Tinkaton Weaknesses and Resource Guide in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Tinkaton is probably one of the most loved Pokemon of Generation IX, especially with the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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This pink Pokemon carrying a huge hammer has been a highly sought-after fairy-type Pokemon in the series.

However, a lot of people are asking, what are the different Tinkaton weaknesses that trainers should look out for?

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Tinkaton is a Fairy and Steel-type Pokemon, so it will have a variety of strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t worry, we’ll pack all the information needed for everything related to Tinkaton. We’re not just tackling weaknesses but other frequently asked questions too.

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Editor’s Note (March 4, 2024): Whether you want to beat Poppy’s Tinkaton or cover your own Tinkaton’s weaknesses, this guide will provide all information you need about the cute Fairy/Steel-type Pokemon.

Tinkaton weaknesses

Tinkaton Weaknesses, and So Much More!

What is a Tinkaton and Where Can You Get It?

Tinkaton evolution

Tinkaton is the final evolution of Tinkatink. You can get a Tinkaton through a Tera Raid but if you want the easy and guaranteed way, evolving a Tinkatink is the best way.

Simply catch a Tinkatink in the following locations below:

Tinkatink Locations

Tinkatink locations
  • East Province: Area Two
  • South Province: Area Two and Area Three
  • West Province: Area One and Asado Desert
  • Tera Raids (Tinkatons are also encountered in Tera Raids)

Tinkatink will evolve to Tinkatuff at level 24 and will evolve to Tinkaton at level 38. It doesn’t require any evolution stones, so it’s fairly easy to evolve this Pokemon.


Tip: Tinkatink and Tinkatuff can be spotted in almost every ruin in Paldea as they share the same habitat with Bronzor.

What Are the Different Tinkaton Weaknesses?

Let’s proceed to the Tinkaton weaknesses since we’re already done with the basics. The two main weaknesses of Tinkaton are Fire and Ground-type moves.

That’s the important thing to keep in mind because the Fairy-type aspect of Tinkaton has all of its weaknesses countered.

Fairy types are weak to Poison and Steel. However, since Tinkaton is also a Steel-type, it only receives normal damage from Steel-type moves. Poison-type moves, on the other hand, are nullified, also due to Tinkaton’s Steel-typing.

Dragon-type moves also have no effect thanks to this Pokemon’s Fairy-type aspect. It is also resistant to other types, with the Bug type dealing the least amount of damage.

What’s With Tinkaton’s Hammer?

What is tinkaton’s hammer?

Let’s talk about the hammer that the Tinkaton carries around. First of all, even during its Tinkatink form, it has a tiny hammer.

Once it evolves to Tinkatuff, the hammer gets bigger. When it fully evolves into the Tinkaton, the hammer grows massively.

In reality, the hammer is just an aesthetic because it doesn’t use it directly during the game. The Pokedex entry does state that Tinkaton uses it to hurl rocks at enemies.

Furthermore, the Pokedex states that the Tinkaton “has a daring disposition” and is also intelligent. The hammer also weighs around 220 pounds and it doesn’t serve anything related to the gameplay.

What Are Tinkaton’s Abilities?

Tinkaton has two Abilities (which you can only get one). They are Mold Breaker and Tempo, so if you’re looking for one specific ability, you just have to catch or evolve one that has the ability.

Mold Breaker

Mold Breaker is described as an ability that eliminates other abilities that negate or nullify damage. A good example is the ability Levitate. Pokemon with Levitate cannot be damaged with Ground-type moves.

However, with Mold Breaker, Tinkaton can use Grounde-type moves to damage enemy Pokemon with Levitate.

That’s just one example as there are other abilities that Mold Breaker can negate such as Aroma Veil, Magic Bounce, Wonder Guard, and so much more.

Own Tempo

This ability prevents any Pokemon from being confused, making Tinkaton safe from moves like Supersonic and Teeter Dance.

Why Is Tinkaton Popular?

Why is tinkaton popular?

Let’s start with one fact and that is that it looks good and appealing. The aesthetic of the Tinkaton appeals to a lot of people. 

It looks like a pink girl carrying a giant hammer. Plus, there are people making memes that it is associated with Corviknight.

In terms of gameplay, the Tinkaton is also decent or good depending on how you use it in competitive matches. It only has two weaknesses and a ton of resistance to other types.

Its stats are average but with the right build and item usage, it can dominate the competition.

In Closing

That concludes our look into the different Tinkaton weaknesses. Just make sure to have a Fire-type Pokemon or Ground-type if you want to engage such Pokemon in battle.

Don’t worry too much about the hammer since it has no significance in the game.

Tinkaton isn’t the only Pokemon in the mainline games to have a hammer or tool. You remember Farfetch’d which has a leek as its item.

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