Water Pokemon Strength and Weakness

Water pokemon strength and weakness

Water is indeed one of the most needed resources in the world. In the world of Pokemon, water functions the same and it one of the Pokemon types. The Water-type is one of the three starting types and as the name states, Pokemon that have this type specializes in using water attacks.

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A lot of Water-types take the form of aquatic animals and those that can thrive in water. That being said, you can find out the different Water Pokemon strength and weakness to better use them in battle.

General Strengths of Water-type Pokemon

Water-type Pokemon as we mentioned generally use water elemental attacks. They are primarily effective against Fire, Ground, and Rock-types. In terms of their defensive capabilities, Water-types are very resistant to Fire, Ice, Steel, and other Water-types. In terms of stats, Water-types are ranked number 6 when it comes to their Defence.

Water-types are usually the only ones that can use the Surf HM which is used outside of battle and is actually a powerful attack in its own right. One other thing is that there are a lot of buffs used by Water-types to increase the damage of their Water moves.

General Weaknesses of Water-type Pokemon

Water-type Pokemon are generally weak to Electric and Grass-type. They are also not very effective in dealing damage against Dragon and other Water-types. One of the downsides of Water-types is that the highest stat is Defence as we stated which is rank 7.

The other stats are in the middle and near the bottom tier ranking from 10th with the lowest is the Sp. Defence which is ranked 13th. Basically, a Water-type can pretty much near the lower tier but it doesn’t mean that it’s bad.

Utilizing Dual-type Water-type Pokemon

Water-types like other Pokemon can also have a shared type with the other ones. Knowing the right combinations can be a good advantage for you when it comes to using these dual-types to the best of your capabilities.

  • Water/Fire is a good combination because it further reduces Fire, Ice, and Steel damaged because Water and Fire are both resistant to those types.
  • Water/Electric is another good combination. Electric doesn’t affect Ground and Rock-types but Water does. Plus the Water side acts as a good defense to reduce the damage taken from Ground and Rock.
  • Water/Grass is also another good combination because Rock damage is reduced considering Water and Grass are super effective against it.
  • Water/Ground and Water/Rock can be bad and good combinations. That’s because these types are weak against Grass. The combination can get a lot of damage from these attacks. The good thing is that Electric attacks will be nullified due to the natural resistance of Rock and Ground. Water attacks are also reduced to normal damages due to Water’s natural resistance to other Water attacks.

Tips when using Water-types in battle

  • We mentioned earlier that Water-types are generally in the middle of the road. They are good, but they aren’t too good but not that bad. Their stats are in the middle among other types.
  • The good thing about Water-types is that there are some parts where you really need to have a Water-type in tow. You may need one of them to perform Surf from time to time, and Surf itself is a good move in battle.
  • One benefit of using Water-types is that they have a well-balanced move set. They have a lot of moves that can deal damage. They also have a lot of moves that perform buffs and debuffs.
  • A lot of these debuffs can be unique when they can reduce Fire damage even further and use the move Rain Dance. It is a move that buffs and strengthens Water moves for all of your Pokemon.
  • They also have a bunch of moves that can heal your Pokemon. Basically, you can use a Water-type as your front-liner, considering that it can do the right amount of damage and sustain its survivability.

In closing, while Water-types may not be that powerful in terms of offense, knowing the Water Pokemon strength and weakness can give you an idea on how you can use them in battle.

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