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As far as ROM hacks go, you might want to try Pokemon Order and Chaos. The name alone tells you that it’s serious, and in a way that is. The story itself is a bit serious, but it’s still Pokemon all the way.

Speaking of Pokemon, you actually have an array of Fakemon in the game.

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You won’t get to use any Pokemon, but that’s fine. We’ll add the IPS and UPS files below so that you can just patch it with the right FireRed ROM. All the information you need will be added below so that you can enjoy this game and so on.

Pokemon Order and Chaos Details and More


Years prior to the game, two Dragons Chaosotra and Orderana were at war. Orderana won, and peace was spread across the Region of Mando. Chaos is spreading again, so people are afraid that the Dragon Chaosotra might come back to punish them.

It has also been prophesied that a 15-year-old child will bring order after the chaos. The story does take itself seriously but always remember that you’re still out to get those Pokemon or Fakemon in this hack.


The game has edited and altered sprites for its graphics. The Fakemon roster is a bit unclear, but there are a lot of them available. The Fakemon have their own types, Moves, stats, and others.

Character portraits are also available, as well as refined dialogue. A lot of the other features are the same as the GBA games, so to speak.

Pokemon Order and Chaos Information

Pokemon order and chaos

Pokemon Order and Chaos
Creator: EasyBakeStudios
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Intriguing Story to plunge into
  • Two Regions to Explore
  • Fakemon makes up the roster
  • Physical and Special split
  • Altered sprites and graphics
  • Character portraits available




We don’t share pre-patched rom hacks and roms – sharing these files is considered piracy, and it’s illegal!

Before you can play this game, you need to patch the downloaded file to a clean base rom. To learn more on how to patch, check this guide.

Download Pokemon Order and Chaos



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