15 Best Fairy Type Pokemon of All Generations, Ranked

The addition of Fairy-type to the mainline games became one of the most anticipated things for many trainers during the advent of Generation 6.

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Since then, the roster of Pokemon under this type grew to the point that it finally gave us a number of mons that are just as powerful as they are beautifully designed.

The following list in this article is by far the best Fairy type Pokemon that you can consider adding to your team, as long as they are available on your Pokedexes right now:

Best fairy type pokemon

15 Best Fairy Type Pokemon

The Fairy-type is based on the mythical creature faerie, which is well-known in different European folklore.

Different sources suggest that faeries can have various physical forms, but the commonality among them is that they have magical powers and are usually living close to humans.

In the Pokémon world, Fairy types also differ in their appearance. When they engage in combat, Fairy-type moves are super-effective against Dark, Dragon, and Fighting-type Pokémon. Their weaknesses, on the other hand, are Poison and Steel-type moves.

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Here is a compilation of the 15 most powerful Fairy types based on the base stat totals:

15. Mawile (Base Stat Total: 380)


Let’s begin our list of the best fairy type pokemon with Mawile. Behind its cute little face lies a dangerous and aggressive nature that must be avoided at all times. Mawile, the Deceiver Pokémon has horns that developed into a huge set of jaws.

The jaw behind Mawile’s head is endowed with a strong biting power enough to chew through iron beams.

In battles, Mawile adheres to its deceitfulness as it might look seemingly harmless at first, but before you know it, it has already helped your sweeper deal with the opposing team. This is most likely because of Mawile’s ability Intimidate, which reduces the enemy Pokémon’s Attack stat as soon as they enter the field.

14. Mimikyu (Base Stat Total: 476)


A feared Pokémon throughout Alola, Mimikyu’s Pokédex entry will surely be remembered as one of the most disturbing descriptions in the franchise:

“There was a scientist who peeked under Mimikyu’s old rag in the name of research. The scientist died of a mysterious disease.”

-Pokédex entry from Pokémon Shield

Hiding under a cloth that resembles a Pikachu, sending a Mimikyu into battle makes your strategies unpredictable due to its excellent move pool, which includes Mimic, Misty Terrain, and Trick Room.

13. Alolan Ninetales (Base Stat Total: 505)

Alolan ninetales

The unfamiliar environment of the Alola region gave Generation 1 ‘mon Ninetails a fresh look together with a new type combination.

Now an Ice/Fairy-type, Alolan Ninetails was once worshipped as a deity inhabiting snowy mountains. It is usually kind to travelers on its mountain but gets angry with anyone who threatens nature.

An Alolan Ninetales with the hidden ability Snow Warning can be an excellent weather setter for double-battles and a good counter against various types, like Dragon, Grass, Ground, Flying, Fighting, and Dark.

12. Tinkaton (Base Stat Total: 506)


This Pokémon holds a hammer that weighs 220 pounds and yet lifts the thing as if it’s a piece of paper!

As of writing this article, Tinkaton is a new Fairy-type Pokémon hailing from Generation 9. Its main weapon is a large hammer, implying that, unlike most Fairy types, Tinkaton will rely a lot on physical-based moves like Play Rough, Slam, and Skitter Smack.

However, most of the base stat points of Tinkaton are allocated in Sp. Defense (105) and Speed (94), making it an ideal sweeper against slower Dragon types. What’s more is that its typing is similar to Mawile (Fairy/Steel), which gives it immunity from Poison and Dragon-type attacks.

11. Grimmsnarl (Base Stat Total: 510)


Fairy types tend to be cute and small unless it’s a Grimmsnarl. Notice its muscular body filled with hair. Looks quite terrifying, right?

Thankfully, its Dark/Fairy typing explains a lot about its appearance. Its “muscles” are actually a bunch of hairs wrapped around its body that can ensnare even the toughest Machamp.

Grimmsnarl’s ability Prankster can help a lot to establish an advantage in PvPs. Regardless of how fast the opposing Pokémon team is, Grimmsnarl can have the first turn with status moves like Light Screen, Reflect, and Thunder Wave.

10. Gardevoir (Base Stat Total: 518)


Given its charming features and majestic demeanor, it is only fitting for Gardevoir to be included in the 22 pre-generation 6 Pokémon that became Fairy types.

With the ability to see the future, Gardevoir will do whatever it takes to protect its trainer. Its psychokinetic powers are also strong that it barely feels the effects of gravity.

Having a base stat total of 125 for Sp. Attack, Gardevoir is a popular Special Sweeper even at the professional level. Letting Gardevoir hold the item Choice Scarf while in its mega evolution form further amplifies its destructive capabilities.

9. Sylveon (Base Stat Total: 525)


Given that it’s a Fairy Pokémon, Sylveon is always on the hunt for the largest dragon Pokémon in every fight. This information might also be inspired by a Galarian fairy tale about a beautiful Sylveon that once defeated a dreadful dragon Pokémon.

Sylveon is one of Eevee’s eight evolution forms, only by achieving a high friendship or learning a Fairy-type move that an Eevee can evolve into this adorable-looking Pokémon.

It can be annoying for the enemy team to face a Sylveon in combat due to its ability Cute Charm. Every time a Pokémon with the opposite gender makes contact with Sylveon, it has a 30% chance of getting infatuated, which hinders its ability to attack.

8. Primarina (Base Stat Total: 530)


If there would be a Pokémon beauty contest for every generation, Primarina would definitely be a serious contender. Not only does it have the beauty, but also the talent to make it on top.

Even in battles, Primarina’s goal is to mesmerize its foes through singing and dancing. The sonic waves from its songs create water balloons that explode and incapacitate the opposing Pokémon upon impact.

Aside from having super-effective moves against Dragon and Fire types, Primarina also bears resistance against Bug, Fighting, Dark, Ice, Water, and Fire-type moves. Its most potent move Sparkling Aria, often demolishes the enemy team through its Z-move Oceanic Opera.

7. Togekiss (Base Stat Total: 545)


It is said that Togekiss would visit peaceful regions to bring gifts of kindness and blessing to people. Since it’s known as the Jubilee Pokémon, it hates places with conflicts.

From a cute egg to an even cuter flying critter, Togekiss serves as a good luck charm among many trainers, and that includes blessings to achieve victories in battles.

The ability Serene Grace doubles the chance of triggering a move’s secondary effects, which Togekiss can use to deal more problems to the enemy team. Its Fairy/Flying-type combination is another advantage that makes Togekiss immune to Ground and Dragon-type moves.

6. Tapu Fini (Base Stat Total: 570)

Tapu fini

As the guardian deity of Poni Island, Tapu Fini is a well-respected Pokémon that has control over water. The source of its strength can be traced back to the ocean currents, which can be used to produce a dense fog that confuses enemies.

In addition to the fog, Tapu Fini can produce magical water that purifies both the mind and body.

Tapu Fini is another ideal setter for any type of Pokémon team with its ability Misty Surge, which triggers a misty terrain in the field. While active, misty terrain prevents all grounded Pokémon from status conditions and reduces the power of Dragon-type moves by half.

5. Tapu Bulu (Base Stat Total: 570)

Tapu bulu

Tapu Bulu is the guardian deity of Ula’ula Island. It has the power to manipulate the growth of plants.

Unlike the other guardian deities in Alola, Tapu Bulu prefers to mind his own business, as it stays in one place most of the time.

Despite its docile behavior, this Fairy Pokémon possesses incredible strength in battle and can change the shape and size of the wooden horns on its head.

Grassy Surge is Tabu Bili’s ability to create a grassy terrain in the field for five turns. It restores some HP of all grounded Pokémon per turn and halves the power of several Ground-type moves, such as Magnitude, Bulldoze, and Earthquake.

4. Tapu Koko (Base Stat Total: 570)

Tapu koko

In the Pokémon Series: Sun and Moon, Tapu Koko, the guardian deity of Melemele Island, was the first legendary Pokémon that Ash encountered in his journey in the Alola Region.

To the surprise of everyone, Tapu Koko has taken an unusual liking to the anime protagonist by giving him Electrium Z on two different occasions.

Sending Tapu Koko in battles changes the terrain using its ability Electric Surge. As the electric terrain is in effect, Tapu Koko can deal massive damage with his electric-type moves, which are lethal against Flying and Water Pokémon.

3. Enamorus (Base Stat Total: 580)


This latest member of the Forces of Nature roamed the ancient lands of the Sinnoh region, formerly known by the name Hisui. Enamorus is a Fairy Pokémon that can shift into two formes – the Incarnate Forme, and the Therian Forme.

The Love-Hate Pokémon Enamorus is also a Flying type, and from the clouds, it hunts those who disrespect any form of life and punishes them ruthlessly with its devastating power.

Enamorus has a base stat total of 580, with most of its points invested in Sp. Attack (135). This means it can deal massive damage to the opposing party using Special Attack moves like Springtide Storm, Dazzling Gleam, and Moonblast.

2. Zacian (Base Stat Total: 660)


Believed to be the rival or elder sister of Zamazenta, Zacian the Warrior Pokémon is a well-known legendary hero across the Galar region.

Once on its Crowned Sword Forme, Zacian is a feared combatant even among the Gigantamax Pokémon. This pure Fairy Pokémon holds a sword in its mouth to eliminate all of its nemesis in a single strike.

A great Physical Attack sweeper, Zacian has excellent stat points on Attack (120) and Speed (138). Zacian’s offensive prowess can be augmented through its Crowned Sword Forme and the ability Intrepid Sword, which boosts its Attack in battle.

1. Xerneas (Base Stat Total: 680)


Just a few leagues above Zacian is Xerneas, the strongest and best Fairy type Pokemon, as long as the base stat total is concerned.

Apparently, Xerneas is an immortal creature with the ability to share eternal life once the horns on its head shine in seven colors, giving it the title the Life Pokémon.

With its unique ability Fairy Aura, the power of all Fairy-type attacks used in the field will be increased by as much as 33%. This works well if you want to build a Pokémon team centered around strong Fairy types.

Apart from its ability, the stats of Xerneas also overwhelms any other Fairy Pokémon in this list, with a staggering base stat total of 680.

All of its stat points are well-balanced, including its Attack (131) and Sp. Attack (131), which synergizes with Fairy Aura.


Fairy Pokemon are beautiful and strong that can change the tide of battle in their trainer’s favor. No doubt that the franchise has come a long way with the introduction of Fairy-type Pokémon.

While the species of Pokémon under this type is still growing, we expect that fairies will eventually play a more important role in the future of competitive Pokémon battling.

Hopefully, there will be more Fairy Pokemon in the next games, but for now, let us appreciate everything the Fairy type can offer.

We hope you learned so much about our list of the best Fairy type Pokemon of all generations! For more articles like this, check out more of our content here at Pokémoncoders:

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