Best Pokemon Buddy In Pokemon GO

It has been almost five years ever since Pokemon GO came out. The hype may not be around anymore, but millions of people still play it. The other thing is that Niantic has been putting a lot of content in the game in the years that have passed by. They added a lot of other Pokemon from the later Generations and the best Pokemon Buddy you can have.

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That’s right, the Pokemon GO Buddy system was added into the game and it has some incentives. Before we dive deep into what are the best Pokemon to have as your Buddy, we have to fully understand what this system is. Don’t forget as well what factors you would need to learn to help you determine such a thing.

Best pokemon buddy

Details on the Best Pokemon Buddy

Best pokemon buddy

What is the Pokemon GO Buddy System?

First of all, in order to choose a Buddy, simply click on your avatar on the lower left and you’ll see the Buddy icon. Just click on that and you’ll be able to choose and change your Buddies anytime.

Basically, the Buddy System allows you to have one of the Pokemon on your roster be like your partner. Feed your Buddy the right amount of Berries and it will start walking with you on the world map. That will run out after time so just feed it Berries again so that it starts running around with you.


What does the Buddy System do?

There is more to it than just having your Pokemon be your partner. One of the benefits you get from having a Buddy is that it may have the chance to find items. It may not happen that often, but it finds items while you are walking with it.

Generate Candy Every KM

The other benefit is that the Buddy generates Pokemon Candies depending on which one you have set. For example, if you have Charmander, Charmeleon, or Charizard set as your Buddy, they will generate 1 Charmander Candy for every 3KM you walked with them. Keep in mind that these Candies are what you used to evolve and strengthen your Pokemon.

You may have noticed that we said they would generate 1 Candy every 3KM, and that’s because it is one of the distances given to a Pokemon. The other two are 1KM and 5KM. Different Pokemon have different distance requirements that allow them to generate 1 Candy. You have Pokemon like Caterpie, Pikachu, and others that only need 1KM. While others like Dragonite need 5KM to generate 1 Candy.

What Pokemon is the best Buddy to have?

This answer pretty much depends on what you want, but we’ll give some details on how you can choose the best Pokemon Buddy.

Pokemon with Evolutions

Pokemon that have multiple evolutions can be ideal to have as your Buddy. Going back to Charmander, you have to evolve it into Charmeleon and then Charizard. You’ll need to farm some Candy and the only other ways to do it is by catching more of the same Pokemon or its evolved forms and Transferring your excess Pokemon of the same kind.

Strong Single form Pokemon

Pokemon with only one form can also be good but they have to be those that are really strong and useful. Think about Snorlax with only one form, so setting it up as your Buddy is a good idea so that you can farm Candies for it and make it stronger. Don’t forget about those Legendary Pokemon because you can’t easily catch them and farming Candies being a Buddy can be ideal.

Very Rare Pokemon

There are some Pokemon in the game that have a very low spawn rate. Going back to Charmander, those things don’t always pop out. It could be faster to gain Candies by having a Charmander as your Buddy rather than just waiting for it to spawn. There are other Pokemon that are rarer than Charmander so you may want to set one as your Buddy when you need Candies.

In summary, your options for choosing the best Pokemon Buddy would be if they have multiple evolutions and how rare they are when it comes to spawning. Don’t forget about those without any evolution but can be very strong in battle that you need to get Candies for.

A list of suggested Pokemon Buddies

Here is a list of suitable Pokemon to be your Buddy. We’re not ranking them as the highest priority but something that will be good for you to take into consideration when there are some details included.

PokemonDistance Needed to Generate CandyReason to Use It as a Buddy
Eevee5 KMHaving Eevee is good so that you can farm candies for all of your other Eevee evolutions. All of them require 5KM anyway so just have Eevee do it so you can use the others for battle.
Lapras5 KMA strong single form Pokemon with a very low spawn rate of 0.01%. It has a very high CP amount as well.
Chansey5 KMStrong on its own but the Candies can also evolve it into Blissey and can strengthen any of them. It also has a 0.01% spawn rate.
Magikarp1 KMRequires only 1 KM to generate Candy which is perfect for evolving and strengthening your Gyarados which is strong.
Dratini5 KMIt has a low spawn rate for all of its forms. It has multiple evolutions with Dragonite being very strong boasting around 3,000+ CP if you’re lucky.
Larvitar5 KMVery strong final evolution being Tyranitar. Low spawn rate so getting Candies can be a good idea.
Geodude1 KMA simple Pokemon with average spawn rate but the final evolution can benefit from it and it only needs 1 KM.
Snorlax5 KMA very low spawn rate of 0.02% but strong enough on its own.
Abra3 KMA good Psychic-type to have with a strong final evolution. It does have an average spawn rate.
Aerodactyl5 KMAnother very strong single form Pokemon and it is very rare.
Rhyhorn3 KMThis is a good mid tier Pokemon which has a strong evolution and with only 3 KM needed, better check it out.


These are just suggestions on which is the best Pokemon Buddy to have. The good thing is that you can always swap or change Buddies whenever you would need to. Situations can change and you may want to focus on one Pokemon even if you’re not done with the other one.

In some cases, some people just set the Buddy because it is their favorite Pokemon. There’s nothing wrong with that since that is how they play. If you really want to strengthen your team, then choosing the right Buddy for the right occasion is always ideal.

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