Ghost Pokemon Strength and Weakness


Ghosts are those spirits of the dead that have yet to move on to the afterlife. Ghosts are still just a myth in real life because people can just claim that ghosts are real, but in Pokemon, the Ghost-type is pretty much real.

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Ghost-type Pokemon have the basic characteristics of ghosts where they can pass through walls and can appear somewhat scary. Like the other types, you need to know the Ghost Pokemon strength and weakness to use them in battle fully.

Ghost Pokemon strength and weakness

General Strengths of Ghost-type Pokemon

Ghost-type Pokemon are strong against other Ghost-type and Psychic-type. They are also resistant to Bug and Poison-type Pokemon. Ghost-types are also immune to Normal and Fighting-type. When it comes to their stats, Ghost-type has average stats.

You could say that they are in the middle of the road with their highest stats being Defence and Sp. Defense which can rank around fifth and sixth. The strength of a Ghost-type is that a lot of its moves can do damage over time and inflict negative status ailments.

General Weaknesses of Ghost-type Pokemon

Ghost-type Pokemon are generally weak to Dark and also Ghost-type. While Ghost-types are immune to Normal-types, that can be the same in the opposite side. Ghost-types or at least Ghost moves cannot affect Normal-type Pokemon. The stats of Ghost-types are also not that impressive. They have the second lowest HP growth and their other stats are pretty much in the middle.

Utilizing Dual-type Ghost-type Pokemon

When it comes to the dual-type Ghost-type Pokemon, there really aren’t a lot of good or bad combinations. It pretty much just ends up being the Ghost-type having the added weaknesses of its secondary type. However, it will always maintain immunity to Fighting and Normal.

  • Ghost/Psychic can be the bad combination because both these types are weak to Ghost. This means that this dual-type will receive quadruple the damage of any Ghost-type move.
  • Ghost/Fighting can be good and bad. Ghost is weak to Dark but in the opposite end, Fighting-type can deal a lot of damage to Dark. Keep in mind as well that Fighting is effective against Normal whereas Ghost moves have no effect against Normal.

Tips when using Ghost-type in battle

  • Dual-type Ghosts can be good to a certain degree. When a pure Ghost-type only has Ghost moves, then they can’t deal with Normal-types efficiently. Having a secondary type with another set of moves can be useful because Dual-type Ghosts maintain their immunity to Normal and Fighting and they can deal damage to Normal-types as well.
  • Another beautiful thing about Ghost-types is that they can learn a wide range of TMs. They can learn TMs that aren’t necessarily just Ghost-types. They can learn other type moves like Fire, Water, Electric, and more. This can be a good idea to mix and match your Ghost-type so that it can be effective in battle.
  • Ghost-types are generally available in the middle part of any of the main Pokemon games. By that time, they can be suitable in terms of the strength and power that they have to offer.
  • A lot of Ghost-type moves do damage over time. Think of it as something like Poison, but it can be removed. In fact, Curse is a reliable move for some players because it can be effective against strong Pokemon at the cost of your Ghost-type’s life.

In closing, Ghost-type Pokemon can be something gimmicky and probably not something that you would consider using. The good thing is that there aren’t a lot of Ghost-types in most games so you at least just collect them.

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