Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies Cheats

You probably heard of a ROM hack named Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies. The game was released around 2012, and unfortunately, it became stagnant in recent years. The good news is that it recently got an update some time ago. That’s amazing on its own where a game that’s almost ten years old got an update.

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Unfortunately, the bad news is that there are still no working Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies cheats at the moment. We understand how disappointing it is for cheat users.

Pokemon Emerald is the base of this ROM hack, and the cheats still won’t work for the latest version which is 2.0 in our testings. There are probably a couple of reasons why that is.

The game has been left unattended for years, and people wonder if it is complete or not. It’s still getting updated, but that’s why we have to divulge more into this current dilemma.

Pokemon sovereign of the skies cheats

Why There Are No Working Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies Cheats

Other ROM Hack Cheats

Possible Reasons Why

There are no official statements from the creator of the hack and the other people behind it. We can just assume that the hack’s data got altered too much where they don’t support the cheats. It could also be a Decomp Hack but we don’t really know for sure.

It also doesn’t help that much that the game was dormant for years. This meant that there weren’t any updates or fixes to the bugs until recently. This also meant that there were no changes that would allow the cheats to work. Even if you look at some forums and the Pokecommunity page (click here), we won’t find any information.

What’s Next

Even when there are no cheats, the game itself is considered to be in the Alpha stage. There are still some bugs and problems with the game that may be fixed and updated in the future. We can keep our fingers crossed and hopefully cheats will be working next time.

You Can Help Us Find The Cheats

Now, all is not lost because some people have managed to make cheats for other ROM hacks in the past that didn’t have any cheats. If you have any potential working Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies cheats, feel free to hit the comments. We’ll list the cheats here and credit you for it if it works.

Update: Possible Working Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies Cheats

We’ve got a couple of cheats from our readers that could possibly work in this game. We would love to hear your feedback after these codes

Masterball in PC and Rarecandy in PC (Shared by: Santatata)

MASTERCODE: 8202514E 03E7 (codebreaker)

Masterball in PC: 820251C4 0001 (codebreaker)
Rarecandy in PC: 820251C4 004B

EXP Cheat (Shared by Mr. Q)

82000060 270F
82022D48 270F
82022F7C 270F
8202309C 270F
820241F0 270F

Stones, Max Repel, and more. (Shared by Mordex)

Master Code For All Items
8202514E 03E7 (CodeBreaker)

Sun Stone = 8202514C 0065 (CodeBreaker)
Moon Stone = 8202514C 0066 (CodeBreaker)
Fire Stone = 8202514C 0067 (CodeBreaker)
Thunder Stone = 8202514C 0068 (CodeBreaker)
Water Stone = 8202514C 0069 (CodeBreaker)
Leaf Stone = 8202514C 006A (CodeBreaker)
Dawn Stone = 8202514C 006B (CodeBreaker)
Dusk Stone = 8202514C 006C (CodeBreaker)
Shiny Stone = 8202514C 006D (CodeBreaker)
Ice Stone = 8202514C 006E (CodeBreaker)
Max Repel = 8202514C 005C (CodeBreaker)
Ability Capsule = 8202514C 005D (CodeBreaker)
Unlimited Master Ball = 8202514C 0001 (CodeBreaker)
Unlimited Rare Candy = 8202514C 004B (CodeBreaker)

In Closing

We’ll just have to wait if there will be eventually working Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies cheats. Maybe there are some skilled people out there that can provide us the cheat-loving players a couple of working ones.

The game is still good but there is another issue where it is still majorly in German with a few texts only in English. You can still play it despite that issue and it really isn’t too much of a problem. The story is fine but even though you can’t understand it, you can understand the gameplay mechanics.

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  1. Made a List for Item cheats because I was looking for Ability Patches:

    8202514C XXXX – Any Item

    0000 – N/A 0010 – Fast Ball 0020 – Awakening
    0001 – Master Ball 0011 – Level Ball 0021 – Paralyze Heal
    0002 – Ultra Ball 0012 – Lure Ball 0022 – Full Restore
    0003 – Great Ball 0013 – Heavy Ball 0023 – Max Potion
    0004 – Poké Ball 0014 – Love Ball 0024 – Hyper Potion
    0005 – Safari Ball 0015 – Friend Ball 0025 – Super Potion
    0006 – Net Ball 0016 – Moon Ball 0026 – Full Heal
    0007 – Dive Ball 0017 – Sport Ball 0027 – Revive
    0008 – Nest Ball 0018 – Park Ball 0028 – Max Revive
    0009 – Repeat Ball 0019 – Dream Ball 0029 – Fresh Water
    000A – Timer Ball 001A – Beast Ball 002A – Soda Pop
    000B – Luxury Ball 001B – Premier Ball 002B – Lemonade
    000C – Dusk Ball 001C – Potion 002C – Moomoo Milk
    000D – Heal Ball 001D – Antidote 002D – Energypowder
    000E – Quick Ball 001E – Burn Heal 002E – Energy Root
    000F – Cherish Ball 001F – Ice Heal 002F – Heal Powder

    0030 – Revival Herb 0040 – Shoal Salt 0050 – Dire Hit
    0031 – Ether 0041 – Shoal Shell 0051 – X Attack
    0032 – Max Ether 0042 – Red Shard 0052 – X Defend
    0033 – Elixir 0043 – Blue Shard 0053 – X Speed
    0034 – Max Elixir 0044 – Green Shard 0054 – X Accuracy
    0035 – Lava Cookie 0045 – Yellow Shard 0055 – X Sp. Atk
    0036 – Blue Flute 0046 – HP Up 0056 – X Sp. Def
    0037 – Yellow Flute 0047 – Protein 0057 – Poké Doll
    0038 – Red Flute 0048 – Iron 0058 – Fluffy Tail
    0039 – Black Flute 0049 – Carbos 0059 – Escape Rope
    003A – White Flute 004A – Calcium 005A – Repel
    003B – Berry Juice 004B – Rare Candy 005B – Super Repel
    003C – Sweet Heart 004C – PP Up 005C – Max Repel
    003D – Big Malasada 004D – Zinc 005D – Ability Capsule
    00DE – Old Gateau 004E – PP Max 005E – Health Wing
    003F – Sacred Ash 004F – Guard Spec. 005F – Muscle Wing

    0060 – Resist Wing 0070 – Blue Apricorn 0080 – Pink Nectar
    0061 – Genius Wing 0071 – Yellow Apricorn 0081 – Purple Nectar
    0062 – Clever Wing 0072 – Green Apricorn 0082 – Honey
    0063 – Swift Wing 0073 – Pink Apricorn 0083 – Rare Bone
    0064 – Pretty Wing 0074 – White Apricorn 0084 – Orange Mail
    0065 – Sun Stone 0075 – Black Apricorn 0085 – Harbor Mail
    0066 – Moon Stone 0076 – Tiny Mushroom 0086 – Glitter Mail
    0067 – Fire Stone 0077 – Big Mushroom 0087 – Mech Mail
    0068 – Thunder Stone 0078 – Pearl 0088 – Wood Mail
    0069 – Water Stone 0079 – Big Pearl 0089 – Wave Mail
    006A – Leaf Stone 007A – Stardust 008A – Bead Mail
    006B – Dawn Stone 007B – Star Piece 008B – Shadow Mail
    006C – Dusk Stone 007C – Nugget 008C – Tropic Mail
    006D – Shiny Stone 007D – Big Nugget 008D – Dream Mail
    006E – Ice Stone 007E – Red Nectar 008E – Fab Mail
    006F – Red Apricorn 007F – Yellow Nectar 008F – Retro Mail

    0090 – Cheri Berry 00A0 – Bluk Berry 00B0 – Watmel Berry
    0091 – Chesto Berry 00A1 – Nanab Berry 00B1 – Durin Berry
    0092 – Pecha Berry 00A2 – Wepear Berry 00B2 – Belue Berry
    0093 – Rawst Berry 00A3 – Pinap Berry 00B3 – Occa Berry
    0094 – Aspear Berry 00A4 – Pomeg Berry 00B4 – Passho Berry
    0095 – Leppa Berry 00A5 – Kelpsy Berry 00B5 – Wacan Berry
    0096 – Oran Berry 00A6 – Qualot Berry 00B6 – Rindo Berry
    0097 – Persim Berry 00A7 – Hondew Berry 00B7 – Yache Berry
    0098 – Lum Berry 00A8 – Grepa Berry 00B8 – Chople Berry
    0099 – Sitrus Berry 00A9 – Tamato Berry 00B9 – Kebia Berry
    009A – Figy Berry 00AA – Cornn Berry 00BA – Shuca Berry
    009B – Wiki Berry 00AB – Magost Berry 00BB – Coba Berry
    009C – Mago Berry 00AC – Rabuta Berry 00BC – Payapa Berry
    009D – Aguav Berry 00AD – Nomel Berry 00BD – Tanga Berry
    009E – Iapapa Berry 00AE – Spelon Berry 00BE – Charti Berry
    009F – Razz Berry 00AF – Pamtre Berry 00BF – Kasib Berry

    00C0 – Haban Berry 00D0 – ERROR 00E0 – Everstone
    00C1 – Colbur Berry 00D1 – ERROR 00E1 – Focus Band
    00C2 – Babiri Berry 00D2 – ERROR 00E2 – Lucky Egg
    00C3 – Chilan Berry 00D3 – Brightpowder 00E3 – Scope Lens
    00C4 – Roseli Berry 00D4 – White Herb 00E4 – Metal Coat
    00C5 – Liechi Berry 00D5 – Macho Brace 00E5 – Leftovers
    00C6 – Ganlon Berry 00D6 – Exp. Share 00E6 – Dragon Scale
    00C7 – Salac Berry 00D7 – Quick Claw 00E7 – Oval Stone
    00C8 – Petaya Berry 00D8 – Soothe Bell 00E8 – Protector
    00C9 – Apicot Berry 00D9 – Mental Herb 00E9 – Electirizer
    00CA – Lansat Berry 00DA – Choice Band 00EA – Magmarizer
    00CB – Starf Berry 00DB – King’s Rock 00EB – Dubious Disc
    00CC – Micle Berry 00DC – Silverpowder 00EC – Reaper Cloth
    00CD – Enigma Berry 00DD – Amulet Coin 00ED – Razor Claw
    00CE – ERROR 00DE – Cleanse Tag 00EE – Razor Fang
    00CF – ERROR 00DF – Smoke Ball 00EF – Prism Scale

    00F0 – Whipped Dream 0100 – Silk Scarf 0110 – Muscle Band
    00F1 – Sachet 0101 – Up-Grade 0111 – Wise Glasses
    00F2 – Soft Sand 0102 – Shell Bell 0112 – Expert Belt
    00F3 – Hard Stone 0103 – Power Bracer 0113 – Light Clay
    00F4 – Miracle Seed 0104 – Power Belt 0114 – Icy Rock
    00F5 – Black Glasses 0105 – Power Lens 0115 – Smooth Rock
    00F6 – Black Belt 0106 – Power Band 0116 – Heat Rock
    00F7 – Magnet 0107 – Power Anklet 0117 – Damp Rock
    00F8 – Mystic Water 0108 – Power Weight 0118 – Destiny Knot
    00F9 – Sharp Beak 0109 – Power Herb 0119 – Grip Claw
    00FA – Poison Barb 010A – Choice Scarf 011A – Life Orb
    00FB – NeverMeltIce 010B – Choice Specs 011B – Toxic Orb
    00FC – Spell Tag 010C – Focus Sash 011C – Flame Orb
    00FD – Twisted Spoon 010D – Wide Lens 011D – Sticky Barb
    00FE – Charcoal 010E – Zoom Lens 011E – Black Sludge
    00FF – Dragon Fang 010F – Metronome 011F – Iron Ball

  2. I tried so many Codes but it still work why I put codes from 0000 to 0063 and then, it works here I got some Codes for all:

    Full Restore – 0022
    Max Revive – 0028
    Max Elixer – 0034
    HP Up – 0046
    Protein – 0047
    Iron – 0048
    Carbos – 0049
    Calcium – 004A
    Zinc – 004D
    PP Max – 004E

    If you want other items just search the code and put the code first then see if it is the item you are looking for then, the code that you put in and compare it to the list of code you search for. Then use the add or minus strategy just like what I did.

    Health Wing – 005E
    Muscle Wing – 005F
    Resist Wing- 0060
    Genius Wing – 0061
    Clever Wing – 0062
    Swift Wing – 0063

    Those Wings are additional Stat modificator, for Example: Health Wing It can Increase the base HP of a Pokémon for a certain percentage of HP.

  3. Working cheat for “Pokemon sovereign of the sky”

    MASTERCODE: 8202514E 03E7 (codebreaker)

    Masterball in PC: 820251C4 0001 (codebreaker)

    Rarecandy in PC: 820251C4 004B

    This code works in MyBoy emulator for Android devices. I don’t know about the PC if its going to work because I don’t have a PC.. go try it yourself maybe it will work..

  4. I have a question how do I pass to mizieria city there’s some people blocking my way and I have a cheat for sovereign of the sky 82000060 270F
    82022D48 270F
    82022F7C 270F
    8202309C 270F
    820241F0 270F exp

  5. Master Code For All Items
    8202514E 03E7 (CodeBreaker)
    Sun Stone = 8202514C 0065 (CodeBreaker)
    Moon Stone = 8202514C 0066 (CodeBreaker)
    Fire Stone = 8202514C 0067 (CodeBreaker)
    Thunder Stone = 8202514C 0068 (CodeBreaker)
    Water Stone = 8202514C 0069 (CodeBreaker)
    Leaf Stone = 8202514C 006A (CodeBreaker)
    Dawn Stone = 8202514C 006B (CodeBreaker)
    Dusk Stone = 8202514C 006C (CodeBreaker)
    Shiny Stone = 8202514C 006D (CodeBreaker)
    Ice Stone = 8202514C 006E (CodeBreaker)
    Max Repel = 8202514C 005C (CodeBreaker)
    Ability Capsule = 8202514C 005D (CodeBreaker)
    Unlimited Master Ball (CodeBreaker)
    8202514C 0001
    Unlimited Rare Candy (CodeBreaker)
    8202514C 004B
    I just did some testing and found out that the master ball and rare candy cheats are not working so I changed them
    Enjoy 😀

  6. 82026E18 0040
    82026E1A 03E7
    working rare candy cheat
    82026E18 0001
    82026E1A 03E7
    working masterball cheat
    82026E18 0043
    82026E1A 03E7
    work pp max cheat

    (might work)

  7. Pokémon Sors v1.2 Infinite Money

    820257BC FFFF
    820257BE 00FF

    Gives you a small loan of a million dollars. Keep it on for infinite money.

    Tested on Visual Boy Advance 1.8.0-beta 3 and mGBA v0.9.2

  8. Pokémon Sors v1.2 Maximum Stats

    This is for the first Pokémon in your party only and is only active while the cheat is active. This is not an IV/EV cheat. It makes each stat 255. You can increase the second part of the code (the 00FF, this is just hexadecimal for 255) to get a higher stat if 255 isn’t enough for you.

    Personally tested on Visual Boy Advance 1.8.0-beta 3 and mGBA v0.9.2

    820242DC 00FF
    820242DE 00FF
    820242E0 00FF
    820242E2 00FF
    820242E4 00FF
    820242E6 00FF

  9. Item Modifier for Pokémon Sors v1.2 + Emulator Fix + Lucario Fix on mGBA 0.9.2

    Codebreaker Code:

    820257C4 XXXX
    820257C6 03E7

    ** EDIT**

    After some testing, this code works for me on Visual Boy Advance on the normal ROM without the emulator fix.

    Feedback is appreciated.

  10. 82000060270F
    Use This Cheat battle a wild Pokémon and shift to the Pokémon that you want to have exp and after the battle(you must win) it will give your Pokémon 9999 exp

  11. Walk Through Walls
    7881A409 E2026E0C
    C56CFACA DC167904

    Unlimited Master Ball
    128898B6 EDA43037

    Unlimited Rare Candy
    BFF956FA 2F9EC50D

    Infinite Money

    Unlimited Trade Stone
    You should use this code before you meet 5th GYM leader. After enter it, the first item in Pokemart will be Trade Stone. Required “Real Time Clock”.
    82005274 0066

    Own All Poke Balls (someone reports it maybe harm your game)
    085938bb 99ff313d
    2dafd739 5d796510

    Haha yes cheats + gib keeping to me haha yes hope helped haha

    Yeah hope its helpful though lol