Pokemon Black 2 Cheats – Action Replay Codes for Nintendo DS


Pokemon Black 2 is a direct sequel to Pokemon Black and White considering both of them are the same games. Black 2 still utilizes Generation V Pokemon along with the older ones. There are still people that play the game today and that means they are looking for Pokemon Black 2 cheats.

With using cheats, input the right Action Replay or AR code into the cheat option of your emulator. We’ll add other instructions in case some cheats require them.

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Finally, the cheat codes that are presented are the NA version of the game and not for the Jap or EU ones.

If you’re having trouble with the cheats, you can reach us using the comment form below and we’ll try to respond as humanely as possible. Please state the emulator you are using and your Pokemon Black 2 game version.

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Pokemon Black 2 Cheats – Action Replay Codes: Tested Working for NA Version

Please note: Be warned that some listed cheats could potentially cause problems to your game. Our readers have reported messing of key items and random crashing.

As a rule of thumb, save the game before applying any cheats. When you observe irregularities after applying a cheat, don’t save your progress and restart your game.

Walk Through Walls
Pokemon black 2 walk through walls cheat

5219C8D0 FDD8F7C1
1219C8D4 00001C04
94000130 FDFF0000
1219C8D4 00002400
D2000000 00000000

Input the code, and as you’re walking, press L which will allow you to walk through walls and other terrain. Be careful because you can get stuck in some areas.

Wild Pokemon Modifier (See activation instruction)

How to use the cheat:
Step 1: Page the code below in your DS emulator
Step 2: Open your Bag, check to see if you have 649 Master balls and 100 ultra balls.
Step 3: Familiar the National Pokedex number of the Pokemon you want to encounter.
(Ex. If you want to encounter Milotic, its National Pokedex number is 350)
Step 4: Trash Master ball until you have 350 left (corresponds to Milotic’s Pokedex National number).
Step 5: Ultra Ball determines the level of the Pokemon, 100 ultra ball means you will encounter a level 100 Pokemon.
Step 6: Press L+R to encounter level 100 Milotic (Based on our example)

Tips: Remove the code after using and repeat the steps except the number of trashed master ball and ultra ball assuming you wish to encounter different Pokemon with different level.

94000130 fffb0000
b2000024 00000000
00018d20 02890001
00018d24 00640002
d0000000 00000000
94000130 feff0000
b2000024 00000000
da000000 00018d26
d7000000 00036b06
d3000000 00000000
b2000024 00000000
da000000 00018d22
d7000000 00036b04
d3000000 00000000
b2000024 00000000
d9000000 00036b04
c0000000 0000002f
d6000000 00036b04
d2000000 00000000


E2003000 00000018
D0002800 4903BD70
428E6809 2400D200
00004770 02257504
521A9B70 FF42F7F2
021A9B74 FA44F659
D2000000 00000000

Input the code and your Pokemon will never take damage in battle.

100% Catch Rate

521AF850 7820D203
121AF850 000046C0
D2000000 00000000

Input the code to have a 100% chance of success rate in catching Wild Pokemon.

Catch Enemy Trainer’s Pokemon

521af628 2f06d134
121af628 0000e001
121af662 00002001
121af648 00002000
d2000000 00000000

Input the code and you are able to catch the enemy trainer’s Pokemon. Be careful with this one because it may cause the game to glitch.

No Wild Pokemon Encounter

521a07e8 7d527d11
521a17e8 bdf82000
121a17e4 000046c0
d2000000 00000000
521a17e8 bdf82000
94000130 fefd0000
121a17e4 0000e002
d2000000 00000000

Input the code, and you won’t be able to encounter wild Pokemon. This is one of those useful Pokemon Black 2 cheats allowing you to bypass Wild encounters. This cheat is somewhat the same with unlimited Repel.

Shiny Pokemon Encounter
Pokemon black 2 shiny cheat

5201C534 43084050
0201C538 2000D108
E201C540 00000010
2000900A F027900B
E00AFCF1 980B2100
94000130 FFFB0000
1201C538 000046C0
E201C540 00000010
1C281C01 F000910A
2801FC47 E008D1F5
D2000000 00000000

Input the code and as you’re walking, hold Select to encounter a Shiny Wild Pokemon.

Rematch With Trainers

Rematch with Trainers

52156014 1C301C04
02156018 F7FF1C39
94000130 FEFF0000
02156018 E0002000
D2000000 00000000

Input the code and hold R before you talk to a trainer that you want to rematch. This code doesn’t work for Gym Leaders and special battles.

Unlimited PP

921BAE18 0000D301
121BAE18 0000E003
D2000000 00000000

Input the code and your Pokemon’s moves will not run out of PP.

Free Items From The Pokemart

5200C9EC 1A51E000
1200C9F0 000046C0
D2000000 00000000

Input the code and you can get items from the Pokemart for free. Despite the items having a price, you can get them without any deductions on your money.

Maximum Money
Pokemon black 2 max money cheat

94000130 fffb0000
022266e4 0098967f
d2000000 00000000

Input the code and press Select. Check your status and you’ll see that you’ll have the max amount of money. Another good cheat from the Pokemon Black 2 cheats that people want.

Maximum Item Slots
Pokemon black 2 max item slots cheat

Input the code when you want to max out the item or medicinal item corresponding to the slot where they belong.

Item Slot 1
8221d9e6 00000000
1221d9e6 000003e7
d2000000 00000000

Item Slot 2
8221d9ea 00000000
1221d9ea 000003e7
d2000000 00000000

Medicine Slot 1
8221e1be 00000000
1221e1be 000003e7
d2000000 00000000

Medicine Slot 2
8221e1c2 00000000
1221e1c2 000003e7
d2000000 00000000

Experience Share

521aef84 42819903
121aef88 000046c0
d2000000 00000000

Input the code and every Pokemon in your party will receive the same amount of experience.

Experience Multiplier

Experience Multiplier

Input the code of your choice. Each code will give you a different amount of experience depending on the multiplier that you want.

x2 EXP
521bd6f8 0c040400
021bd6f8 43442402
d2000000 00000000

x4 EXP
521bd6f8 0c040400
021bd6f8 43442404
d2000000 00000000

x8 EXP
521bd6f8 0c040400
021bd6f8 43442408
d2000000 00000000

x10 EXP
521bd6f8 0c040400
021bd6f8 4344240a
d2000000 00000000

x100 EXP
521bd6f8 0c040400
021bd6f8 43442464
d2000000 00000000

x200 EXP
521bd6f8 0c040400
021bd6f8 434424c8
d2000000 00000000

Unlock All Badges
Pokemon black 2 all badges cheat

94000130 FFFB0000
222266E8 000000FF
D2000000 00000000

Input the code and press Select. Check your Badges, and you’ll be able to unlock all of them.

Unlock All Items
Pokemon black 2 all items cheat

94000130 fcff0000
b2000024 00000000
e001915c 00000054
03840074 03840075
03840076 03840077
0384023b 0384023c
0384023d 0384023f
03840240 03840241
03840244 03840245
03840246 03840247
03840248 03840249
0384024a 0384024b
0384024c 0384024d
0384024e 00000000
d5000000 03840001
c0000000 0000000f
d6000000 00018d20
d4000000 00000001
d2000000 00000000
94000130 fcff0000
b2000024 00000000
d5000000 03840037
c0000000 00000039
d6000000 00018d60
d4000000 00000001
d2000000 00000000
94000130 fcff0000
b2000024 00000000
d5000000 03840087
c0000000 0000000d
d6000000 00018e48
d4000000 00000001
d2000000 00000000
94000130 fcff0000
b2000024 00000000
d5000000 038400d5
c0000000 00000072
d6000000 00018e80
d4000000 00000001
d2000000 00000000
94000130 fcff0000
b2000024 00000000
d5000000 038401e5
c0000000 0000000f
d6000000 0001904c
d4000000 00000001
d2000000 00000000
94000130 fcff0000
b2000024 00000000
d5000000 03840219
c0000000 0000001b
d6000000 0001908c
d4000000 00000001
d2000000 00000000
94000130 fcff0000
b2000024 00000000
d5000000 03840250
c0000000 00000017
d6000000 000190fc
d4000000 00000001
d2000000 00000000

Input the code and press L or R. Open your bag and you’ll have all Items with 900 in amount.

Unlock All Healing Items
Pokemon black 2 all healing items cheat

94000130 fcff0000
b2000024 00000000
e0019590 00000020
03e70086 03e70235
03e70236 03e70237
03e70238 03e70239
03e7023a 03e7024f
d5000000 03e70011
c0000000 00000025
d6000000 000194f8
d4000000 00000001
d2000000 00000000

Input the code and press L or R. Open your bag, and you’ll have all the healing items with 999 in amount.

Unlock All Berries
Pokemon black 2 all berries cheat

94000130 fffb0000
b2000024 00000000
d5000000 03e70095
c0000000 0000003e
d6000000 000195b8
d4000000 00000001
d2000000 00000000

Input the code and press Select. Open your bag, and you’ll unlock all types of berries with 999 amount.

Unlock All TM And HM
Pokemon black 2 all tm/hm cheat

94000130 fcff0000
b2000024 00000000
e0019344 00000188
00010148 00010149
0001014a 0001014b
0001014c 0001014d
0001014e 0001014f
00010150 00010151
00010152 00010153
00010154 00010155
00010156 00010157
00010158 00010159
0001015a 0001015b
0001015c 0001015f
00010160 00010161
00010162 00010163
00010164 00010165
00010166 00010167
00010168 00010169
0001016a 0001016b
0001016c 0001016d
0001016e 0001016f
00010170 00010171
00010172 00010173
00010174 00010175
00010176 00010177
00010178 00010179
0001017a 0001017b
0001017c 0001017d
0001017e 0001017f
00010180 00010181
00010182 00010183
00010184 00010185
00010186 00010187
00010188 00010189
0001018a 0001018b
0001018c 0001018d
0001018e 0001018f
00010190 00010191
00010192 00010193
00010194 00010195
00010196 00010197
00010198 00010199
0001019a 0001019b
0001019c 0001019d
0001019e 0001019f
000101a0 000101a1
000101a2 000101a3
0001026a 0001026c
000101a4 000101a5
000101a6 000101a7
000101a8 000101a9
000194e8 00000000
d2000000 00000000

Input the code and press L or R. Check your bag and you’ll see all the TM and HM in the game. This is another one of the more useful Pokemon Black 2 cheats in the game.

Unlock All PokeBalls
Pokemon black 2 all pokeballs cheat

94000130 FFF70000
B2000024 00000000
E0018D20 00000058
03E7000A 03E70005
03E70009 03E7000F
03E7000C 03E70004
03E70006 03E70008
03E701F2 03E70001
03E7000B 03E701EE
03E701F0 03E701ED
03E7000E 03E70003
03E701F1 03E701EC
03E7000D 03E70240
03E70007 03E70010
D2000000 00000000

Input the code and press Start. Check the bag, and you’ll have all the Poke Balls unlocked with 900 in amount.

900 Master Balls

How to use: To replace anything that is currently in Slot 1 with 900 Master Balls, enter and enable the above code, then press L+R or the equivalent in your emulator. The cheat works only for US/North America Black 2 ROM versions.

Note: Before trying any cheats, keep in mind to save your game.

94000130 FCFF0000
02233FAC 03840001
D2000000 00000000

Alternative code 1

94000130 FCFF0000
B2000024 00000000
00018D20 03840001
D2000000 00000000

Alternative code 2

94000130 FCFF0000
1221D9E4 00000001
9221D9E6 00000000
1221D9E6 00000001
D2000000 00000000


Now that you have an idea of the different Pokemon Black 2 cheats, you may want to try them today. Make sure that the Action replay codes are turned on and you activate them using the right button when needed.

Don’t turn on more than one cheat at a time so that the game won’t crash or glitch out. There could also be more cheats out there that you can look up but for now, these work for the NA versions.

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Excuse me i didn’t understand where i have to put this code can u explain pls

Your emulator ought to have a Cheats function, for example in DeSmuME it should be under Tools. Try to find it in your emulator’s menu and look for wherever it allows you to input an Action Reply code

I don’t exactly understand the wild pokemon modifier. I enter it and nothing happens nothing in my bag other than my original items. Is there an input I’m supposed to put in?

I believe they missed out on a step. You have to press select to get the pokeballs in the inventory and the after deleting down press l and r at the same time to encounter the pokemon in your next wild fight. I remember reading this from the original source the cheat came from.

Yes but i cant seem to turn off the cheat

Just leave the current area and the wild pkm are back to normal

When is use the shiny cheat and hold select it doesn’t work I’m using INDS emulator

Hey. So Ive been trying to find an All Items code that doesn’t freeze my game. I keep coming across the same item code that’s listed here. This is the same item code that whenever I scroll down to the last item which would be dream ball without sorting the bag, I cannot loop back to the top like the other pages. It’ll just freeze while the music plays and I have to restart. And the TMs doesn’t come with Wild Charge.

Never mind, I didnt press select that is why it didnt work

How do I input the cheat? I tried the input writing “-” even the complete cheat without spaces or “+” signs but nothing, it doesnt work. Im using openEmu for my Mac

Last edited 9 months ago by Carlos Martinez

My rock smash disappeared when I use Tm and hm code and it Doesn’t have Rock smash too what do I do

For the Pokeball Cheat, it works fine but some pokeballs like the Lure Ball, Friend Ball, Level and Moon dont show up in battles to use but theyre visible when checking the bag, was hoping if it could be fixed 🙂

PokeCoder the all items cheat is so long that i cant put it in help please

just a tip, don’t know if it’s been said, But the shiny cheat and the “Any Encounter” Cheat don’t mix, Select is both the button you press to refill your Master balls/Ultra Balls for the Any Encounter cheat, AND it’s the button you’d hold for shinies, so all you’d get is shiny genesect if you tried to use em at the same time

the shiny cheat doesnt work even after i reset the game, hold down select, or reload the cheat. If it helps at all im using desmume

Hey Pokecoder, I tried to use the Walk through walls command, but i could not get it to work, what should i do?

After entering the cheat, be sure to press L to take effect the walk through walls.

My game keeps crashing when i try to summon a specific Pokémon i tried summon leafeon and i had 470 master balls but whenever i activate it it says an error occurs and i have to turn off desume.

make sure to have other cheats off

Whenever i use the wild pokemon modifier it says “An error has occurred please turn off power” I’m trying to get leafeon and I have 470 master balls and 9 ultra balls is it because i have to little ultra balls?

hey pokecoder there is no rare candy
cheat can you tell me rare candy cheat code please ans this

All cheat code

is there a cheat to unlock all the Pokémon to complete the national dex in black 2?

Followed directions, when holding L+R in grass I don’t encounter the pokemon I want. Tried holding and walking, still encounter the pokemon on that route, what am I missing?

From what I learned you have to press start to activate the pokemon you want

We got the wild encounter to work. We sat in a grass patch, pressed L R and START and that gave us the master/ultra balls.

I hope this helps, im not in charge of the site btw, me and my sibling finally got it to work and i wanted to share cuz it seems like a common problem

Hi pokecode do you know what cheat to encounter wild frokie or Greninja?

Hi ash, unfortunately, neither froakie nor greninja are in black 2 as they are gen 6 pokemon and black 2 is a gen 5 game. Sorry to disappoint, I wish I could have greninja too.

Actually, do the wild encounter with master balls 349-351 for froakie-greninja, worked for me


Pokkecoder please answer this question I just wana know does wild shiny encounter code also work with starters

It could possibly work, apply the cheat before choosing your starter Pokemon.

I try but didn’t work but it does increase your chance

Can’t get shiny starter??

No you only hold select and choose starter pokemon

Did you see my comment?

And sorry about spammin, I was trying to see if my comment worked or not.

Can you please add the cheat code for Permeanant Pokemon Stat Trainer List including Pokemon Barry and etc and its trainer Pokemon modifier for B2W2? And can you please approve my comment?

Last edited 1 year ago by Tyler

Can you please add the cheat code for permeanent stat trainer list including Pokemon Barry, Red and etc because I want it so so so badly?

Sorry, I forgot to put the word “permeanent”, that’s all.

I want that code so badly so can you please add it?

For B2W2?

Can you please make the cheat code for the list of Pokemon Stat Trainers including Pokemon Barry?

The Exp multiplier doesn’t seem to work are their buttons I need to press or something

Hi. Very sorry to bother you guys again you guys are Amazing and never fail to let me down but the wild modifier refuses to give me any of the Poke balls is there some way to fuse the all items and wild modifier or Do you have any advice on how to fix it Im currently using DeSmuMe emulator.

Unlock all healing items cheat you can find a rare candy in there

Is there a cheat code that doesn’t encounter trainer I’m trying a speedrun well not really.By the way my name is my player name in pokemon black 2.

Is there any code that can encounter level 100 pokemon

Check the 2nd code – Wild pokemon modifier

The shiny code doesn’t seem to work, not sure if it’s just me or not. Also not sure if I’m running EU or NA


Still didn’t work I hold select and it didn’t work I’m using drastic emulator by the way and no codes are working

It’s working for I’m also using drastic try reading

Where do i have to put this code i am on android

Wild Pokemon modifier is giving me Genesect and not the mon i wanted after i reloaded a save state. is there a way to fix this?

same thing is happening to me

Delete the replay code save restart game redo cheat with other pokemon that you want. From my experience you can only modify wild appearance once per pokemon if you just add a new code on top of the other the first modified wild will be the first one found by the system hence you keep getting the same pokemon even tho you’ve entered numours codes I assume . Hope this finds you well all these years later

is there any cheat to modify the season

i hope the all items cheat isn’t working i pressed L and tried i copied from here and pasted there and pressed L but it didn’t work

How to activate the berry one i did what it told me to do but nothing happened

the wild pokemon modifier wont work, i get no ultra or masterballs

press select

doesn’t work still

Yes it won’t work

How can i Turn the code off though?

How do you activate the 100% catch rate?

Is there a code that simply increases shiny odds rather than guaranteeing shinies?

Never heard a cheat like that before, sorry Neil.

Hi pokecode do the I have to put in all the codes for it to work? And I’m using the new version of drastic emulator and do I have to rejoin the game when I put in code

Hey Spitezman, I’m not quite sure about your issue, I usually enter cheats the normal way.

Is there a rare candy cheat?

Is there a code for rare Candy

its in all healing cheat

Man I tryed to spawn Mewtwo I wasted master ball but I can’t find ultra balls…

Muy bueno 😊

The shiny code doesn’t work.

I figured it out. I have to hold Select. Please delete.

Last edited 1 year ago by Fat Nerd

Hi Fat Nerd, thanks for coming here and leaving a comment. Yes, you need to hold Select to activate the cheat.

what is the action to activate the cheat?

Here’s how the cheats is added https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twE_F4V08zI&t=9s

The best website ever

Thank you for that sweet and valuable feedback SuryaTeja.

Hi, why the cheats for tm/hm is incomplete, I mean the tm22, 23, and 94 is not present. Thank you for the response.

Hi ok ok, thanks for coming here and leaving a comment. There’s still a lot to improve in our collection of cheats and we can’t do them all at once. That is why most of the time we rely on the codes shared by our readers, at this time let’s hope one of our readers shares the codes for those tms.