Top 10 Best Grass Type Pokémon

Perhaps, you are wondering which grass type Pokemon suits the best for you. Right now, you might be searching in your Pokedex or looking at the database on the web. Choosing a leaf type Pokemon depends on your need as a trainer. Having an idea of the top 10 best grass type Pokemon can also help you decide which one to choose.

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But first, let’s have a quick trivia game! Did you know that only 109 Grass Type Pokémon exist across all the generations? Only 38 Pokémon are purely grass breed elements.

Furthermore, there are only 43 grass type moves in all the game versions consisting of 26 attacks and 17 support moves. Interesting right?

Now, let’s talk about the top 10 best grass type Pokémon. How did we assess our rankings? We referred to the base stats, moves, evolution, and special abilities of the Pokémon. To know more about the best leaf types, here is our list:

10 Best Grass Type Pokemon List

10. Gogoat


Gogoat’s first appearance was encountered with the Ruby or Sapphire version. At level 32, Skiddo will evolve into Gogoat. You can capture Skiddo at Route 5 Versant Road in Kalos Region.

This creature belongs to the Mount species family. Gogoat has a friendly nature, and its horns can tell the behavior of a person. The trainers may also ride on its back and hold their horns for safety.

Its back has a grassy surface which makes it comfortable to ride. It may be gentle as a goat, but this creature becomes aggressive when you attack it. Using its horn, it can both attack and leech your Pokémon’s HP at the same time.

9. Kartana


Kartana has a faceless feature and is thin as paper, but its body is like a double-edged sharp sword. It belongs to the Drawn Sword species and swings its body like a deadly weapon.

Did you play the sun and moon version already? This Kartana originated from the Ultra Forest using the Ultra Space interdimensional realm at the Alola Region.

Professor Burnet was the researcher behind these rare species. She specializes in the Ultra Wormhole Warping zone, which makes it possible to capture one-of-a-kind Pokémon.

8. Tangrowth


Obviously, Tangrowth was known as the Vine Pokémon due to its extending arms. It’s the 2nd evolution of Tangela after it learned the ancient power in Generation 4.

If you are hunting for the Tangrowth, capture it from Route 13 Giant Chasm in the Humilau City using the Black and White versions. In most versions, catching the Tangela is the only way to obtain this vine species.

When it comes to appearance, it looks like a full-grown Tangela. However, this creature became powerful due to its evolution. It can constrict its prey until the latter faints.

7. Tapu Bulu

Tapu bulu

Introduced as part of Generation 7, Tapu Bulu can only be seen in the Ruins of Abundance. Trainers call it the Land Spirit Pokémon because it can able to manipulate vegetation and allows things to grow. Its wooden horns have attack powers which come in handy in battles. You can capture this species after you beat the elite four.

Tapu Bulu has a stylish tribal-inspired, and ancient appearance. Although it’s a guardian of the land and growth, this lazy creature loves lying on the ground and wandering around.

6. Virizion

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We rarely encountered grass and fighting type Pokémon, which Virizion is one of these kinds. This creature belongs to the Grassland species. It attacks in a whirlwind motion and creates swift movements. Virizion’s horns are as sharp as the blades, in which it hurls a quick attack in just a matter of seconds.

Virizion came into existence in Generation 5. You may capture this Pokémon in Route 11, Pinwheel Forest, Mirage Spots in Hoenn Region, or the Ultra Space Wilds of Alola Region.

5. Mega Abomasnow

Mega abomasnow

Mega Abomasnow garnered the name Frost Tree species due to its element and physical appearance. For some trainers, they call it the Ice Monster. From an innocent type Pokémon Snover, it transforms into an Abomasnow. Thereafter, it can further transform temporarily into a Mega evolution using the mega stone.

You can find Abomasnow or Snover at the Mount Coronet Sinnoh region, Route 17 Mamoswine Road in Kalos Region, or Ultra Space Wilds of Alola Region. This Pokémon is too dangerous to handle because it is a combination of grass and ice elements. It can even control both the blizzards and the avalanche!

4. Shaymin


Usually, we encounter two forms of Pokémon based on their gender, like Nidoran. When it comes to Shaymin, it’s a different case. You can capture this Pokemon either in its Land Form or Sky Form. It may look charming and sweet, but this creature has overwhelming power.

The Land Form Shaymin is a pure grass type element, and its base experience yields up to 64. On the other hand, the Sky Form Shaymin becomes a grass and flying type element. Its HP increases to 3 as compared to the Land Form.

Known as the Gratitude Pokémon in the Generation 4 series, Shaymin came first into existence in the Diamond and Pearl version. You can catch it at the Flower Paradise in Sinnoh region after you obtain a letter from Professor Oak.

3. Celebi


Aside from Exeggutor, Celebi was the 2nd physic and grass type Pokémon so far in all generations. Its first appearance was in the Crystal version. Celebi can travel across time and within the spatial dimensions. It was the guardian of the Ilex Forest in the Jhoto region and was popularly known as the Voice of the Forest.

Don’t underestimate Celebi due to its fairy-like appearance; its mystical powers can purify shadows and dark spirits in a just snap. No wonder why it’s considered the 3rd among the top 10 best grass type Pokémon!

2. Mega Venusaur

Mega venusaur

Venasaur was the third evolution of Bulbasaur. Aren’t you familiar with the classic starter Pokémon? Well, Bulbasaur is typically part of the group along with Squirtle and Charmander.

In the game, you’ll obtain your first Pokémon from Professor Oak after walking on the grassy area.

Venasaur was known for its huge and beautiful flower on its back. However, it’s not just an aesthetic to its appearance, but the flower secretly hides the enormous vines to commit a surprise attack.

Among the grass types, Venasaur was the original solar beam user. It can absorb energy from the sun and hit the opponent with a gigantic ray of light.

1. Mega Sceptile

Mega sceptile

Regarding the overall speed, power, and special stats, Mega Sceptile stands out among the rest. Its body has leaves and seeds which can trigger powerful attacks. It can also regulate its own body temperature with the help of sunlight.

Its formidable agility, witty movements, and sharp leaf blades make the opponent run away. Mega Sceptile is the only plant type Pokémon that has lightning rod abilities.

Amazing, right? This Pokémon has really lots of tricks on its sleeves! However, Sceptile can only use the lightning rod once it transforms into a mega evolution.

Grass type skill features chart


Choosing the right leaf type Pokemon depends on your preference as a trainer. Some might want a cute and sassy plant type Pokemon such as Roserade, Bellosom, or Liligant.

On the other hand, some trainers want a unique grass type Pokemon with a cool element, such as Shiftry, Gourgeist, or Trevenant.

Our top 10 best grass type Pokemon are based on our careful analysis and opinion. Some might just be considering the base stats as the guide to selecting the rankings, but in our case, we also consider the attack power, accuracy, and evolution.

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You may refer to our Skill Feature Chart for the overall guide of the best leaf types. If you have some feedback on our best list, just comment below, and let’s have chitchat!

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