Pokemon Godra (RPG Maker XP Game)

If you’re tired of the usual Pokemon game mechanics such as becoming a Pokemon Master, then consider playing Pokemon Godra. The game utilizes the elements from Pokemon games, minus the emphasis of catching Pokemon and being a Master. Then again, you can still those things if you want because Godra is more on freedom of choice, as well as the freedom to explore.

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The game has features where you have to traverse through the Region carving out a path based on your choices and gameplay style. This fan-made game is currently still being updated, so if you decide to play it, be sure to save regularly because the game may glitch out. It has an interesting concept you may want to try out.

Pokemon Godra Details and More


The game takes place in the Region of Godra. The story will unfold depending on how you do it. You can choose to start from the highly militarized West Godra and be a good soldier and rise up the ranks. Your other choice is to start in East Godra where they don’t have a strict hold on Pokemon trainers and you can carve your own path. You can decide to be a heightened trainer or whatever is available in the game. This is the appeal of Pokemon Godra where you can play how you want to.


The game will give you the opportunity to have a Starter Pokemon from over 128 ones. The catch is that you have to answer the questions correctly if you want to get your Starter of choice. Perhaps that’s part of the fun where you may end up getting a Pokemon starter that you’re not fond of or just reset the game. The roster is from Gen 1 to 6 with updated types, abilities, and others.

Pokemon Godra Details

Pokemon godra

Pokemon Godra
Creator: BubblyBuizel
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Choose to start from West or East Godra
  • Carve your own path through the decisions that you make
  • Take up jobs and become a character with a profession
  • 128 Starter Pokemon to get (random/based on answers)
  • Gen 1 to 6 Pokemon available
  • Certain Legendary Pokemon available
  • Different locations depending on where you area (West or East)


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