Pokemon Nameless Version

The Pokemon Nameless Version is a ROM hack of FireRed. This is an interesting ROM hack because it gives you a nice story rather than just the usual trope of fighting Gym Leaders and being a Pokemon Master.

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Then again, the concept of Gyms is still there but in the form of Arenas which you still need to fight in order to progress the story.

The game itself has an interesting roster of Pokemon that you can catch, evolve, and battle with. You will get indulged with a change in pace from the traditional Pokemon games.

Pokemon Nameless is a good game to get into when you like Pokemon and an interesting RPG story in tow.

Details On The Pokemon Nameless Version


We’ve been hyping up the story, and it involves evil empires. Your mother Altena was banished from the Valo Empire so you are both headed to the Cyenn Region.

You control Chronya who looks like she’s literally out to hunt Pokemon with a bow and arrow.

The Valo Empire wants you and your mother gone, so they hired Dark Workers to do the deed. Due to that, you are now separated from your mother, and you must now venture into the world to find her again while encountering Pokemon along the way.


While facing Gyms may not be your main concern, they are needed to continue with the story. You fight the supposed Gym Leaders in Arenas, and you win a badge.

The roster of Pokemon is from Generation IV until VIII, so you may want to think about who you want. The general gameplay is still the same although since this is a ROM hack, some of them have been adjusted.

It also has some elements of being an open-world game if you can wrap your head around that. Plus, the game is complete minus some bugs that may need to be brought up.

Pokemon Nameless Version Game Information

Pokemon nameless version

Pokemon Nameless Version
: Wind1158
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link
Cheats: Click here

Feature List

  • Gyms take the form of Arenas and you get a Badge when you win
  • Pokemon roster consists Gen 4 to 8
  • Multiple areas to explore like the Cyenn Region, Lande Region, Western Tyron Region, and Sevii Islands
  • HMs are replaced with skills
  • You can Mega Evolve some Pokemon during battle
  • Progress the story whenever you want
  • Uses the Black and White Repel system




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Pokemon Nameless Version Download
(Complete beta 5.07)

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11 thoughts on “Pokemon Nameless Version”

  1. I’ve started playing this rom hack, and in the first 5 minutes, I’ve already noticed a slight problem; it appears that some of the pokemon cries are mixed up. In the first battle, the enemy Yungoos had Rattata’s cry, and the Lopunny you’re given has an Unown’s cry. Is this an issue that anyone else here has had? I’m fairly certain that the rom I got was clean and a v1.0 rom (as, previously, I tried using a v1.1 rom, and it wouldn’t even load the title screen).

    • Thanks for commenting, Raptor22. The issue with Pokemon cries is likely a bug in the game and not related to the base rom. Hopefully, the next update will fix it.

  2. Wondering why this wont work on Visual Boy. Other games work that are in a rar file but this downloads with a heart next to it. Wondering if anybody can help