Pokemon Insurgence

Another excellent fan-made ROM hack is coming your way. Pokemon Insurgence is a fantastic Pokemon game version packed with hundreds of new features that are not present in the Gen III Pokemon game series and other ROM hacks. Insurgence features new regions, new species, stunning new Mega Evolutions, and online trading capabilities.

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The developers and artists of Insurgence are apparently working very hard to create this game and improve the game as time goes on.

The community has tons of resources and guides, as well as other players’ questions and answers. Wants to take your Pokemon Insurgence gaming to the next level? Read our in-depth guide for the best team to use in Pokemon Insurgence and know What is The Best Starter in Pokemon Insurgence.

Pokemon insurgence game

Pokemon Insurgence is considered a complete game while you can expect future updates and improvements which is very excellent for us players. Download Pokemon Insurgence now and play a different kind of Pokemon gaming right on your computer.

For Android users

You can play this game on your mobile device using the android app called Joiplay. To extract the file, use RAR or your device built-in file extractor and you may need at least 1.3GB of available storage.

Game Information

Game Name: Pokemon Insurgence
Discord: Link
OS Requirements: Mac and Windows
TheSuzerain (Lead Developer)
Deukhoofd (Online Developer)
EchoTheThird (Lead Artist)
LunarDusk (Artist)
ZeroBreaker (Artist)
MrSinger186 (Musician)
1ofthe4rocketbros (Wiki Admin)


  • Excellent graphic designs
  • Unique music and sound effects
  • New challenges
  • A new region and story
  • Delta Species
  • New Mega Evolutions
  • Online Features (Trading, connecting with friends, and more)


Insurgence intro
Insurgence transform
Insurgence conversation
Insurgence pokemart
Insurgence choose pokemon

Pokemon Insurgence Download

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22 thoughts on “Pokemon Insurgence”

  1. For Android users, Download joiplay then Download second link. (Full download) unzip using rar or your built-in unzipper. You will need like 1.3 gb of space until you can delete the zipped folder. Click the + button on the bottom right joiplay. Type in pokemon insurgence in name and link the executable file to game.exe and you can link a pic for the icon in the graphics page.

    Thanks to the team who built this for all your hard work!

  2. I downloaded this game on Android when I download so many photos of this game filled my memory so fix this there are 15000 or more images on my Android

  3. i played this game and loved it so much nearly being able to fight the pokemon league but unfortunately my game froze and ive tried uninstalling it an reinstalling it but it wont work. Any way to fix it

  4. Need help installing game. I downloaded Uranium and it just installed itself and works flawlessly, but after downloading this it does nothing? Ive tried running unzipped and then unzipping the files and still no luck. Any help appreciated!.