Pokemon Dark Rising 3

Welcome to Dark Rising 3, the largest of all Dark Rising game series you know and made to its full potential according to its creator-Dark Rising Girl. This Dark rising version is no longer a rom hack, but a fan game made with RPG Maker XP/Essentials. This also means that the game is playable on Windows PC and sadly not available for mobile devices but hopefully soon.

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Mac and Linux users can play this game using Wine, however, making use of the Wine program entails tech knowledge.

But since this is an RPG Maker XP game, you no longer need to patch the game to a rom file, and that’s quite a convenient way somehow when playing an excellent game like this.

To fully understand the story of Dark Rising 3 – Order must be restored, it’s recommended to play Dark Rising: Ordered Destroyed.

Pokemon dark rising 3 download

Pokemon Dark Rising 3
Creator: DarkRisingGirl
Language: English


(Information taken from Dark Rising Order Destroyed)

  • Physical/Special Split
  • 4th/5th/6th Generation Moves & Items
  • Fairy-Type
  • Obtainable Mega Evolution Pokemon
  • Survival-Style Hack
  • More..


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5 thoughts on “Pokemon Dark Rising 3”

    • you can play this game easily in android
      1.download joiplay
      2.download the game file
      3.extract the game file with ZArchiver
      4.go to joiplay click the + button
      5.put the game name you can put the game version and a icon later
      6.choose executable file then find and open extracted folder
      7.choose Game.exe
      8.all done now open then game and choose default then enjoy the game.

      you can play other pokemon games that are only available in pc with joiplay like fire ash