Electric Pokemon Strength and Weakness

Electric-type strengths and weaknesses

The Electric-type Pokemon from the name itself are Pokemon using the power of electricity. They are capable of shocking their enemies and causing a paralysis status and more. However, like the other types in the game, you need to know the different Electric Pokemon strength and weakness.

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Electric Pokemon Strength and Weakness Guide

Strengths of Electric-type Pokemon

When it comes to the stats, Electric-type Pokemon excel when it comes to the Sp. Attack where it ranks around number 4 overall against the other types. It is also number 2 in the Speed stat second only to the Flying-type. Electric-type Pokemon are very effective against Flying and Water types. Another good thing about Electric moves is that they can cause a Paralyze status or PAR, which prevents them from moving in specific turns.

Weaknesses of Electric-type Pokemon

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In terms of stats, the Electric-types have their HP, Attack, and Defence near the bottom of the list ranking around 14 and 15 overall. The Sp. Defence is about 7, so that’s not a bad thing but nothing too impressive as well. Electric-type is not so effective against Grass, Dragon, and other Electric types. It is also entirely useless against Ground-types because it does not do any damage.

Utilizing Dual-type Electric-type Pokemon

Pure Electric Pokemon strength and weakness can be the same; however, those that have secondary types can be a good or bad thing. It doesn’t matter if the Electric-type is the primary or secondary type because the game mixes and matches strengths and weaknesses. This means that by having a secondary type will also give the Electric-type those added weaknesses. Here is a couple of notable dual-type Electric Pokemon that can be good and bad.

  • Electric/Normal and Electric/Ghost-types can be interesting. Ghost has no effect on Normal and vice versa. The good thing about having Electric as a secondary type is that it can attack the Normal or Ghost-type. Plus, the Electric-type doesn’t gain any Normal or Ghost attack weakness.
  • Electric/Ground can be impressive. Ground-types nullify Electric moves so if it is the secondary type, then Electric attacks won’t have any effect on Electric/Ground-types.
  • Electric/Flying can be the best combination. Flying-types are weak against Electric attacks, but these dual-types will receive normal damage from Electric attacks. The other thing is that Ground attacks will have no effect on them and considering that Ground attacks are effective against Electric types, the nullifying effect can be amazing.
  • Electric/Fairy-types can be good against Dragon-types. Electric attacks are not very effective against Dragon-types, so having a Fairy-type can help deal damage.
  • Electric/Fire, Electric/Rock, Electric/Steel, and Electric/Poison-types can be a nightmare because all of these types are weak against Ground, so that’s more damage. That means you get more damage if your Electric Pokemon has either Fire, Rock, Steel, or Poison as a secondary type.

Tips when using Electric-types in battle

  • Naturally, in the water areas, you need to have an Electric-type at the front to easily eliminate Water-type Pokemon.
  • Don’t use them in the front when you’re in areas that are caves because most of the enemies would be Ground and Rock-types.
  • It is also a good idea to use Electric-types when you’re fighting against slower Pokemon. If your Electric-type has a good variety of moves, then using them as an opener can be a good idea because they have good Speed and Sp. Attack so they can potentially beat enemies right away.
  • There are also those that have an Electric-type whose sole purpose is to cause a Paralyze status and then just set them back.
  • Also, avoid putting an Electric-type against a Fighting and Dragon-type because these types have high Attack and the Electric-type has low Defence so they may get knocked out quickly.

Closing Thoughts

Knowing more about Electric-types can be a good thing so that you can better use them in battle or maybe even not use them.

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