My Boy! Free – GBA Emulator (No Longer Available in Play Store)


Update: Free version is no longer available in Google Play store. Though you can find this free version from other sites, but we don’t have it here.

My Boy! Free GBA Emulator is my all-time favorite GBA emulator since before, till I purchased the app. My boy offers super fast Game Boy Advance gaming emulation and perfectly works for the newer version Android devices also for later versions. Rather than carrying an actual GBA console, fans prefer playing GBA games on their mobile or tablet devices with emulator installed.

My boy! Free Version Limitation and Restrictions

With the free version My Boy, you can expect some feature limitations such as you can’t enter two line of cheat codes, and you can’t save multiple game states also, the app supports advertisements. My Boy free version also supports fast forward feature but not greater than 2x.

Unless you purchase the paid version of this app, these restrictions will automatically remove including those annoying ads.

My Boy Full Version Features

If you are familiar with Pokemon ROM hacks (You will surely love it if you give this a try), the full version of My Boy supports smooth IPS/UPS ROM patching.

My boy paid version rom patching and multiple line cheat codes

With My Boy full version, you can play almost any Pokemon ROM hacks automatically without using a tool to patch your GBA ROM to a ROM hack. Plus, speed up higher than 2x is finally in this version.

Also, it’s possible to link up as a server with a friend (Haven’t tried this yet but soon). Save to and load, auto-save and load features are also in the full version. Actually, there are still more features that I haven’t mentioned yet but the above are the most important and mostly used.

My Boy! Free VS Other GBA Emulators

You can find dozens of GBA emulators on Google Play store that works almost the same with My Boy, but most of them can’t compete with this app in my personal experience. You can directly download My Boy Free from Google Play Store.

APK for My Boy Full Version?

Alright, you want to play your favorite GBA games using the full version of My Boy with APK? I highly suggest purchasing the app to help the developer. Paying for this app enables the creator of My Boy create more features and update the app frequently, and it isn’t expensive at all actually.

But if you insist as most of my readers do, just stay tune, and I will do my best to help you get a full version of My Boy without paying for the price. Sounds awesome yeah? Bookmark or simply remember this website and sooner or later I will post the most recent version of My Boy full, and you can download it for free.

Got a question? Please let me know and don’t hesitate to post your message in the comment form below and let’s discuss it.

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Joshua braza

I really want to play the full version of my boy but i have no money and i dont know how to buy it 🙁




Plss give me a code of myboy????????????


Thanks dude. ????