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Another interesting ROM hack that we have is Pokemon Fire Ash. This ROM hack is a fan game made using RPG Maker XP along with Pokemon Essentials V.15. Despite being a fan game, it does look similar to Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green but that’s beside the point.


Pokemon Fire Ash is based on the anime. We are talking about the anime which stars Ash Ketchum. It starts from the very first season in the Indigo League and even your starting Pokemon is Pikachu. It ends in the Alola region but that’s not a bad thing. While it is based on the anime’s story, there are some slight changes and some things that may not be included due to limitations.


The game is based on the anime’s story so this means that all the Pokemon that Ash catches in the series will be automatically yours. What you do with them after is entirely up to you. Based on the story as well, you will meet characters and encounter rivals and villains based on the series. You get to travel through the seven regions and this includes the Orange Island.

This means that the game has over 50 Gyms that you have to conquer. That adds a lot to the fun factor and don’t forget about the Pokemon. You have access to over 800 Pokemon for the National Dex. The Pokemon roster consists of those up to Generation VII. There are over 100 TMs to use, and HMs are no longer part of the game. There are substitutes for the HM to perform such functions.

Mega Evolutions are also available in the game and Items leading up to Generation VI. Pokemon that evolve through trading will no longer need that feature. There are those that can evolve by leveling or other evolution items can be used to perform such a task. Finally, while it isn’t perfect yet, Pokemon Fire Ash will have an online feature later on.

Pokemon Fire Ash Details

Pokemon Fire Ash
By: Flameguru
Language: English
Source: Link

Full Feature List

  • Over 800 Pokemon
  • Travel through numerous Regions such as Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, and the Orange Islands
  • Battle over 50 Gyms
  • Story characters can appear in the game
  • Available abilities are from Generation V to VII
  • Mega Evolutions are available in the game
  • Over 100 TMs to use
  • Battle Frontier is available
  • Pokemon that evolve through trading can be done so by leveling or evolution items
  • Pikachu will always follow you


Download Pokemon Fire Ash

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This hack is Windows PC version(.exe), not GBA, IPS or UPS file available, I think Admin of Pokemoncoders did not checked this file, I run on my PC but not working smoothly due to PC edition, not GBA edition.
So our request to developer to provide GAME BOY ADVANCE edition of this hack, I don’t care what file size you provide. This game will work smoothly on VBA or MyBoy etc.


Hi there GS27. Sorry about that, yes this is not a GBA rom hack but RPG Maker XP Pokemon game, I totally missed that. Please disregard my previous comments and will update them.

Rai Radiuju

Hey how to play this game, what using myboy or other app?


You can play it with My Boy, but you have to patch this first with your FireRed rom.

Update: You can’t play this game on Android, only for PC.

Rai Radiuju

But the .exe format, if won patch must .ips format, and what i must do next?


Apologies for my previous reply and please disregard it. No, the game is not playable on mobile. Since this is an RPG Maker XP game, you can only play this on PC.


Can you play Fire ash on Android, (gba emu)? Or PC only?


(Yup you can play this game on Android. I suggest using My Boy as this works well with GBA ROM Hacks.)

Update: Sorry guys, I missed to check the game and your comments carefully. This is an RPG Maker XP and not GBA, you can’t play it on mobile and only for PC.

Please disregard my previous answers. I’m dealing with lots of comments each day and I try to answer them as much as I can, but mistakes happens sometimes like this so apologies for that.


I downloaded the file and when I tap it on Myboy it says unrecognised gba file.please tell how to fix this issue


Hi there, this is not a pre-patched file. You have to patch this first to a FireRed rom.


How do you do that? Is there a tutorial video you would recommend?


Can you teach us how to do it? or maybe a link?

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