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There’s something silly about a game called Pokemon Grape. It is a ROM hack based on Pokemon Red. That’s right, the very first games released for this series are Pokemon Red and Blue. This is technically a GBC ROM hack, so either way, it’s fine.

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Despite using Pokemon Red as the base, the story is different and unique. It also has a ton of features that you can dive into. We’ll tackle everything that makes this ROM hack interesting in its own way, and you can play it on any GBA emulator when you don’t have a GBC one.

Moreover, you can also use cheats in this game and we have collected some of the most useful Pokemon Grape cheats. There are some cases when you need to take shortcuts rather than spend the whole day playing, and that’s where cheats come in handy.

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Pokemon Grape Details and More


The story in Pokemon Grape is original where it takes place in 1999. You have to impersonate a baseball player who has to participate in a competition. The winner of this competition will end up owning the Pokemon League.

By the way, this will also avoid a war between the Frejo and Kelgo Regions, whatever that means. You have to build up your team of Pokemon before the competition begins to save the day.

On top of that, former members of Team Rocket from Kanto have made it their mission to give you hell.


We’ll start first with the graphical updates in the game. The sprites have been improved, and if you played any of the Gen 1 Pokemon games, you’d see that some of the battle sprites were weird and bad.

This hack has fixed and presentable sprites for those things. There are around 248 Pokemon in the game from multiple Generations.

Several Moves have also been added as well as new areas and locations to explore. One important thing is that several bugs from Gen 1 have been fixed.

Pokemon Grape Information


Pokemon Grape
Creator: 80C
Game Base: Red
Language: English
Source: Link
Cheats: Link

Feature List

  • Pokemon roster goes up to 248
  • 11 Legendary Pokemon included
  • Later types are added (Dark, Fairy, and Steel)
  • Unique Pokemon types are included (Atom, Bone, Gas, Light, Sound, Wind, and Wood)
  • New areas and dungeons added
  • New types of Poke Balls added
  • Added new items
  • 70 new Moves added as well
  • Black 2 and White 2 Repel System
  • Kart replaces the Bicycle which moves four times faster
  • Mega Evolution in the game


Pokemon grape

Pokemon Grape Download


Grape Final Version Credits:

  • 80C – Author;
  • Uac.Dario – Beta Tester, Z80 ASM;
  • Shanty Town – Custom Music, Z80 ASM;
  • AshAndMisty (-Red) – Custom Music;
  • Danny-E 33 – Original Version of Danny-E’s Red Graphic Patch

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