10 Pokemon Mysteries You Should Know

The Pokemon series has been around for so long, and it’s currently celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. When you have a series like this, it tends to have some great things and some inconsistencies. Then, you have some mysteries in a series this big. That’s why we’re here to display 10 Pokemon Mysteries you may want to know.

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These mysteries are things that have yet to be answered or haven’t been fully explained in the series. It’s fun to speculate and think about these things, which is what we’re going to do.

The other thing is that we may cite some information coming from the games and anime. Remember that none of the things we say are official since Nintendo or Game Freak never said anything.

10 pokemon mysteries

List of 10 Pokemon Mysteries You Should Know

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01) What is the Pokemon World Called?

10 pokemon mysteries

To start off, our 10 Pokemon Mysteries list is the name of the Pokemon World. After all the games, anime, movies, cards, and others, we never really know what the world of Pokemon is called. We’re talking about the planet. It is called Earth or something else. The world was never mentioned in any of the Pokemon materials.

A lot of the areas are based on reality, and the Kanto Region is based on the Kanto Prefecture in Japan. That’s where Tokyo is located, and the Johto Region is inspired by Japan as well. Maybe they’ll tell us what the world is called in any future Pokemon game.

02) Do Players Catch Arceus?


Arceus is considered the god of all Pokemon. It’s stated that it is the first Pokemon of the world, and it also created Pokemon that came after it. While it’s still debatable, Arceus is considered to be the strongest Pokemon in the lore, at least.

That being said, would it be possible for a kid with a Master Ball or any Ball to catch Arceus? While this isn’t official, speculations say that the Arceus that the players catch is only a fragment of the real Arceus. This means that the real Arceus is tucked away safely somewhere while the one caught isn’t anywhere near its power level.

03) Can Pokemon be Eaten?


This is a good question since Pokemon are like animals in their world. In fact, some Pokemon are plants, so that’s something for those that are vegetarians. There have been several instances where the series have made nods where Pokemon can be eaten. In one of the episodes in the Indigo League anime, it was noted that Farfetch’d, which is a duck-type Pokemon would make a good meal.

Plus, it is already carrying a leek, so that may add to the meal. When you think about it, there are a few Pokemon out there that could be passed off as a meal based on the animals they are based on. Don’t forget about the Pokemon that are actual desserts like Vanillite, Alcremie, and more.

04) What Happens Inside a Poke Ball?


Pokemon are caught and kept inside a type of Ball. The question is what goes inside the Poke Ball when the Pokemon is inside. We see images where the Ball is hollow when there’s no Pokemon inside. Speculations say that when the Pokemon is caught or called back, they are digitized to be contained in the Ball. They even say that the Pokemon might be in a hibernation state where it is just sleeping until it is called out again. You can’t open the Poke Ball while there’s a Pokemon inside, so you just have to call it out.

05) What Happens to Pokemon Inside the PC?


We’re halfway through our 10 Pokemon Mysteries list, and this one is a bit related to the previous Mystery. We already don’t know what happens to a Pokemon in a Poke Ball, so those that are sent to a PC make it even more of a mystery. There is somewhat an explanation to this, but even it is not sure to be true. Pokemon stored in a PC is done so using their Poke Ball.

If it is true that they are in a hibernated state, the Pokemon will not grow or change as long as it is inside a PC. Bill from the Gen 1 games states that the Pokemon is turned into code so that the Trainers can get their Pokemon from any PC. That gives a little light on the subject, but it is still a bit mysterious, especially how Pokemon is turned into code.

06) Are Gym Leaders Weak?


This is one that strikes a bit of confusion. If Gym Leaders are strong trainers, then why are they defeated by the Players who have just started being Trainers. The answer to that is that Gym Leaders are testing the Trainers. This is why the first Gym Leaders you face only have two or three Pokemon.

Think of it as an exam, and the trainers have to showcase their training capabilities. When the Gym Leaders see it fit, they will award the Trainers with a Badge.

Speaking of Badge, nice detail in episode 1 of Pokemon Origins where Brock asks Red how many Badges he has? This would give Brock or any Gym Leader the capacity to think how many Pokemon to use in battle.

Keep in mind; players can use six while some Leaders don’t even reach that number. Gym Leaders aren’t weak, but they limit their strength. The other thing is that they may be facing more than one trainer a day, so they have a stockpile of Pokemon to use.

07) Why Can’t You Catch Starters In the Wild?


This is probably a mystery to players who played back in the day. Why can’t you catch a Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle back then? In fact, even in the later Generations, Starter Pokemon cannot be caught. In the anime, Starter Pokemon are prominent and are not even rare. In the games, there is a reason for that.

The reason is for rarity purposes and a reason for players to engage in trading. If people can catch Starters in the wild, then it wouldn’t be too much of an issue when it comes to making your choice from the start of the game. Only in Pokemon GO can you catch all the Starters but even there, they can be super rare.

08) How Does a Spoink Sleep?


If you didn’t know, Spoink has a Pokedex entry where it states that it has to bounce to stay alive. Its bouncing is like its heart beating, and if it stops, it dies. That sounds horrible, and when you think about it, if a Spoink faints during battle, it may stop bouncing.

That’s not the case because players have stated that when it faints in Pokemon X and Y, it is still seen bouncing on its tail. That’s a relief, but how does it sleep though? A Spoink can potentially still sleep, and it instinctively bounces on its tail. It’s a mechanism like how fish can sleep without drowning.

09) Why Do the Nurse Joys and Officer Jennies Look the Same?


This one is more of a running gag in the series. You have to wonder why all the Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny look alike. An explanation in the anime states that they are all cousins. Even a line from them states, “All my cousins are officers/nurses from different cities”.

These two don’t even appear in the games because the Nurses in the Pokemon Centers don’t have names. We could just chalk it up that the animators didn’t want to make multiple designs for a nurse or officer, but it’s hilarious either way.

10) Does Ash Even Age?


The last one on our 10 Pokemon Mysteries list is Ash’s age. Keep in mind that Ash only appears in the anime. While characters from the games appeared in the anime, Ash has never made an official appearance in any of the games aside from fan-made games and ROM hacks. Ash was ten years old in the first anime series, and 25 years later, he’s still somewhat ten years old, which is a running joke in the series and fans.

Ash is probably meant to be an avatar that the viewers live through vicariously. The anime is still going to this day, and even those that are a bit older now get a little glimpse of nostalgia when they see Ash still kicking at age ten or at least on the young side.

In Closing

These are just 10 Pokemon Mysteries that we’ve showcased. There are a lot of others out there that other people have covered. Like, have you wondered what’s inside a Shellder, a Cloyster, or a Forretress? Don’t forget about the Crystal Onix in one of the anime episodes.

It’s fun to speculate and theorize about these things. We can also chalk it up that the writers and developers of this series didn’t have the time or the need to flush things out. It’s like that saying if a tree falls in the woods, did it happen? That’s the keyword here fun, and we’re just having fun.

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  1. The Arceus theory makes a lot of sense, like you literally catch a god that make the entire world, if the one we catch is just a fragment of the real Arceus, then it’s my headcannon now