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Fighting Pokemon Strength And Weakness

Fighting Pokemon strength and weakness

The Fighting-type is a very interesting one, to say the least. The word fight means an activity where two or more participants get into a physical altercation. Fighting can involve a lot of punching, kicking, and other techniques. That’s where Fighting-types come in as they specialize in these kinds of moves. Knowing the different Fighting Pokemon strength and weakness is your key to success.

General Strengths of Fighting-type Pokemon

From the name itself, a lot of these Fighting-types have moves where they can use martial arts techniques. Moves like Karate Chop, Low Kick, Mega Punch, and others are just a few examples. Fighting-types are ranked number 2 when it comes to the highest Attack, and they are rank number 4 when it comes to the highest HP. Fighting-types are strong against Normal, Rock, and Ice-types.

In Generation II, they are also effective against Dark and Steel-types. They are also resistant to Bug, Dark, and Rock-type Pokemon.

General Weakness of Fighting-type Pokemon

In terms of stats, the lowest ones that Fighting-types have are Sp.Attack and Sp.Defense which is ranked from number 14 and 10. Their remaining stats like Defence and Speed are just average as well. Fighting-types are also weak to Flying and Psychic-types. They also deal with less damage to Poison and Buy-types. The Bug-type situation is a bit different because Fighting-types are resistant to it but can’ deal too much damage against it. They also deal with no damage to Ghost-types, or at least the Fighting-type moves don’t.

Utilizing Dual-type Fighting-type Pokemon


This is probably the best combination for a Fighting-type. A Dragon-type resists a lot of other types like Fire, Water, Grass, and Electric. The Dragon-type is weak to Ice, but due to the Fighting-type’s resistance to Ice, it reduces the damage taken.

Dragon-types also have very impressive stats, and when it comes to the Attack stat, pairing it up with the Fighting-type’s stat, it can be very powerful. The only thing that generally screws over this combination is the Fairy-type because both Fighting and Dragon are weak to it.


This combination is terrible because even if you’re a Fighting-type, you get more damage from Fighting moves due to your Normal-type pairing. Plus with this combination, you can’t do any damage to Ghost-types. The only redeeming factor is that Ghost-types can’t affect you either way.

Fighting with Dark/Bug/Poison/Grass

These combinations are pretty bad because a lot of these have a Fighting-type’s weakness paired with another one that has the same weakness. Fighting/Dark is weak to Fairy. Fighting/Grass and Fighting/Bug are both weak to Flying. Then Fighting/Poison is weak to Psychic. These combinations gain quadruple the damage from their weaknesses, and that’s bad.

Tips when using Fighting-types in battle

Early High Attack

You can gain access to Fighting-types early in the game. They can provide good attackers that you would want in the front lines to eliminate wild Pokemon encounters easily. They can also be good for Gym Battles in a lot of different occasions.

Good for Cave Explorations

When you enter caves and underground areas where wild Pokemon encounters can happen, having a Fighting-type can come in handy. A lot of the Pokemon there are likely to be Rock-types, then a Fighting-type can be good.

A Double Edge Sword

Fighting-types have the highest efficacy against other types, but they also have the highest amount of weakness to other types. They are effective against Normal, Dark, Ice, Rock, and Steel. That’s five strengths, but they are also weak to five other types like Flying, Poison, Psychic, Bug, and Fairy. You need to balance and know when to use your Fighting-type.

Now that you have an idea of the Fighting Pokemon strength and weakness, you can utilize them in a much more efficient way.

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