Pokemon Emerald: The Best Team to Use

Pokemon Emerald is one of the most popular games in the series. It is one of the most loved by the fans, and even almost 20 years later, people still play it. Old players and even newer players are enjoying it today. There is also that question: What is the best team to use for Pokemon Emerald?

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There are a lot of answers and combinations to this question. It always boils down to what your playstyle is. Another factor is your favoritism when it comes to Pokemon. Next time, we’ll provide a list of 6 Pokemon that can be your team when you play Pokemon Emerald.

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What is the Best Team For Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon emerald best team

Team Composition Factors

Before we go ahead and provide a list of the best Pokemon team for Emerald, we’ll instill some rules or factors into our team composition. First of all, this is a team mostly for single-player experience since it’s entirely different when you go for a PVP approach. Also, we will choose Pokemon that are only available in Emerald.

We’re not including those that you have to trade and Pokemon that evolve through trading. That way, you can obtain these Pokemon naturally as you progress through the game. Also, no Legendary Pokemon for this list since that makes it so easy.

The Pokemon We Recommend Using

Swampert (Mudkip)

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We’ll start this list of the best Pokemon team for Emerald with Swampert. Naturally, you have to choose Mudkip as your starter, and it’ll evolve to Swampert in the end. This is a good Pokemon to have since it has Water and Ground-type affinities. Basically, Electric-types won’t have any effect against it, and that’s really good. Swampert has good Defense and Sp. Defense as well as high HP.

It can serve as a tank for your team and the only thing that will demolish it would be Grass-type moves. Players also teach Swampert Surf since there are a lot of parts in the game where you have to Surf around. Several other good moves that Swampert can learn are Ice-types and the dreaded Earthquake.

One other thing is that Swamper is the Pokemon that Emerald speedrunners use. If they can beat the game using one Swampert, how much more to a player that isn’t rushing against time.

A couple of good items to give Swampert would be Mystic Water for increased Water damage, Nevermelt Ice for Ice, and maybe some Leftovers for HP heal every turn.

Gardevoir (Ralts)

The next one is Gardevoir which evolves from Ralts. Gardevoir is a strong Psychic-type that you can get in the game which can be beneficial later on. It has high Sp. Atk and Sp. Def but its other stats are average to low.

This thing is built for dealing damage, and it can benefit your team. If you also have a lack of type moves, then Gardevoir can learn a few of them. Team Gardevoir some moves that help buff your team or debilitate your enemy.

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You can also teach it Shadow Ball in case you need a Ghost-type move in your team. Give the Gardevoir items like Twisted Spoon or a Spell Tag to boost either Psychic or Ghost-type moves that you have.

The beauty of this is that you can catch a Ralts as early as Route 102. The downside is that it takes a lot of time to do so because a Ralts has a 4% encounter rate, but it can go a long way.

Before we go, most people would put a Metagross as a good Psychic-type. The problem is that you get its base form Beldum a bit later in the game and almost near the end.

Breloom (Shroomish)

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Shroomish is somewhat viewed as an average to weak Pokemon. Most players use it as an HM slave when they evolve it to Breloom. It can learn Cut, Flash, Rock Smash, and Strength.

However, why use it as an HM slave, when it can be a part of your team. Catching a Shroomish can be done early in the game, and the Breloom turns into a Grass and Fighting-type.

This Pokemon is your physical attacker since its Attack stat is very impressive. Its Speed is also good, so the Breloom can attack first most of the time. Arm it with Moves like Giga Drain, Mach Punch, and Sky Uppercut in case you’re dealing with an enemy that uses Fly. It can also learn Poison-type moves if you need any. Items you can give Breloom are either a Miracle Seed to boost Grass damage or a Black Belt for Fighting damage.

Manectric (Electrike)

We’re halfway through our list of the best Pokemon team for Emerald that you can use. We’re including Manectric in this list due to its Electric-type. It’s a handy Pokemon to have and while the game has other Electric-types, you can get this one a bit earlier.

Giving a Manectric a Magnet to boost Electric-type damage is ideal. A Quick Claw is also a good choice to boost its Speed even more.

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It has impressive Sp. Atk and Speed, so most of the time it will attack first and deal tremendous damage. Arm it with Moves like Thunder and Thunderbolt. It’s advantageous to have an Electric-type in your party since many of the game’s enemies are Water-types, and you’ll be Surfing a lot as well.

Altaria (Swablu)

Best pokemon team in emerald

The fifth Pokemon on this list is Altaria. Before you get a Swablu, you’re probably using a Taillow or Swellow to fulfill your Flying-type needs.

When you get an Altaria, it can be useful for using Fly because it is a Flying-type and a Dragon-type at the same time. The Dragon-type can be useful since there will be some interesting Dragon-type enemies later on.

Altaria can be a secondary Dragon-type combatant since it can learn Dragon-type Moves. The other one is being fulfilled by Swampert with its Ice-type moves. Speaking of Ice, Altair will take a lot of damage from it since it is a Flying and Dragon-type. It has good Defense and Sp. Defense, so it won’t faint right away.

Finally, it can learn some Fire-type Moves since we don’t have any on the team at this point. A Dragon Claw or Sharp Beak can be a good idea to give Altaria. If you have Ice moves on Altaria, give it Nevermelt Ice as well.

Aggron (Aron)

The last Pokemon we’ll put on our best Pokemon team for Emerald is Aggron. This is a Steel and Rock-type Pokemon. It has very high Defense and good Attack.

Aggron fulfills any Steel or Rock-type moves you might need, and Sandstorm is a useful move for your team. Aggron is like the backup for the others as well as a good Pokemon to fulfill the team’s needs or whatever is lacking.

Best pokemon team in emerald

Giving Aggron a Hard Stone is ideal to boost Rock-type damage and use Sandstorm a lot in battle. Metal Coat is also good for Steel-type moves or even Leftovers since Aggron is tanky, and healing every turn can be advantageous. It can learn a lot of different types of moves in case the other five cannot learn those anymore.

It can learn Fire moves if Altaria is full as well as Grass for Breloom and Electric moves from Manectric. Don’t forget about Earthquake if your Swampert’s move list is full. You can even have it out first, but its Speed is low enough for it to attack first.

In Closing

These six are merely suggestions when you want to answer the question what is the best team to use in Pokemon Emerald? At the end of the day, you can fill up whatever Pokemon that you want. The other thing is that you will be using other Pokemon since you can’t get all six of these from the start.

The suggestions do fulfill a plethora of battle aspects. You got Aggron, Swampert, and even Altaria for some defensive capabilities. Then, Gardevoir, Manectric, and Breloom fulfill the offensive and speed part, so you’re pretty much covered. Adapting to the situation is always the ideal thing to do.

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