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A lot of Pokemon ROM hacks use Pokemon, Fakemon, and Fused Pokemon. In terms of Fused Pokemon, the concept is simple, combine the look of two different Pokemon and hopefully, you have something good. While there aren’t a lot of Pokemon ROM hacks that have Fused Pokemon, there are always Pokemon Fused Dimensions.

This is a ROM hack of FireRed and it pretty much has the same story. The Trainers, Gym Leaders, and others do have altered Pokemon teams due to the concept. You deal with Fused Pokemon like an Abdrio which is a fusion of Absol and Dodrio and there’s a whole lot more of them in the game.

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Pokemon Fused Dimensions Details and More


It is the same story as FireRed. If you already played the game, you know what to do and where to go so there’s not much to it.


While the story in Pokemon Fused Dimensions is the same as FireRed, the Pokemon are different. The usual ones won’t be appearing in their traditional locations but then again they don’t look like traditional Pokemon. The beauty of these Fused Pokemon is that they aren’t just made for the sake of looks. The creator made sure that they have their own unique types and move sets. The players can actually get all available Pokemon in this ROM hack. We also have some minor features like Poison won’t kill your Pokemon outside of battle and Safari Zone Pokemon has a 0% escape rate.

Pokemon Fused Dimensions Information

Pokemon fused dimensions main

Pokemon Fused Dimensions
Creator: DanteZ.35
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Around 226 Fused Pokemon available (Can get all)
  • Custom Pokedex for all of these Fused Pokemon
  • Reuse TMs
  • Can delete HM moves
  • Physical/Special split
  • Fairy-type has been added
  • Gen 5 Repel System
  • Gen 8 EXP System
  • Can evolve Trade Pokemon with the Link Cable (Item)
  • Shiny encounter rate increased


Pokemon fused dimensions screenshots

Pokemon Fused Dimensions Download



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