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Pokemon Saiph is a ROM hack of FireRed made by #Vytron. Like any GBA ROM hack of this kind, they can run on any type of GBA emulator. It has updated graphics and animation because it looks like one of the DS games. The story is also an unofficial sequel to one of the Pokemon games but more on that later. The number of Pokemon in the game is also updated as well as updated stats and types.

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Speaking of types, Fairy-type is present in the game as well as other features. This game is confirmed to be complete but it still has some minor bugs that you may experience when playing the game. The other thing is that the Pokedex may be a bit buggy for the time being. Be sure to check out for more updates if ever this game has any.

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What you need to know about Pokemon Saiph


Just as we mentioned, Pokemon Saiph is an unofficial continuation of Pokemon Rangers Shadows of Almia. Don’t worry, we won’t be spoiling any plot from that game and the story here isn’t official anyway. Then again, it is still your typical Pokemon story where humans are mixing Pokemon with their desires for power and more. The story takes place in the Hoenn Region and while the plot is all about saving the world once again, you still end up doing the basic Pokemon stuff.


Let’s start with the aesthetics of Pokemon Saiph because the pixels are pretty much based on the Generation V games on the DS. You also see that there are background images during the battles. In terms of music, there are tracks from the DS games playing in some locations. In terms of the Pokemon roster, it is all over the place. You have Pokemon from Generation I until VI and is still a bit unclear which the confirmed ones are.

To some extent, the stats are updated for the Pokemon available. This also means that the Fairy-type is in the game as well as all available Pokemon having updated types not just on Generation III. In terms of gameplay mechanics, there are a lot of things added. We have the appearance of the sideways stairs. This isn’t such a big deal since it all boils down to design but it is always a welcome one.

The items and TMs are also updated in the game. Speaking of the TMs, they are also reusable so you don’t need to worry about wasting a TM since it won’t be going anywhere. There’s also a lot of added content like a different area in Hoenn not present in the other games but it isn’t official. Then, there’s another Region called Colen that you can explore later on.

Pokemon Saiph Game Information

Pokemon saiph

Pokemon Saiph
Creator: #Vytron
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link


  • Ishrak’s Poketips (Game’s Fancy Logo)
  • Mr. Maiker (Translator for Spanish version)
  • LukeeGD (Soundtrack)
  • Dionen, turtwig2 (Tileset)
  • tebited15 (Female Protagonist OWs)
  • h y o (Male Protagonist Backsprite, Battle/Trainer card sprite)
  • pokefreak890 (Big chunk of the game engine)
  • Kiy, usigusom, () and 黒インク (Selection screen)
  • Againsts (Summary screen)
  • Nisarg (Sprite for the Bags)
  • JK from Whack a Hack (Bag UI)
  • diegoisawesome (For his awesome XSE tutorial, I learned scripting from pretty much that)
  • Everyone from VRP (My Discord server) for the Support

Feature List

  • Pokemon roster from Generation I to VI
  • Two Regions to explore namely Colen and Hoenn (more of Hoenn)
  • Uses Black and White sprites
  • Several Generation V music is present
  • Battle backgrounds present
  • Updated types with Fairy-type
  • Updated moves and abilities for the Pokemon
  • Updated TMs and they are reusable
  • Updated items
  • Updated Bag UI
  • Day and night cycle available
  • Team Void being the evil team in the game
  • Sideways stairs mechanic



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  1. Im on MacOsX using the emulator OpenEmu; I downloaded the file but the emulator does not seem to be able to read the game file.
    Any information?
    Thank You

  2. How do I even patch this? It’s failing multiple times but I’m patching the right game, that being Fire Red (U) v1.1

  3. Hello, I’m the developer of this romhack.
    I am concerned due to the misleading and vague information given here, as “multiple people” as the creator is not just false (as I made this game alone) but also extremely vague and thus pretty much disregarding someone’s efforts…

    I hope it will be corrected soon to real information, have a nice day/evening

    – Vytron

    • Hello Vytron, sorry for what happened and thanks for bringing this to my attention. I just want you to know that we’ve already corrected the information and added credits to contributors.