Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies


There are a ton of good ROM hacks of Pokemon Emerald, so why not add one more to that list being Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies? That’s a good name, and the game lives up to expectations. The game looks visually appealing and armed with a ton of features that you would want from any kind of ROM hack.

This game is a sort of complete, although the developers are still fixing some potential bugs, but it is playable in its current state. The game’s default language is German but there is a version which is in English so you don’t need to worry about not understanding the game in general.

Available ROM hacks to play

Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies Information


The story in Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies is crazy. Basically, the world is in a chaotic state. The villains called Team Tundra are up to no good stealing the Sacred Shards of Celestis. The Guardians of Amitec can no longer handle the workload of peacekeeping hence you have to do your share. Embark on your quest to be a Pokemon trainer and help uphold the peace.


Despite being based on Pokemon Emerald, the graphics have been enhanced. The UI looks similar to that of Pokemon Black and White, and a lot of the visuals have been designed to look much better. There are some dialogues where character portraits appear on the side. A lot of the game mechanics have been updated to be as similar to Gen 7 as possible and so much more.

Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies Information

Pokemon sovereign of the skies

Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies
Creator: Dragonflye
Game Base: Emerald
Language: German, English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Pokemon roster goes up to Gen 7
  • Battle mechanics updated to Gen 7
  • New designs, sprites, tiles, UI, and others
  • Custom music
  • Day and Night cycle
  • Mega Developments and Protomorphosis
  • Can adjust difficulty
  • The Arena Ladders


Pokemon sovereign of the skies screenshots

Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies Download


GFX: TheDeadHeroAlistair, aveontrainer, carchagui, Derlo, Morlockhater, PeekyChew, Kaze, Zeo, Warpras, Thegreatblaid, KingTapir Kyldove, Magiscarf, Phyromatical, PrinceLegendario, princess-phoenix, Red-ex, pureAzur, seiyouh, Wesley FG, carchagui, Zein, zerudez, geoisevil, moltres, The DS-style 64×64 Pokémon Sprite Resource, Endrael

Tester: 4reddy, Cookie, Lavitor, Timo, fleroviux, xydragonxy for helping to track down bugs in our initial test phase

Special Thanks:

  • Egg and all the Contributers to the Generation III Battle Engine Project
  • Wodka for some assistance and bearing with endless text messages.
  • TiMauzu for building the Twitter page and help in the past.

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What are the shiny ods?


I have finished the game.


Nice. Any tips you can share with other players?

Akash kavreti

Brave of ocean.
make underwater tunnel system and many roads and mirror traps


Nice, Keep em’ coming Akash.

Akash kavreti

I have played all the tasks of the game and solved the most complex task chamber of taran
Unexpecteable game
I will wait next version of this game


Nice, good for you Akash. If you don’t mind asking, can you provide more helpful tips?


Found any cheats?


Not yet.


When the cheat will come?


Not sure yet pal. We’ll do our best to collect cheats. At this moment, the cheats we tested fail to work.

Alec Tattz

yea i cant wait for the cheats this game looks awesome


But i’am really enjoy without cheat
Btw good luck bro finding cheat


Good for you Leon. Cheats are actually used for extra fun, or to some players; cheats are used to eliminate the time grinding the game. Either way, the rom hack is great, and playing it with or without cheats can be fun.


Give cheat codes please


Sadly in our testing, no cheats are working. I will try to reach out and ask for help from fellow gamers for the cheats on this game.


Does anyone know the rare candy cheat?


We’ve just started collecting cheats for this game, but unfortunately none of the codes we tried worked. Sorry 😢


Where can you get the rare candies cheat codes because the normal emerald cheat code does not work.


were can i get the german-version?


can you please give me the cheat code for rare candy of sovereign of skies?


I like this website for getting pokemon cheats games and update


Thank you so much Ayush, such a sweet word and inspiring 😊. Comments like this inspire us to work very hard.