Pokemon Crystal Kaizo


Pokemon Blue Kaizo is a good GBC ROM hack. That’s where Pokemon Crystal Kaizo comes in, being a sequel to Blue Kaizo. Regardless, this game is good and can stand on its own even if you haven’t played the previous one. It has a bit of a difficulty spike to it which is fine in a way.

This is a GBC ROM hack, so you can use a GBC or even a GBA emulator because it can still work. In fact, it is better to use a GBA emulator for some updated and better features. We’ll dive into the things that you can get when you play this ROM hack.

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Pokemon Crystal Kaizo Details and More


Despite being a sequel to Blue Kaizo, this game follows the story of Pokemon Crystal. Then again, when you think about it, Blue Kaizo is based on Blue, which is Gen, and Crystal is Gen 2, so the story works either way.


There are some interesting features, and the game has 252 Pokemon to catch, but that one Pokemon is a secret that you have to catch. We also mentioned that this game is slightly tricky, which is good if you like a challenge. Evolution Stones can be bought, and all Eevee forms can be evolved using these Stones. Use the Moon Stone to evolve Umbreon and the Sun Stone to evolve Espeon. Speaking of Evolutions, all Pokemon that need trading will evolve except for Slowking, which can be done using a Water Stone. There’s also the Odd Egg, where you get a guaranteed Shiny. Gym Leaders and Elite Four Members will have a team of 6 and 1 Shiny in them.

Pokemon Crystal Kaizo Information

Pokemon crytal kaizo

Pokemon Crystal Kaizo
Creator: SinisterHoodedFigure
Game Base: Crystal
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • 252 Pokemon Up to Gen 2 (1 secret)
  • No need to trade to evolve Pokemon
  • All Evolution Stones can be bought
  • The Odd Egg (Get a Guaranteed Shiny Pokemon)
  • Revive Items can’t be used in battle
  • Slightly difficult



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