Pokemon Moon Black 2 (Updated)


You are a league champion and won the final Hurrah Island challenge. You were granted to travel by Prof. Kukui to the Unova Region to test your learnings in Alola. You and your rival named Gladion are going to choose a new starter Pokemon and begin another journey in the Unova region.

You will eventually meet the team Skull who will get your way, a lot of things will happen along the way. You will then allowed to enter the Regional Tournament PWT representing the Alola region once you defeat the Unova Champion.

Enter the world of Pokemon Moon Black 2 and enjoy a unique Pokemon gaming experience that you’ve never experienced before.

For best gameplay experience, the team behind Pokemon Moon Black 2 recommends the following

  • DraStic (AuthenticDo Version)
  • DeSmuMe
  • MelonDS
  • Nintendo DS/DS Lite with flash cartridge (Wood R4/YSMenu kernel preferred)

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Game Information

Pokemon moon black 2 logo

Pokemon Moon Black 2 (Completed – Beta 4)
By: JrFort and Aster
Game base: Pokemon Black 2
Language: English
Last updated: September 29, 2020
Source: Link


  • New Pokemon
  • Unova Forms and Alola Forms
  • New Rivals
  • New Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Champion
  • New Items
  • New Moves
  • New Events
  • Mega Evolution (Outside of battle)
  • Harder Difficulty
  • Fairy Type and the new type chart
  • Brand New Pokemon World Tournament – With Trainers From Every Region
  • Play as either Sun Or Moon – Sun is given access to a Gogoat Pokeride and Moon is granted access to a Talonflame Pokeride
  • and more..


New Title Screen

New title screen

New Interface

Moon black 2 new interface

Player Selection

Moon black 2 player selection
Pokemon moon black 2 pokeride
Xtransreceiver call
Throwing pokeballs

Mega Evolution

Pokemon moon black 2 mega evolution
Pokemon moon black 2 more mega evolution

New Gym Leaders

Moon black 2 new gym leaders

Elite 4

Pokemon moon black 2 elite 4

New Pokemon

Moon black 2 new pokemon
Pokemon moon black 2 more new pokemon
Pokemon moon black 2 more new pokemon 2

Unova Forms

Pokemon moon black 2 unova forms

Fairy Type

Pokemon moon black 2 fairy type

The Pokemon World Tournament

Pokemon moon black 2 world tournament
Pokemon moon black 2 world tournament 2

Pokemon Moon Black 2 Download (Completed – Beta 4)

Credits and Special Thanks

Nintendo Game Freak for the Game
Aster: For being my partner in making this hack!
KazoWar Tools: Super Thanks!
Gungyeon: For Tips and Some help!
Drayano: for the level-curve and some events!
Zender1752: for those quality overworlds!
Bagboy: Massive thanks for the Lunala model!
Pokemon Showdown: For SOME Spirtes!
WolfPP: For the Gen 8 Sprites starters.

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Its not showing up on my emulator for me to play, what do i do?

If you can get Treeko and Torchic in this game can you get Mudkip and where

are there any cheats for this game

Last edited 1 month ago by xzcvbnm,.

How to evolve karrablast?

Can your Decidueye learn Spirit shackle? Coz mine didnt.

what app or website can patch this?

How do i download this rom?
I dont know what a patch are how to use it

Hey PokemonCoders, I’m having trouble right now tryna patch it and downloading it. Could you tell me how to Download and patch step-by-step, not just for me but othrr people aswell.

I cannot play it on my phone i have downloaded and exctracted original black 2 also I.dunno how to patch the game please reply

How do you change silvally type?

is this till what gen? and are they actually complete?

Last edited 1 month ago by ricz

Developer here, please take down the rom link, and replace it with the patch link. We do NOT condone Piracy, and this is causing some pain in the neck.

You can confirm this on the discord that I ain’t some fake.

Official Moon Black 2 Discord: https://discord.gg/8fkCRvv

OFFICIAL DOWNLOAD LINK: https://mega.nz/folder/NUYQiYYI#rLZn3mijAk-fx18xCAb1pw

Yep, that’s a little mishap, copy paste job from other websites. We dealt with this on discord.

How can I evolve karrablast and shelmet? I’m playing on my phone and can’t trade them?

anyone know the shiny odds of this game??

about the ROM hack i downloaded it on my phone(drastic) and my pc(deSmuME)
there are some issues i think
1.the ROM hack doesn’t appear whenever i open my drastic (i even switched the file type and still doesn’t show up)
2.i tried to play the ROM hack in deSmuME and it says rom header is invalid??

how to fix

Make sure the file format is in .nds after patching it and try again.

Hello, I played this really nice version but I I already finish and beat black mewtwo but on YouTube I saw all legendary in dragon spiral tower but I don’t see anybody here I try everything please help me 😭

What DS emulator are you using?

Does this game have cheats? And if someone has them they can passr by XML format

Use regular action replay codes for black 2

Hello Pokémon coders I wonder if there are cheat codes for this game if yes then please send me the link of it, I use desmume pc or can I use black 2 cheats on this

Hello, I have downloaded the given file, but when I want to patch it says that the file I want to patch must be in .ips format, but the file I downloaded is in .7z format, what should I do? Sorry if this question shouldn’t need to be asked

Extract the file using Rar or 7Zip

I just want to know if I can play it on my phone and if so what the steps are, I really wanna play this and see how it works, but I can’t as of now

Hi there is a bug on the pokemon league, if you finish the battle with ash, and then u go to the hall of fame the game becames black then it’s ruined

Bro what DS emulator you’re using???

I recommend using the Drastic Emulator

100%working link

The link doesn’t work

I’m not gaining any exp for some reason? BTW I’m playing it on 3ds

Why doesn’t it show when I downloaded it on my drastic

Why doesn’t it show after I downloaded it on drastic?

Are there z moves in moon black 2 ??

i have 2 issues: after unlocking the challenge keys i cant put challenge mode cause it stays locked…. and when im in castelia city and tlk to chickorita / cyndaquil they attack me but suddenly become the shiny totodile instead

can you fix the musical thing in the game because it goes back to its original form and improved the Pokedex so the pokemon doesn’t look so messed up?

Please, can you added some more a box PC? I want to catch all pokemon, but Idk how to save it.

When my ralts learn a fairy type move and if i battle with my ralts the game crashing

Happens The same with me, feel so Sad about It, i love fairy type 🙁

Are all the mega’s obtainable??? Or just some?? I NEED mega alakazam and gengar

did you ever find out if you can get mega gengar?

yo now that i think of it i fought a mega alakazam at some point, a trainer had it.

did my question get deleted?

Was your question, did you ever find out if you can get mega gen gar?

you can change the language of the game in Italian?

sorry is there a video for how to patch the game and change it
it always respond error when i try to apply the patch

Do it contains cheat code

Is there a Possibility to get this to run on a mac or an emulator that runs on a mac? I really Really REALLY need to play this but i don’t have PC

Ah! Thanks! That might just mean that i have to update my mac lol. i tried both drag ‘n’ drop and manually adding to the library but it didn’t work. unless i’m downloading the wrong file xD

Ah that’s good! Might just have to restart/update my mac lol.

How can I edit pokemon descriptions and cries, zeraora’s description shows meloetta’s description and it says zeraora is a melodic pokemon or was it melody pokemon.

Can you give me an Ds emulator link where i can play this hacks

Hello good morning sir. Can u help download pokemon moon black 2? Cause ilove the game. Thank you sir

Opening the pokemon menu on R4 crashes the game. I’m using the last version from Sept 29 2020

How to install Pokémon Moon Black 2 .Please tell me step by step

I download moon Black 2 but it seems does not display on my drastic what should I do

How do I evolve my seadra and electabuzz

link stones evolve pokemon that require evolution by trade, ive found a handful around the map so far

How to evolve naganadel to its resolute form?