Pokemon Moon Black 2 (Updated)


You are a league champion and won the final Hurrah Island challenge. You were granted to travel by Prof. Kukui to the Unova Region to test your learnings in Alola. You and your rival Gladion will choose a new starter Pokemon and begin another journey in the Unova region.

You will eventually meet the team Skull who will get your way, and a lot of things will happen along the way. You will then be allowed to enter the Regional Tournament PWT representing the Alola region once you defeat the Unova Champion.

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Enter the world of Pokemon Moon Black 2 and enjoy a unique Pokemon gaming experience that you’ve never experienced before.

For the best gameplay experience, the team behind Pokemon Moon Black 2 recommends the following.

  • DraStic (AuthenticDo Version)
  • DeSmuMe
  • MelonDS
  • Nintendo DS/DS Lite with flash cartridge (Wood R4/YSMenu kernel preferred)

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Game Information

Pokemon moon black 2 logo

Pokemon Moon Black 2
By: JrFort and Aster
Game base: Pokemon Black 2
Language: English
Last updated: September 29, 2020
Source: Link


  • New Pokemon
  • Unova Forms and Alola Forms
  • New Rivals
  • New Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Champion
  • New Items
  • New Moves
  • New Events
  • Mega Evolution (Outside of battle)
  • Harder Difficulty
  • Fairy Type and the new type chart
  • Brand New Pokemon World Tournament – With Trainers From Every Region
  • Play as either Sun Or Moon – Sun is given access to a Gogoat Pokeride, and Moon is granted access to a Talonflame Pokeride
  • and more..


New Title Screen

New title screen

New Interface

Moon black 2 new interface

Player Selection

Moon black 2 player selection
Pokemon moon black 2 pokeride
Xtransreceiver call
Throwing pokeballs

Mega Evolution

Pokemon moon black 2 mega evolution
Pokemon moon black 2 more mega evolution

New Gym Leaders

Moon black 2 new gym leaders

Elite 4

Pokemon moon black 2 elite 4

New Pokemon

Moon black 2 new pokemon
Pokemon moon black 2 more new pokemon
Pokemon moon black 2 more new pokemon 2

Unova Forms

Pokemon moon black 2 unova forms

Fairy Type

Pokemon moon black 2 fairy type

The Pokemon World Tournament

Pokemon moon black 2 world tournament
Pokemon moon black 2 world tournament 2

Download Pokemon Moon Black 2


DO NOT enter the Hall of Fame with a Fairy Type Pokemon.

Credits and Special Thanks

Nintendo Game Freak for the Game
Aster: For being my partner in making this hack!
KazoWar Tools: Super Thanks!
Gungyeon: For Tips and Some help!
Drayano: for the level-curve and some events!
Zender1752: for those quality overworlds!
Bagboy: Massive thanks for the Lunala model!
Pokemon Showdown: For SOME Spirtes!
WolfPP: For the Gen 8 Sprites starters.

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I cant go to the n Castle after following zoroark (second cave) im blocked by 2 x 3 Team shadows.. the First 3 is alredy enough to block me xD how to fix this? Its Buggy again?

I started playing but im not getting any exp-

Hi can you fix the bug on the hall of Fame I already beat it many times and there’s still a black screen I even try without a fairy type Pokemon I’m just really disappointed that you haven’t yet fix the bug I fell like I don’t like this game anymore can you fix it pls I really wanna still wanna finish this game I just wasn’t my time playing this game and I can even play it to the end pls fix it plssssssss

can someone tell me how to make this game work. i already downloaded the file and i dont know whats the next step.

So you’re telling me I could’ve been champion all this time, but I had a gardevour in my team, and it bugged the hall of fame and stopped me from becoming champion!!!

Hi where do I find Bounsweet?

I downloaded it and extracted it, what next?

So, I have the ROM I ripped off my cartridge and I have the XDelta patching thing. When I go to patch, I get some weird error popping up and it refuses to patch the ROM… What do I do?

OK So i did try downloading this, i get a 21 mb .xdelta file, no idea what to do with it…
is this for desmume? or am i in the wrong place…

Please respond to this idk what to do

Does anyone have a patched rom link? I cant patch it..

Is the Hall of fame black screen fix
amazing creators?

The path to join Avenue has an invisible barrier, anyway around this?

why doesn’t the challenge mode unlock? before you get your starter it says it should be unlocked I tried it immediately but it’s still locked?

which emulator did you played on

is there a cheat code?

Hi, just after beating league 4 and all region champion, the game screen went black, I can hear the game music fine but can’t see anything, and despite save/save status, the result is the same, I beat the champion, he takes me to the Hall of Fame, puts my pokemon in the scanner and then it’s black

Yeah no this doesnt work at all, defeated elite 4 and ash 3 times with no fairy types still glitches and ends up with a blackscreen, please find a solution soon, I really wanna experience the post game of this rom

yeah same tho

it doesnt show up on my ds when i load it in the r4 card

This file is getting error in all DS emulators

How do i download this?

The link is broken.. I wanna play thisss

Its Gone The Download Link Leads me To Nothing

The link is broken, but I really wanna play this. Where can I find the patch?

Can I play this on Android?