What is The Best Starter in Pokemon Insurgence?

Pokemon Insurgence is a fan-made Pokemon game that you can download from their main site. It has an interesting story and a lot of new and edited features compared to the original Pokemon games. You have a new Region to explore as well as a collection of Pokemon to choose from.

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One of the things that Insurgence introduces is the Delta Pokemon which are basically your regular Pokemon but made to look different with different types. The question now is which is the best Starter in Pokemon Insurgence? Don’t worry because we’ll dissect everything to all the information that you need.

Best starter in pokemon insurgence

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Details On the Best Starter in Pokemon Insurgence

The Starters

In this game, the best Starter in Pokemon Insurgence is a choice between Eevee, Delta Bulbasaur, Delta Charmander, or Delta Squirtle. You’ll have control of Mew at the start but that’s just a plot point. The Professor will give you a choice to use Eevee. If you reject Eevee, then you get to choose one from the Delta Pokemon starters based on Kanto. Their types are different and designs have been slightly altered. One other thing is that all four of them have Mega Evolutions.

The Types


Eevee is a Normal-type as usual which you have a choice to evolve into one of its evolutions later on so that’s that.

Delta Bulbasaur

The Delta Bulbasaur can evolve into Delta Ivysaur and Delta Venusaur later on. All three of them are Fairy/Psychic-type. This means that this Starter is effective against Dragon, Dark, Poison, and super effective against Fighting-types. They are weak to Poison, Steel, and Ghost-types. They are resistant to Fighting and Psychic and immune to Dragon-types.

Delta Charmander

The Delta Charmander can also evolve to Charmeleon and Charizard while being a Delta variant. They are all Ghost/Dragon-types. They are effective against Ghost, Psychic, and Dragon-types. This evolution line is weak to Ghost, Ice, Dark, Dragon, and Fairy-types. They are also immune to Normal, and Fighting but moves like Odeur Sleuth or Foresight can make them take damage from these types. They also have a plethora of resistances to Poison, Bug, Electric, Fire, Grass, and Water-types.

Delta Squirtle

The final Starter is Delta Squirtle which also evolves to its Kanto line. They are all Dark/Fighting-types making them effective against Ghost, Psychic, Normal, Rock, Dark, Ice, and Steel-types. They are weak to Fighting and Flying as well as take four times the damage against Psychic-types. Finally, they are resistant to Rock, Ghost, Dark and immune to Psychic-types.

The Stats


Eevee’s stats are pretty much average and well-balanced. Depending on what you want it to evolve later on will determine what stats it will as well as its typing.

Delta Bulbasaur

Delta Bulbasaur has a bit of strength when it comes to its Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense. However, its Attack and Defense are also good. It lags on the Speed and HP but with the stats that it has, it is a perfect starter if you’re looking for a well-balanced Starter.

Delta Charmander

This candidate for the best Starter in Pokemon Insurgence relies on Sp. Attack and Speed because they are high. It has average defensive stats and a decent Attack stat. Perhaps this one is good for dishing out fast moves that can knock out enemy Pokemon in one strike.

Delta Squirtle

Much like the original Squirtle, the Delta variant has the lowest Speed out of the three. It has a decent Attack and Sp. Attack as well as average HP. It excels on its defensive capabilities with having high Defense and Sp. Defense. Perhaps it is good for setting up moves and soaking up some abuse.

The Moves


Eevee has a couple of basic Normal and Fairy-type moves although as we said, it is better to just evolve it into something else later on.

Delta Bulbasaur

It has a majority of Psychic, Fairy, and Grass-type moves. The Grass moves are mostly limited to survival such as Leech Seed. Speaking of survival, it also has several moves that will heat it pairing it up with its tanky build. A lot of its Fairy moves are used for status effects against the enemies. Plus, a variety of Psychic and Fairy-type offensive moves are under its arsenals such as Moonblast and Psychic.

Delta Charmander

Along with its later evolutions, this Charmander has a plethora of Ghost and Dragon-type moves. Its Dragon moves rely on Attack which Delta Charmander has a lot of. The Ghost-type moves are there to disrupt the battle as well as deal damage. A majority of its moves rely on Physical damage which is where its high Attack comes in but it also has good Sp. Attack pairing up with the other moves it can learn.

Delta Squirtle

This one is the most durable out of all the starters having the highest Defense and Sp. Defense makes it go well with its move set. It has several Normal, Dark, Fighting, and Water-type moves. A lot of these moves improve the defensive capabilities. In terms of offense, the Delta Squirtle line has a balanced set of Physical through Dark and Special through Fighting attacks making it also effective in the offense.

Final Verdict

The best Starter in Pokemon Insurgence is not Eevee. We’re not hating on Eevee but you may not want to get it as your Starter. You have three other ones and you can always get an Eevee from other games while the Delta variations cannot.

The best one could be Delta Bulbasaur because it has a move set of good offensive moves as well as those that let it survive. It has good offensive and defensive stats making it beginner-friendly. Second place can go to Delta Squirtle because it has good type matching and stats to boot. Perhaps it is a bit slower but it can survive and dish out damage.

The last one is Delta Charmander because it could be like a glass cannon when matched up against the wrong typing against it. Out of all of them, it has the most weaknesses although it does have the most resistance as well. It may struggle early on and one wrong matching can knock it out. Just remember that these are just suggestions because you can pretty much play whichever you want.

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