Top 20 Ugly Pokemon From All Generations

Currently, there are 924 Pokemon spanning 8 Generations. Those Pokemon are based on animals, plants, things, and whatever manner of design possible. That being said, many of them look cool, awesome, plain, and epic and some are just ugly Pokemon.

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That’s right and let’s not deny that some ugly-looking Pokemon exist in the series. That’s why we’re making a list of 20 ugly Pokemon that appears in all Generations.

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List of 20 Ugly Pokemon

Just to be clear, we’re not saying that these Pokemon are bad to use in the games. They’re just ugly looking in terms of their overall appearance, and this is all just for fun when we make this list.

20) Klefki


Let’s start this list of the 20 ugly Pokemon with Klefki. This Gen 6 Steel/Fairy-type looks like a key chain. Compared to the other Pokemon on this list, it looks tame but miserable.

You have Pokemon that look like monsters and Klefki here is just a key chain with a couple of keys hanging on its ring. According to a Pokedex entry, Klefki shakes or jingles its keys to protect itself from enemies.

19) Mimikyu


The reason Mimikyu is lower on this list is that this Pokemon actually is quite popular for some reason. There are people that love it, but there’s no denying the fact that this Gen 7 Ghost/Fairy-type is a sad excuse of a Pokemon in terms of looks.

While it doesn’t look that bad, it does look like something a child made while picturing Pikachu in their head. It does have a bit of a sad story since its neck is broken.

18) Xurkitree


You probably noticed its name Xurkitree is a play on the word CIRCUITRY. This Gen 7 Electric-type is actually a Legendary Pokemon, and it can be a bit demanding if you want to get it.

Regardless of its Legendary status, it looks like a mess. It seems like a bunch of circuits jumbled together, and it has outlets for legs and a spiked light bulb as its head. It’s ugly to look at, and you feel sorry for how it looks like the creators just decided to give a bunch of wires life.

17) Exeggcute


From a cluster of wires being Xurkitree, we go to a cluster of eggs. Exeggcute is a Grass-type that appeared in Gen 1, and this poor-looking Pokemon is a combination of half a dozen eggs.

Even in Gen 1, the ugly ones just come out, and one of the eggs is cracked. It’s evolved form Exeggutor at least looks better and slightly less ugly. There’s nothing appealing about six cracking eggs with faces; one is broken.

16) Jynx


Jynx may be ugly, but it does look like a person. There’s a lot of controversy with Jynx in the past that we’ll not get into, but there’s no denying that it’s not a very good-looking Pokemon. I wonder how the designer of this pokemon came up with this idea.

Despite its ugliness, it is a bit useful. It started out as a Psychic-type in Gen 1 and then gained the primary Ice-type in Gen 2 while pushing the Psychic as its secondary type.

15) Cradily


When it comes to weirdness, Cradily definitely looks weird. It’s a Rock/Grass-type that first appeared in Gen 3. When you look at it, it definitely looks like a cross between a reptile and a worm.

Its neck is so long and thin that you’ll wonder how it holds its head without breaking its neck. Pokedex entries state that a Cradily can traverse the bottom of the ocean floor without getting crushed or being carried away by the currents. Maybe it should have stayed under the ocean floor.

14) Vanilluxe


Ice cream looks delicious and appetizing, but Vanilluxe does not. This ugly ice cream Ice-type Pokemon from Gen 5 looks mutated. Its first two forms, Vanillish and Vanillite, look okay, but Vanilluxe seems like an unwanted form.

It has two heads, making it look like a mutant. The other head has a frozen wafer stick which some ice creams do. This one just looks weird and ugly because the extra head isn’t needed.

13) Huntail


This Gen 3 Water-type is one of Clamperl’s final evolution. Unfortunately, when it comes to looks, it got the short end of the stick. The other final evolution is Gorebyss, and with a name like that, you would think it also looks ugly.

It actually doesn’t because Gorebyss looks alright and cute in a way, but Huntail is just a bad looking one. It has a goofy face with a large mouth and teeth that aren’t even balanced.

12) Feebas


Feebas should feel bad or Feebad? Another Gen 3 Water-type, it’s one of those ugly Pokemon that are based on real-life animals and, in this case, a rockfish.

When you look at a Feebas, it just looks sad, and it doesn’t feel like doing anything in its life. Players only catch a Feebas because they want to get a beautiful Milotic.

The funny part is that if you want to evolve your Feebas into a Milotic, you need to raise its Beauty stat. That just proves that this Pokemon is ugly because you have the raise its beauty.

11) Loudred


This Gen 3 Normal-type has a huge mouth, making it ugly. It looks like it has a baby’s mouth with four teeth sticking out. It doesn’t look cute, and it actually looks funny, but the purpose of its mouth is to emit loud noises.

That doesn’t change the fact that it looks ugly. Its goofy face doesn’t add to how unappealing it looks, and overall comes out looking like a mutated child.

The good thing is that its evolved form Exploud at least looks menacing and dangerous but not this one.

10) Muk


We’re halfway done with our 20 ugly Pokemon list. While we’re at it let’s throw Muk into the mix. Muk is a Gen 1 Poison-type and is the evolved form of Grimer.

Both Muk and Grimer pretty much look the same because they’re nothing but a pile of goop. Grimer at least has some semblance of cuteness, but Muk is like a blob of sadness.

There’s no appeal to its design, but there’s no denying this Pokemon is at least competent in battles. Its Alolan form just adds layers of colors to it, but it’s still a pile of goop.

09) Vullaby


Vullaby first appeared in Gen 5 and is a Dark/Flying-type. Just by looking at it, it looks horrendous. It’s apparently something like a baby vulture but it still has its egg around its waist.

The face doesn’t help because it looks angry for some reason. Then again, if you look like that, you would probably be angry as well. If there’s something comparable in real life, take a look at a newborn cuckoo bird, that is pretty ugly to look at.

08) Stunfisk


Just look at this Pokemon, one look, and you know it’s ugly. Stunfisk also first appeared in Gen 5, which is a Ground/Electric-type. This fish-looking Pokemon is based on real-life fishes that are flat.

If you ever saw a Halibut or Flounder in real life, those things are ugly as well. Stunfisk is as flat as you can get, and like those fishes, it stays under the sand and is very durable.

Even if it is stepped on, it doesn’t feel any pain because if it does get stepped on, it might get uglier than it already is.

07) Weezing


Koffing is ugly on its own, but when it evolves into Weezing, it becomes even uglier. Weezing still has the same face as Koffing and it has a smaller head popping out on its side.

Then, there’s another tumor growing at the back. In total, Weezing has three blobs making up its entire body. This Gen 1 Poison-type is one of the pioneers of ugly Pokemon.

The good thing is that its Galarian form is slightly less ugly than the original one.

06) Impidimp


Impidimp comes from Gen 8 and is a Dark/Fairy-type. It’s an ugly Pokemon based on how it looks. The name is taken from the word imp, which is like those small demons.

The face is goofy on its own, but it’s the kind of goofy bordering on being ugly. Its next evolution Morgrem is just as ugly because it is bigger but has a funny-looking haircut.

The good thing is that the final evolution of Grimmsnarl looks menacing and tough.

05) Barraskewda


We have another fish-looking Pokemon where first form Arrokuda looks cute and interesting. Then it evolves into this ugly Pokemon Barraskewda. Obviously, both are based on a barracuda fish, but the design on this one I laughable.

The face is goofy, and looks like one of those vaudevillians. If you take a look at the body, it looks like its skin is peeled off and you can see the bones sticking out.

Not only does it look ugly, but it looks sad. Unfortunately, for this Gen 8 Water-type, this is as good as it can get.

04) Bruxish


From one ugly fish to another ugly fish, we have the Gen 7 Water/Psychic-type Bruxish. When it comes to being ugly, it looks like someone put makeup on a fish.

The lips it has and the teeth that are sharp like fangs make it look really absurd. The colors as well look like a bad mixture of different bright colors.

Then, there are the eyes that look like they are trying to allure you, so overall this Pokemon looks like a mess.

03) Crabominable


This Gen 7 Fighting/Ice-type is supposed to be based on a crab. However, if you look at it, Crabominable looks nothing like a crab. It looks like a yeti because it seems to have fur instead of a shell.

Maybe that was what they were going for, which is the abominable snowman hence the name Crabominable minus the snowman.

Plus, it’s an Ice-type, so it makes a lot of sense. The face as well is funny to look at because it does look ugly.

02) Barbaracle


Immediately when you see Barbaracle, you’ll be scratching your head and thinking what kind of Pokemon it is. It looks like a rock monster mutated to have multiple hands. Its head looks like a hand as well stuck with a face.

The design looks bad overall with its limbs having stripes, so it is definitely up there being an ugly Pokemon. In fact, even its first form Binacle is just two limbs on a rock.

Nevertheless, this Gen 6 Rock/Water-type has no redeeming factor in terms of looks, you were probably expecting something good from it.

01) Garbodor


The number one ugly Pokemon in all Generations is Garbodor which is a Gen 5 Poison-type. This Pokemon doesn’t look like garbage, it smells like garbage too.

That’s because it is made up of Garbage, and there’s nothing worst than being ugly than also smelling ugly. It is a Poison-type because it hooks in its victims and secretes foul-smelling gas similar to toxic fumes.

What’s scarier about this Pokemon is that it has a Gigantamax form.  That’s a bigger pile of ugly garbage that you don’t want to see or smell.

In Closing

These are just 20 ugly Pokemon from all Generations. There could be a few more of them that are ugly that we didn’t include. There could be some of them that you find ugly that were not on this list, so feel free to tell us and everyone else which ones you think are ugly.

We’re not doing this to be mean, but we’re just having some fun.  There’s no denying that some Pokemon designs aren’t really that good or are just straight-up ugly. Whether that was the intention or not is still unclear, but this is all in good fun.

Which is your favorite ugly Pokemon from the list, or do you have one? Send your comment below, and let’s talk about this topic.

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