Pokemon Bushido

If you played Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you’ll notice it utilizes the whole ancient Japan motif. There hasn’t been any other game in the series, but there are fan-made games, like Pokemon Bushido. The name itself gives you an idea that it has the whole ancient feudal Japan motif to it.

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This is a fan-made game, so you have to download and install it on your device. For mobile players, there are emulators that can run this game. Anyway, the whole game has a nice motif and a ton of features that you can rely on when you play the game.

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Pokemon Bushido Details and More


The story has you as the child of the Royal Samurai. The day has come for you to become a Pokemon trainer and become something called a Kenshi.

Like any of the old games, you embark on a quest to become the best trainer, or Kenshi in this case. There are several clans in the game, and the villainous Akui Clan, who will try to thwart your progress.


The Aisho Region is ripe for exploring, and you can join any of the available clans which represent a certain Type in the game. Just as we mentioned, the recurring Akui Clan will be there to hinder your progress.

The game’s runtime will be around 15 hours for you to finish. It has Pokemon from Gen 4 to 8 as well as three Legendaries that will be encountered in the plot, namely Virizon, Cobalion, and Terrakion. There is also a unique Shadow-type to this game.

Pokemon Bushido Details

Pokemon  bushido

Pokemon Bushido
Creator: Thundaga
Language: English
Source: Link
Discord: Link

Feature List

  • Explore the new Aisho Region
  • Roster goes up from Gen 4 to Gen 8
  • Dialogue can happen during battle
  • HMs are replaced by Katanas
  • Shadow-type exclusive in the game
  • New battle animations
  • Speed or Turbo Button included



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