Pokemon Emerald Rogue Cheats

If you’re looking for Pokemon Emerald Rogue cheats, then you’re fresh out of luck. Right now, these cheats aren’t working for the hack.

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While you may find somewhere else claiming that their cheats are working, that wouldn’t be the case.

Another Emerald-based ROM hack that doesn’t have any working cheats is Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies.

Emerald hacks will use Emerald cheats, but these codes won’t work for Pokemon Emerald Rogue. This isn’t the first game not to have any cheats, but we have to dive into the reasons why.

If you’re interested in the actual Emerald cheats, feel free to click here.

Update: We have an exciting update for Pokemon Emerald Rogue players! Thanks to the help of our community, we have finally found some working cheats for the game. We are currently working on expanding the list of cheats, and we hope to find even more in the future. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Pokemon emerald rogue cheats

Reasons Pokemon Emerald Rogue Cheats Aren’t Working

The Gameplay Mechanics and Programmer

One possible reason why Emerald Rogue cheats aren’t working would be due to the gameplay mechanics.

To give you an idea, Emerald Rogue isn’t your typical Pokemon game where you become a Pokemon Master Trainer. It is tagged as a rogue-like game where you choose routes on where you go.

Pokemon emerald rogue

Choosing a route doesn’t let you do the others.

Players then explore the route and battle other trainers or wild Pokemon. Once the route is over, it is then off to the next route until the players fight the Gym Leader.

If the player successfully beats the Gym Leader, then they get the Badge. If they lose, then they start over from the Hub.

The Hub is where players plan their strategy because this game doesn’t have towns or areas to explore other than the available routes.

The gameplay is a potential reason why the cheats do not work.

The concept is different and even though some of the elements remain the same, the programmer might have purposely blocked the cheats, so as not to make the hack easier as intended.

Different Programming Techniques

While we won’t be diving too deep into the hacking techniques, newer hacks nowadays use a different method of making ROM hacks.

Back then, programmers would use the same technique and they utilize Emerald as the base.

The techniques have gotten better or easier for programmers to develop hacked games. Due to this, potentially the codes have been altered hence the cheats may not work.

This is most prevalent in Emerald hacks as it doesn’t seem to be the same case for FireRed hacks and others.

What We/You Can Do Moving Forward

For now, we have no other source to get working Emerald Rogue cheats. The good thing is that there are talented people out there that may come up with codes that work.

In some FireRed ROM hacks, some people have developed new cheats that weren’t available many years ago. We will continue to find working cheats and update this page if we do.

For your part, if you do have some working cheats for this game, feel free to hit the comments, and we’ll credit you. Even if you’re unsure, we’ll test them out for you. 

Possible Working Cheats

82000568 423F
8200056A 000F

82005274 0066

Click here for more details and instructions

Pokemon Emerald Rogue players, share your cheats and strategies with us. Your insights will help fellow gamers navigate the challenges of the game more effectively, and create a legacy of knowledge for the entire Pokemon community. Let’s support each other and make our Pokemon gaming experience unforgettable!

In Closing

We’ll just have to wait until we get our hands on some working Pokemon Emerald Rogue cheats. As the ROM hacking market evolves, newer methods are being made to create these hacks.

Right now, it’s just Emerald hacks that have this problem, but who knows, maybe others will follow. 

Be sure to do your part as well if you want some cheats working. That way, we can share this information with other people who want to cheat their way through Emerald Rogue and potentially other hacks as well.

For now, feel free to enjoy the game the way it’s intended to be played.

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  1. Using the Rare Candy cheat on Pizzaboy as a gameshark code
    82005274 0066
    Makes the all the items on the store for the Blue guys who sell leftovers only $10 and then you can buy all the items for $10 and resell them for Full Price like left overs $4000, so basically a money cheat somehow

    • Rare Candy is 0066 as of 1.3.2a

      Few other notable ones I’ve found:

      Safari Ball is 0017, which costs 0, so you can stock up on a bunch of balls for early in a run.

      Shiny Charm 02B3
      Catching Charm (Crit Capture) is 02B4
      EXP Charm is 02B5
      (Don’t know if those above three actually have an effect or not)
      Discount Charm is 02F6
      Flinch Charm is 02F7
      Crit Charm is 02F8
      Shed Skin Charm is 02F9
      Strength Charm is 02FA
      Catching Charm (Ball Effectiveness) is 02FB
      Grace Charm is 02FC
      Wild Charm is 02FD
      Priority Charm is 02FE
      Endure Charm is 02FF

      Discount Curse is 030A
      Flinch Curse is 030B
      Crit Curse is 030C
      Shed Skin Curse is 030D
      Strength Curse is 030E
      Catching Curse is 030F
      Grace Curse is 0310
      Wild Curse is 0311
      Capacity Curse is 0312
      Everstone Curse is 0313
      Embargo Curse is 0314
      Species Curse is 0315
      Shuffle Curse is 0316
      Priority Curse is 0317
      Endure Curse is 0318

    • 0025-lemonade
      26 momo milk
      27 energy powder
      28 energy root
      29 heal powder
      2A revival herb
      2B antitode
      2C paralyse heal
      2D burn heal
      2E ice heal
      2F awakening
      30 full heal
      31 ether
      32 max ether
      33 Elixir
      34 max elixir
      35 berry juice
      36 ash
      37 sweet chocolate
      38 expensive max revive
      39 pewtar crunches(full heal)
      3A Rage candy baar(full heal)
      3B lava cookies
      3C old gatou(full heal)
      3D casteliocone(full heal)
      3E Lumiosglete (full heal)
      3F Shalourshable (Full Heal)
      40 malasada (full heal)
      41 hp up
      42 protein
      43 Iron
      44 calcium
      45 zinc
      46 carbos
      47 ppup
      48 ppmax
      49 health feather
      4A muscle feather
      4B resist feather
      4C genius feather
      4D clever feather
      4E swift feather
      4F Ability capsule
      50 Rare Ability
      51 lonely mint atc+ def-
      52 adamant mint atc+ sp atc-
      53 naughty mint atc+ sp def-
      54 brave mint atc+ spd-
      55 bold mint def+ atc-
      56 Impish def+ sp atc-
      57 lax def+ spdef-
      58 relaxed def+ spd-
      59modest spatc+ atc-
      5A mild mint spatc+ def-
      5B rash mint spatc+ spdef-
      5Cquite mint spatc+ spd-
      5D calm mint spdf+ atc-
      5E gentle mint spdef+ def-
      5F careful mint spdef+ spatc-
      60 sassy mint spdef+ speed-
      61 timid speed+ atc
      62 hasty mint speed+ def-
      63 jolly speed+ spatc-
      64 naive mint speed+ spdef-
      65 serious mint (all grow equally)
      66 rare candy
      67 exp candy xs
      68 exp candy s
      69 exp candy M
      6A exp candy L
      6B Very Large xp candy
      6C dynamax candy
      6D blue flute(sleep)
      6E yellow (confusion)
      6F Red(love)
      70 black(repel)
      71 white (Attract wild)
      72 repel
      73 super repel

      • Thank you for sharing. Let’s request feedback from readers on the effectiveness of these codes.

        Could someone assist us in confirming if the cheats actually work? We highly value your feedback.

        • Cheats work, but the price of the item changes to that of the item, and not say, a potion. Does anyone know an item that can be bought cheap and sold for profit?

          • The item modifier cheat works as such

            1) Outside of a run (main base) – The item modifier allows you to swap the first item of any shop into the modded item at the same price. You can make use of this mainly to get Safari Balls (0017) and Charms (02B3 – 02FF) which are free.

            2) During a run – The item modifier allows you to swap the first item of any shop into the modded item AND changes all item prices to $10 (buying price).

            You can use this to max out your cash and pretty much get infinite quantities of whatever you want (e.g. get 999 Ability Patches for $9990 and sell for max $ at actual selling price).

  2. The Usual pokemart Item modifier cheat works however the codes for the items are different. example 0044 code used to be for rare candy but now it is replaced by something else

    • Thank you for the feedback, Anuj. Item IDs typically change with each ROM hack and may also be swapped when the ROM hack releases an update.