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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, also called the BDSP games, have been out for a couple of months now for Nintendo Switch. They are remakes of the Gen 4 games being, Diamond and Pearl for the DS.

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It’s the same game but with a lot of different and new things. Many players are asking which Pokemon and team combination is the best to use and that’s why we’re here to discuss the best Brilliant Diamond team, continue reading.

Best brilliant diamond team

There are some factors to our suggestion, and one thing to remember is that we’ll be focusing primarily on Brilliant Diamond. Plus, these are just suggestions because different team compositions can mean all sorts of success for the player.

Just remember, these are our suggestions to give you an idea of what Pokemon you can use for your team.

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Factors for Building the Best Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Team

We’ll have to set some rules with regards to the Pokemon you can use to make up the best Brilliant Diamond team. One thing is that we are using Pokemon that you can get in Brilliant Diamond or BD.

This means you can obtain these Pokemon in the game without the need to trade to another game. Another factor is; obviously, we will be using the data for BD, which is a Gen 8 game and not Gen 4. 

One other thing is that we won’t include Legendary Pokemon because that would be too easy.

Pokemon You Can Use to Make the Best Brilliant Diamond Team

Infernape (Fire/Fighting)

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To build the best Brilliant Diamond team, we have to choose a nice Starter. The Starter we’ll be picking is Chimchar. Its final evolution is Infernape which is a Fire and Fighting-type that can be very useful in the long run.

Infernape is a good attacker to be in your team, having impressive Atk and Sp. Atk stats. Its Speed is also good, so it has the chance to deal damage first. The only downside is that good defensive stats and HP.

Your strategy here is to attack first and hope to knock out the enemy Pokemon. You can build its moves depending on your needs. It has Fire moves for Special attack like Flamethrower or Fire Blast.

It also has Physical Fire moves like Flare Blitz. Then again, if you want to go on the Physical route, go for Fighting-type moves for attack.

Recommended Items to Give for Infernape

  • Give your Infernape items like Charcoal for Fire damage
  • Black Belt for Fighting damage
  • Even items like Choice Band for your Physical attack
  • or Choice Specs for Special attack

Luxray (Electric)

Some might consider that Luxray is a weaker version of Infernape. In terms of stats, both are the same where they excel with their Atk, and Sp. Atk. Infernape has better stats, but Luxray is a good Electric-type to have.

Compared to Infernape’s Speed, Luxray has good defensive properties so it covers its shortcomings. You’re not only using its Electric-type for Special attack but also using its Dark-type attacks for the Physical aspect.

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Crunch itself is a good Dark-type move as well as Snarl. It has an array of Special Electric-type moves, so you’re covered with which one you want to learn.

You can also get a Shinx which is its base form early in the game in Route 202, and the encounter rate isn’t that low, so you can build one so early in the game.

Recommended Items to Give for Luxray

  • Give it items like Magnet for Electric damage
  • Black Glasses for Dark
  • Using Quick Claw to improve its Speed is also a good idea.

Staraptor (Normal/Flying)

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Like any Pokemon game, you would need to have a Pokemon that can be your Fly user. Staraptor is a good choice, and you can get one very early in the game.

In fact, get one in the same area where you can get the Shinx. Staraptor is all about Speed and dishing out Physical attack.

Compared to Luxray and Infernape, Staraptor has a higher Attack stat as well as Speed.

You would want the Staraptor to hit first and then leave if needed. That’s the problem with it is that it is a bit squishy so Speed is your friend. Arm it with moves like Agility and Double Team to increase Speed and Evasion. Don’t bother using items to increase Attack because it already has impressive Atk.

A lot of its moves like Brave Bird and Fly are enough to deal damage. If you’re feeling risky teach it Hyper Beam.

Recommended Items to Give for Staraptor

  • Give it items like Bright Powder for more Evasion
  • Sharp Beak for Flying damage

Floatzel (Water)

We’re halfway through our list of the best Brilliant Diamond team you can get and we’re adding Floatzel into that list. People would argue that Gyarados is a better choice but Floatzel is no pushover as well.

It is another Pokemon that excels in Atk and Speed. By now, you can build your physical damage output with Floatzel and Staraptor and have the Special attackers be Infernape and Luxray.

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Floatzel’s first form Buizel can be caught early in the game. Arm your Floatzel with moves like Surf and even Waterfall later on. Don’t forget about a couple of Ice moves you can give it, for those that are weak to Ice.

Recommended Items to Give for Floatzel

  • In order to remedy its average Sp. Atk for Ice moves, give it a Nevermelt Ice.
  • Arming it with Mystic Water works well when its ability is active, which is Swift Swim
  • If you love Rain Dance, then equip it with a Damp Rock to prolong the rain’s duration

Roserade (Grass/Poison)

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Roserade is one of the most popular Pokemon in the series, at least in the games. It has made an appearance in all Gen 8 games with BDSP, Sword and Shield, and the recent Arceus Legend. You know that this Pokemon is something that you want on your team.

It has the Grass and Poison moves covered, so you know this Pokemon can do debilitating damage to the enemy.

It has high Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, and Speed so you can put this one on the Special department. Moves like Toxic Spike and Sludge Bomb are good damage dealers and can inflict PSN to the enemy.

Don’t forget about the plethora of Special Grass moves under its belt. If you also need to, teach it Shadow Ball or Dazzling Gleam for types you don’t have.

Recommended Items to Give for Roserade

  • Arm it with Miracle Seed
  • or Poison Barb
  • and even Leftovers are ideal for it

The only downside of Roserade is that you get it a bit later due to the fact that you need a Shiny Stone, but it’s base form Budew; you can catch it early on.

Garchomp (Dragon/Ground)

The best Brilliant Diamond Team wouldn’t be complete without a good Dragon-type and none better than Garchomp. If Cynthia’s Garchomp can hit like a truck, you can make yours hit like the Titanic. Let’s get this out of the way first, and it’s that you can get Garchomp’s first form Gible a bit later on.

The other thing is that in Gen 8, the encounter rate is a bit lower than in Gen 4. Nevertheless, it takes a lot of leveling to evolve it into Garchomp takes time so getting one as soon as you can is a good idea.

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Garchomp covers your Dragon and Ground moves. Earthquake is a good move to have and Sandstorm as well. Garchomp excels in the Physical aspect. You can divide your team into three Physical attackers: Garchomp, Floatzel, and Staraptor. Infernape, Luxray, and Roserade can cover the Special department.

Garchomp has impressive stats overall and build to deal damage or tank damage.

Recommended Items to Give for Garchomp

  • Give it items like Hard Stone
  • Dragon Fang
  • Leftovers
  • or even Iron Ball so its Ground attacks can hit Flying enemies

In Closing

These six Pokemon are just a couple of our suggestions for the best Brilliant Diamond team. Everybody has a game plan and a play style that they follow. Plus, we just covered a team for Infernape since having a different Starter means you have to build a different team around it.

In fact, some people don’t use the Starters, and that’s okay. We’re just recommending these guys because they can pack power and speed for your Physical and Special needs. If you have your own team compositions, hit the comments to let us know.

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