Pokemon Radical Red


Pokemon Radical Red is a ROM hack of FireRed. The hack itself is a modification of gameplay elements in FireRed. The story is pretty much the same but it just has better or gameplay mechanics that may intrigue you. One thing that this ROM hack boasts is that it can be a bit hard and challenging.

This isn’t a ROM hack that you can take lightly and it is perfect for those that like a challenge. This game also allows you to randomize at the start of the game. It isn’t advisable because of how hard it can be but if you’ve finished the game already, a randomized run can be good as well.

Details On Pokemon Radical Red


The story is the same as FireRed so there’s nothing much to talk about. All the characters and flow of the story in Pokemon Radical Red are the same so you already know what to expect. The part that makes it interesting would be the gameplay itself since you’ll be tackling different Pokemon and challenges along the way.


We mentioned that there is a randomizer option when the game starts. If you choose to randomize everything, you can’t change it unless you make a new playthrough. The difficulty of Pokemon Radical Red is tough but it isn’t impossible. The game also does a lot of changes and additions when it comes to the abilities. You can swap abilities on your Pokemon and even train them even more. Radical Red is said to have more updates in the future.

Pokemon Radical Red Game Information

Pokemon radical red

Pokemon Radical Red
Creator: Yuuiii
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Randomizer feature available at the start of the game
  • Difficulty is harder
  • New Pokemon Abilities
  • Able to swap Pokemon Abilities later
  • HMs are replaced with something else
  • Colored IV is available on the status menu
  • Available EV training areas
  • More Legendary Pokemon have been added in the game
  • Gym Leaders can be fought again later on
  • Pokemon stats have been changed


Pokemon radical red screenshots

Cheating on Pokemon Radical Red

Cheating is so much popular in Pokemon ROM Hack gaming, especially to popular games like Pokemon Radical Red. We don’t want you to miss the chance to enjoy the game to the fullest, and that’s why we created this list of working Pokemon Radical Red cheats.

Pokemon Radical Red Download

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I hope I get to play this pokemon game.

The file didnt work

Why My All Pokemon Won’t obey how can i fix i not use cheat codes for bugs
maybe at start questioning my answers is wrong that’s why won’t obey

Talk to the people inside of all gyms they tell you the rules one of them if you dont get certain enough badges and there a high level like at 90 if you have all gym badges ur pokemon are still not gonna obey at lvl 90 or so

Why my All pokemon won’t obey what i will start on question? Of game maybe is not good

Hey guys, I’m playing on eclipse emulator on my iPhone and the game crashes when in mt noon, any other ways I can get it working or do I have to try another emulator? If so which can I use for iOS

Thanks in advance!!

Omg same!
But mine on where you have to use flash

I got the problem that it wont work.
I tried a lot with FireRed (german) Firered (USA) Emeralt (USA).
Maybe im to silly but I used the NUPS and always say that:
That the Patch doesnt match the File.

Is it the ROM? Where can i download the “right” ROM? or is it just the Emulator who cant read the “new” ROM (GBA-Emulator is: visualboyadvance)

Hi Obi, most likely it’s your rom version causing the issue, but make it sure you followed our ROM Hack patching guide carefully. In my experience, the FireRed Squirrels version works well for patching, you might want to find that version.

Thx for the answer.
I found the problem.

how did you fix it

How can i get this working on classic boy emulator. It immediately closes the rom when i load the game

How about switching to MyBoy? It works well with these games.

The file isn’t showing up in My Boy, pls help

I assume you downloaded the file and imported it directly to MyBoy, that will not work. You need to patch the downloaded file before you can play it, check this tutorial we created on how you can patch a rom hack to play it on your emulator.

Hi. I need help I couldn’t understand what does the tutorial mean can you explain me how can I play this GAME IT WON’T SHOW ON MY MYBOY. PLEASE I NEED HELP

So I just finished patching it and ran it with my emulator, and it says that I have the wrong save type and that I need to change to Flash 128k. I have no idea what this means, so could anyone help out?

i keep having the same issue

Open your emulator, press options, go to emulator option, go to save type and click Flash128K and restart your emulator and play your game.

after change the save type i read “WARNING!” and i don’t know how to fix.

suggest emulator for windows pc please. also how to patch it to firered rom?

Bro your games are awesome

Bro, I don’t own these games rather I only list them, but thanks for coming here and leaving your comment.

Can you play it on Android emulators

Yeah sure, use Myboy emulator. You need to patch the downloaded file to a firered rom, you can follow this guide on How To Patch IPS and UPS Files to Play a ROM Hack.

How to enable the real time clock playing on actual hardware with an everdrive?

Open your emulator click options click emulator and click Real Time Clock (RTC) If the tick mark is there then its enabled

Is this game able to be played on mac or iPhone? Because I’m running openEMU and its not able to open the file…please let me know soon!

Hey Aidan, this is not a pre-patched download. You need to patch this game first to a FireRed base rom to run on emulators like OpenEmu. This works well on Mac or iPhone.

Is this game compatible with ReGBA?

I’m not familiar with ReGBA and I never tried that emulator before so I don’t have an answer for your question Misa. Sorry.

how do I patch radical red to a firered on Mac

Here’s a guide we created for that, see How To Patch IPS and UPS Files to Play a ROM Hack. You can also use a tool called Multi-patch.

I attempted to run it on VirtualBoyAdvance, though the program claims the file is unsupported, Any thoughts to why this might happen?

I too am having this issue.

I believe you need a 1.0 FireRed rom version for this game to patch it successfully.

What does it mean stats have been changed?

Pokémon black

What do I do if I accidentally opened it with something it not meant to be opened with

It wont open

hello is there maybe a mastersheet of the game?

I cant use it in john gba john gbac and my free boy can you please help me with this?

Hi Kyle, yes you can play this game on John GBA or MyBoy free version. But you need to patch this game first to a FireRed rom.

Can I play this on phone

Yup, use MyBoy or John GBA.

does this game have the special/phyisical split

yes it does

There is an emulator for Android?

you can try john gba lite ive been using it for a while and it works well

Thx, I’ll try

I tried, but the app can’t open the file couse the extension is .ups

Myboy and Visualboyadvanced both work. I just started this Rom on both.

This is not a pre-patched file, you need to patch this game to a FireRed rom first to make it work.

We do not share rom files here, sharing such files considered as piracy. Though some sites still distribute but not pokemoncoders, just trying to avoid future consequences.

Piracy…? But the game is free isn’t it?

Hey so does this work on pc without downloading anything else or are their requirement?

Yes, this perfectly works on PC. In fact, few years back these rom hacks are playable only on PC. Check our List of Best GBA Emulators for PC.

Pokemoncoders how do you make your own room hack of pokemon?

Hey there, sorry but we don’t make rom hack. We simply collect these rom hacks and compile only the best. On the other hand, we also collect cheats for every Pokemon games.

You can use tools for it. The most accessable games to romhack are fire red, leaf green, and emerald, due to the amount of tools that are available to use.

How do I download the tom on my phone?


Sorry pal but we don’t share information about rom files here.

Hi!!! How can we get the rainbow pass in this game , the 2.1 version

Sorry Guiltz, I don’t have a word for your question yet. But hopefully someone will provide the appropriate answer.

How do i play the downloaded file, do I need to patch it or convert it, what?

Yes Jayden, you need to patch this game first to a FireRed rom.

Will there be cheats?

Hey there Darrin thanks for coming here. We already made some testing for some of the popular cheats, we’ll publish it tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Sooo… Where is it?


A simple searching can help, but here it is anyway Pokemon Radical Red cheats.