What’s the Pokemon Insurgence Best Team? Read our Indepth Guide!

We’ve covered a lot of things related to Pokemon Insurgence, including the game itself and the topic of What is The Best Starter in Pokemon Insurgence. It is a fine game that incorporates everything that makes Pokemon games good. The Delta-type alone is a good addition because it is like a Shiny Pokemon with more than just having a different color scheme. That being said, people wonder what is the Pokemon Insurgence best team to use.

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Saying the best can be very broad because the standard answer is always to play the way you want to.

However, we will give you some recommendations since it will still revolve around the Starter Pokemon you want.

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Different team compositions are always advisable, and like any sane player, they would use the other Pokemon they have stored on their PC. Nevertheless, these will give you an idea of what can make the best team.

Pokemon insurgence best team

Ideas for the Pokemon Insurgence Best Team

In order to give you a suggestion and list of Pokemon to make the Pokemon Insurgence the best team, we have to start with the Starter Pokemon that you choose from the beginning. The starters are an Eevee, Delta Bulbasaur, Delta Charmander, and Delta Squirtle. You cannot get these in the game other than the beginning, so we’ll revolve around there.

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Eevee Team Composition

Eevee team composition team

The Eevee starter allows you to pretty much establish multiple Pokemon Insurgence best team compositions. That’s because Eevee in this game can evolve into seven different types. It pretty much stands out as any Pokemon team from any game.


When you do have an Eevee as your starter, you can have a Rotom as well when you can get one. Rotoms are Electric-types that can have six other secondary-typing. This is good to pair up with Eevee since the other types will complement what your Eevee is lacking when you finally evolve it.


This one is a good addition since Mew is a strong Psychic-type, and you can get it in the game without too much of a hassle, although this happens a bit later on.


Having a good Rock or Ground-type (so it doesn’t have to be Tyranitar) can be good since it can serve as a good tank for your team. it complements the multiple types of Rotom, and whatever evolution Eevee will have. The rest can be up to you, but having these three to pair up with your Eevee can be good enough.


The rest can be any others that you can use to fill the void. You have to consider your Surf and Fly slaves that will add offense or utility based on the lineup that you want to use.

Delta Bulbasaur/Venusaur Compositions

Delta bulbasaur/venusaur compositions team

The Delta Bulbasaur evolution line is a Psychic/Fairy-type tree. This means that your little Bulbasaur and its later evolutions can deal tremendous damage having good Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense. A good move for it to have is Calm Mind to further boost its Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense.

Having Moon Blast and Psychic are good offensive moves, and the last one can be up to you. Delta Venusaur can be a good damage dealer while being durable at the same time.


Having Gengar that is a Ghost/Poison-type added to this team list is good since it can learn a plethora of different move types. Let the Delta Venusaur cover the Psychic and Fairy offense while Gengar can cover other offensive aspects as well as debilitating moves

Delta Ralts/Gallade

The Delta Ralt is an Electric/Ice-type, which you don’t have based on what we’ve given up to now. You should evolve it to a Delta Gallade later on because it has a good Attack stat which is something that your Delta Venusaur doesn’t have. Let the Delta Gallade handle the physical offense, and it can learn good moves, and Earthquake is one of them.


Adding Gyarados can give you a strong Water-type bordering on the physical aspect. You already have a couple of tanky Pokemon in your arsenal, so why not add Gyarados which can learn Surf and Waterfall HMs, as well as Dragon-type moves that you can use later on.


This one is a bit trickier to get since getting a Torchic has a very low spawn rate in the Rose Crater. If you do get one, this will add more to your arsenal in offense with Fire and Fighting-type moves. The Speed and HP growth on Blaziken are actually very good as well.


For the last Pokemon, you can have any other one added to your roster. You’re already stacked, so maybe consider getting another tanky Pokemon or those that add buffs to your team or debuffs to the enemy.

You can even go for a fast Pokemon with good Speed because most of the ones in this team composition are somewhat slow or average.

Delta Charmander/Charizard Composition

Delta charmander/charizard composition team

Being a Ghost/Dragon-type, the Delta Charmander line exudes offense and speed. That’s what makes this line good because it has a high Sp. Attack and Speed. Basically, it can potentially attack first most of the time and deal tremendous damage.

Armed with Ghost and Dragon moves which can be powerful. It is also immune to Normal and Fighting-type as well as has a ton of resistances.

Delta Snorlax

Having this Pokemon can be a good tank for this team composition. The Delta Snorlax is a Grass-type, so it also adds a layer of offense and debilitation to the enemy team. It has good Sp. Defense, HP, and Attack, so it doesn’t only soak in damage but also dish it out.

It can also learn healing moves like Absorb, Drain Punch, and Synthesis. Give it Leftovers, and it can survive long battles.


The beauty of this is that you can get a Cyndaquil midway through the game, and they aren’t that rare. Pair it up with the Delta Snorlax to set up Sunny Day, and this Typhlosion can potentially wreak havoc. At the same time, the Typhlosion has good Sp. Attack and Speed, having a good Attack stat makes it even better.

Many of the moves it learns are Fire-types with special and physical attacks. This will make it excel in battle when it can deal damage in both categories.


Once you get Surf, you can easily catch a Lapras because it has a high encounter rate and is a perfect Pokemon to add to this team. It has Water-type moves, so you can use it as a Surf slave but also do well in battle. Ice moves allow it to deal damage to Dragon-types, which are usually a pain to deal with. Lapras also has very high HP, so that’s another tank to add to the team.


Let’s add another strong Sp. Attacker to this lineup, but Gardevoir is indeed a good addition with the Psychic and Fairy types at its disposal. You can catch a Ralts early on and evolve it into a Gardevoir, so that brings a lot more to your offensive lineup, and this one can survive as well.


Once again, the final one is up to you. You already have a stacked lineup, so maybe consider finding a Dragon-type or any other Ground-types that can add a layer of offense in types you may not have.

Delta Squirtle/Blastoise Composition

Delta squirtle/blastoise composition team

Finally, we have the Delta Squirtle line, which is a Dark/Fighting-type. It completely nullifies Psychic moves and is resistant to some types. The strength of this line is that it is a defensive and tanky Pokemon. It has good Defense and Sp. The defense as well as a decent offensive power.

It lags behind the Speed because this line can be very slow. You may want to focus more on the other Pokemon in your team since the Delta Squirtle line is a good one to set moves on.


This nasty Pokemon can put a world of hurt on enemies. You can catch a Zubat early in the game, and you just have to evolve it into a Crobat when the time comes. It has nasty moves like Confuse Ray and Double Team. The Crobat’s Speed is what makes it deadly and adds a certain debilitation to the Enemy.

Nidoking or Nidoqueen

Either of the two is fine since they are both Poison/Ground-types. They both learn a plethora of moves that you can rely on, and the versatility they offer is good.

You can arm them with Earthquake or any of those Punch moves. Poison is also something that they can do to debilitate the enemy while being tanky to a certain degree.


Another great attacker with good Sp. Attack and Attack. Having a Water-type of this caliber is good, although you may have to find one that is the tricky part since it only appears in Hidden Grottoes. The Speed is what makes Greninja even deadlier, allowing for fast-paced attacks, and don’t forget that it can be your Surf slave as well.

Delta Blaziken

Having this Psychic/Flying-type is good for you when the Delta Blaziken has impressive Attack and Sp. Attack. It isn’t as tanky as the rest, but it can dish out good damage.

It’ll also make a good Fly slave later on, but it has several other moves it can learn through TMs, making it a good addition to this team.

Garchomp or Haxorus

Either of these two Dragon-types can add additional firepower to this team composition. They cannot only deal damage but have great setup moves and even be tanky for the other enemy Pokemon that they might face.

In Closing

These are just a couple of good suggestions for the Pokemon Insurgence best team. There are always factors to it that will make you adjust your team, such as the Gym Leader’s team composition, and typing strengths are. You also have to consider things like Nature and Items.

For Pokemon that are hard to catch, you may be stuck with the Nature that it has unless you want to spend time catching another one. It all boils down to preferences and play style, but these are sound suggestions.

Tell us in the comments what your team compositions in Pokemon Insurgence make them the best.

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  1. delta venusaur is pretty bulky, with 100s in both defensives by abt level 50 (with a neutral nature).
    I’d honestly just get some coverage for its steel and poison weakness like a ground type (mudkip can be found on route 4 as a strong physical attacking swampert, along with some other ground mons later on like delta lucario and such).
    Basically, any physical attacker with a ground move can help out the chill crystal fellow a lot on a team.