10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks With Improved Graphics in 2023

Graphics can matter, and sometimes it doesn’t. Let’s face it, the Gen 1 Pokemon games were limited to their graphical capabilities.

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But still, many people play these outdated-looking games as what they seek is the game’s story itself.

It wasn’t until the GBA games that these colorful sprites were given life. It’s a well-known fact that a game with good graphics stands out better than those classic old ones, making it more interesting to play.

That being said, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best Pokemon ROM hacks with improved graphics.

Editor’s Note (March 5, 2024): In today’s video gaming landscape, graphics is the one of the most important aspects of every video game. Despite the release of most sophisticated gaming platforms, ROM hacks are still capable of offering eye-catching graphics, such as the ones listed in this article.

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Best pokemon rom hacks with improved graphics

10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks With Improved Graphics

Just to be clear, these are ROM hacks, so they aren’t officially made by Nintendo.

The purpose of these hacks is that they alter the game’s graphics to make them look better or distinct from the GBA games.

We’ll also state what makes these hacks good aside from the graphics, and along with the game’s download button is the cheat when available.

10. Pokemon Fused Dimensions

Pokemon fused dimensions

Let’s start this list of the 10 best Pokemon ROM hacks with improved graphics with a hack called Pokemon Fused Dimensions.

This hack’s gimmick is that it fuses two different Pokemon making it look like a totally unique one.

The improved graphical part is that the game’s Pokemon roster looks different. Over 200 of them are unique and have unique typings. The story itself is still the same as FireRed.

Notable Features

  • Fairy-type added
  • TMs are reusable
  • Physical/Special split

9. Pokemon Order and Chaos

Pokemon order and chaos

This hack has a very intense story that will keep you invested for hours to play. It also has a unique lineup of Fakemon.

The graphics alone make you think that you’re not playing a Pokemon game.

There are original sprites made as well as character portraits to add to the whole graphical capabilities. You can choose which side to align with and indulge yourself in some serious plot progression.

Notable Features

  • Original Fakemon roster
  • Two Regions to explore
  • Physical/Special split

8. Pokemon Orange Islands

Pokemon orange islands

This hack is based on the Orange Islands arc from the Pokemon anime. You even get to play as Ash as he traverses through the Orange Islands.

The graphics and sprites have been altered to make them look a bit better.

The details on the character and Pokemon sprites are really well done. If you’ve watched the anime, you can expect to meet characters from the episodes as well as know where to go.

Notable Features

  • Only 4 Gyms
  • Physical/Special split
  • No Poke Ball will be used for every failed capture attempt

7. Pokemon Saiph

Pokemon saiph

Coming in at number 7 of our 10 best Pokemon ROM hacks with improved graphics is Pokemon Saiph. This game has the aesthetics of the Gen 5 games on DS.

You’ll also notice the character sprites are based on the ORAS games, and this includes some nice backgrounds for battles and custom sprites for some Pokemon and characters.

It has an interesting story and a ton of features, and it’s so good; there is a sequel to this game, but that’s for another time.

Notable Features

  • Roster goes up to Gen 6
  • TMs are reusable
  • Day and Night Cycle

6. Pokemon SORS

Pokemon sors

We have Pokemon SORS as one of our games on this list. The story on this one is a bit serious if you want to know about it.

It involves something with an Eclipse causing Pokemon to go berserk and attack people.

That’s why this game has the exclusive Eclipse-type, and like the other types, there are strengths and weaknesses of this type.

Moves are updated to Gen 7, and a feature called Soar allows you to fly over terrains.

Notable Features

  • Roster goes up to Gen 7
  • Around 700 Pokemon
  • Physical/Special split

5. Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies

Pokemon sovereign of the skies

We’re halfway through our list of the 10 best Pokemon ROM hacks with improved graphics with Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies.

From SORS, we have another hack that has a very crazy story. It involves something with Team Tundra stealing some sort of Artifact to take control of the world.

The good guys are the Guardians of Amitec in a bind with too many problems, but that’s where you come in to help them get out of it.

The roster goes up to Gen 7, and a lot of the mechanics are also updated to Gen 7.

The game uses Emerald as its base, and the game has some very distinct graphics on the characters and Pokemon as well.

Notable Features

  • Adjust the difficulty at the start
  • Custom Music
  • Day and Night Cycle

4. Pokemon Saffron

Pokemon saffron

Saffron’s location is based on some areas in South America and based on Aztec civilization. The Azira Region is yours to explore and catch a ton of Pokemon.

The Pokemon roster is a bit all over the place with updated stats, move sets, and of course, sprites. The graphical changes are very noticeable, and that’s a good thing, of course.

There are other features like HMs are replaced with Field Moves and Mega Evolution.

Notable Features

  • Physical/Special split
  • Day and Night cycle
  • Fairy-type added

3. Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma

Pokemon ultra shiny gold sigma

We’re in the top 3 of our 10 best Pokemon ROM hacks with improved graphics. Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma is an unofficial remake of Pokemon Crystal.

The graphics are really different for a hack using FireRed as its base. It does remind you of Crystal or the other two Gen 2 games. The story is the same as Crystal’s, but the roster on this hack is wider.

There are over 800 Pokemon with a roster going up to Gen 7, along with some of their special forms.

Notable Features

  • Mega Evolution
  • Can see EV and IV
  • Alolan Forms

2. Pokemon Unbound

Pokemon unbound

Pokemon Unbound has made it through a lot of the lists we made because it is that good. The graphics are already visibly different, and with the latest version, you’ll notice the sprites have been updated to a greater degree.

You can progress through the game by doing quests and even some side quests. The roster is a bit big, but not every Pokemon is included, at least for now.

Customizing your character with improved graphics can also be a blast.

Notable Features

  • Choose from different difficulty settings
  • New HM system
  • Mega Evolution

1. Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

Pokemon adventure red chapter

Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter is the number one game on our 10 best Pokemon ROM hacks with an improved graphics list.

This one is another popular hack, and it bases its story on the manga Adventure Red Chapter.

If you read it, then you pretty much know where to go and what to do. Then again, this isn’t a full adaptation since some parts have been altered.

The graphics have been altered to look good, along with a lot of new updates.

Character portraits are also there to add to the whole aesthetics. Don’t worry about the features as well since there are a ton of them to boot.

Notable Features

  • Two Rivals to compete against
  • Fairy-type added
  • Day and Night Cycle

In Closing

These are just the 10 best Pokemon ROM hacks with improved graphics.

There could be a ton of them out there, but these 10 are the ones that you might want to check.

They have some of the best enhanced or even improved graphics compared to the original graphics for the base ROMs.

Others out there might have good and improved graphics, but not a lot of features, or the hack itself isn’t any good other than the graphical update.

That being said, if you have some of your favorites not listed here, feel free to hit the comments.

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