10 Best Pokemon In Gold and Silver

A lot of people still play Pokemon Gold or Silver today. These games came out over 20 years ago, but that’s what happens when the games are just so good. Whether they play these games through a GBC, GBA, NDS, or emulator, people still want to find out the 10 best Pokemon in Gold and Silver that they can use.

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We’re talking about those that can be really good in battle considering that these games have a ton of content. You don’t only explore Johto but Kanto as well. That’s why we’re presenting a list of the 10 best Pokemon you can use in these games. Just remember that these are just suggestions and you can build your own team.

Best pokemon in pokemon gold/silver

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List of the 10 Best Pokemon in Gold and Silver

10) Ho-oh or Lugia

Hu-oh or lugia best pokemon in gold and silver

Starting off this list of the 10 best Pokemon in Gold and Silver is either Ho-oh or Lugia. The reason why we’re putting these two together is that you can get them as you progress the story. They are also Legendary Pokemon but depending on which game you play, you can get both of them but which one depends. What’s there to say, they’re strong, reliable, and accessible before the Elite 4 battle. They are also armed with strong signature moves like Sacred Fire for Ho-oh and Aeroblast for Lugia.

09) Steelix

Steelix best pokemon in gold and silver

Steelix can be a fine addition to your Pokemon team. Gen 2 introduced the Steel-type and Steelix can be strong for your lineup. The issue here is that you have to trade it to evolve an Onix but it is worth your while. It is strong defensively and can have a lot of resistance. It can also learn a couple of good status buffs and offensive moves to bolster your team.

08) Piloswine

Piloswine best pokemon in gold and silver

If Steelix is a good tanky Pokemon to have, then Piloswine is more like an offensive tanky one. Having its Ice-type features can be good against Dragon-type enemies and it is incredibly durable. Aside from its durability, it can also dish out some good damage. Considering these games are under Gen 2, Piloswine can learn a plethora of useful Ice-type moves and those that deal great damage like Earthquake. Having one for that Lance fight can be a good idea.

07) Feraligatr

Feraligatr best pokemon in gold and silver

If you’ve watched speedrunners play Gold or Crystal, you’ll know that this is one of two starter Pokemon that they choose. It’s a good Water-type to have and having Surf can save you a Pokemon slot and that move can be devastating when used by Feraligatr. It can also learn Ice-type moves so in case you don’t want to use Piloswine, Feraligatr is your best bet against those strong Dragon-types.

06) Miltank

Miltank best pokemon in gold and silver

If you read Miltank, then you would probably think about Whitney and her Miltank. If you’ve played Gold or Silver, then you know how devastating Whitney’s Miltank was. This is another Pokemon that is a bit on the tanky side with high Defense and decent Speed. Arming it with Rollout will give you the pleasure of being Whitney and being able to demolish though opponents. It can also learn other strong moves like Hyper Beam, Thunder, Earthquake, and others. Milk Drink is another good move to have since it heals Miltank.

05) Typhlosion

Typhlosion best pokemon in gold and silver

While Feraligatr is the speed runner’s first choice, Typhlosion is the second one. Then again, it is mostly used in the remakes which are HeartGold and SoulSilver. It has good Sp. Attack and decent Speed allowing it to deal damage first, most of the time. It has a ton of offensive moves and with a lot of them having high accuracy, a Typhlosion can be deadly in your team. The other thing is that newly introduced types such as Ice and Steel are both weak to fire. Landing it on number 5 of our 10 best Pokemon in Gold and Silver list is very ideal.

04) Ampharos

Ampharos best pokemon in gold and silver

If you’re looking for a strong Electric-type in these games, then Ampharos is the one you want. You can catch its first form which is Mareep early on in the game. It has a couple of good and high damage dealing Electric-type moves. A lot of these can Paralyze the opponent but having an Ampharos can be useful early in the game as well as later on in the game. It isn’t as fast but it doesn’t get knocked out right away.

03) Kingdra

Kingdra best pokemon in gold and silver

This Pokemon is a very strong Water/Dragon-type. The Dragon-type automatically removes the Electric-type weakness due to the Water-type that it has. The Water-type also cancels out the Dragon-type’s weakness to Ice-type moves. In total. Kingdra is only weak to Dragon-type moves. You can catch a Horsea early on making it a worthwhile investment. The only problem is that you need to trade it holding a Dragon Scale so that makes it hard to get a Kingdra. When you do have one, it can be very useful to have a well-balanced stat chart that is also very high.

02) Crobat

Crobat best pokemon in gold and silver

Crobat is the result after Golbat evolves with high Friendship. That’s right, you have to level this thing up with high Friendship or Happiness so that it evolves. Crobat is one of the best Pokemon in the games having godly high amounts of Speed. Most players use Crobat as a stalling Pokemon. They can inflict confusion on their enemies while they buff up their main Pokemon with Battle Items and more. Crobat isn’t that bad as well when it comes to dealing damage but Speed is its weapon.

01) Espeon

Espeon best pokemon in gold and silver

Espeon takes the number one spot for our list of the 10 best Pokemon in Gold and Silver. A lot of people love using Espeon and in the later games, it is also a top-tier contender. It can take a bit some time to evolve Eevee but it is definitely worth it. It has strong Sp. Attack and a high Speed allowing it to deal damage first, most of the time and can possibly knock out enemy Pokemon with one hit especially with moves like Psychic. Just steer it away during the Karen fight and you’re good to go.

In Closing

These are just our suggestions of the 10 best Pokemon in Gold and Silver. We’re not saying that they are factually the best since different people have different means of playing the game. You can always build a team that suits your play style.

The other thing is that Pokemon have a rock, paper, scissors mechanic. One Pokemon may be strong against one type but it can also be demolished by the other. These are just suggestions that you can use in case you want to have a new playthrough or whatever.

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