pokemon modifier doesn’t work. I used on My Boy as well as John GBA:(

I used them on gba4ios and it didn’t work

I hate to impose but is it possible we could get an all Pokeball Cheat for some of these hacks? I don’t know if you saw my post up there yet, it’d just be nice to have all of them without worrying about buying them all the time

Did u find a pokemon modifier mastercode that works for John gba pokemon dark rising? Or is there no way to find one that works?

the cheat for legendary

Mega Evolution and Mythical Pokemon isn’t Working