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Let’s add another GBC ROM hack into our list which is Pokemon Crystal Clear. The name gives you the idea that the base ROM is Crystal which is correct. This hack has the usual elements and has a lineup of the Gen 2 Pokemon with modified sprites and that goes the same for the characters.

It’s an interesting ROM hack to play with a lot of added features. There are also a ton of characters to choose from and Starters to pick from the beginning. Lose yourself in this hack and be a part of their community to keep this game going with updates and more.

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Pokemon Crystal Clear Details and More


The game prides itself on having an open-world nature so the story can be however you want it to be. You go anywhere and do the plot however you want and you choose from several characters and Starter Pokemon.


You choose from Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, or Silver as your character. Choose from 24 Starter Pokemon as well. We mentioned open-world earlier and that’s one of the appeals of the game. Aside from choosing your character and Starter, you can also choose where you start your adventure. You can explore the Kanto and Johto Region much like the Gen 2 games. This also means you can compete and fight against all 16 Gym Leaders and both Elite Four groups. The roster of Pokemon as of now is around 251 all up to Gen 2 which includes the Legendary. The game will still get future updates so just stay tuned.

Pokemon Crystal Clear Information

Pokemon crystal clear

Pokemon Crystal Clear
Creator: ShockSlayer
Game Base: Crystal
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • 250+ Pokemon (Up to Gen 2)
  • Open World elements
  • Choose from 6 characters
  • Select from 24 Starter Pokemon
  • Decide which city or location you want to start
  • Carve your own path
  • 16 Gym Leaders
  • Challenge Gym Leaders again
  • Improved Pokedex interface
  • Buy a house in any town
  • Chaining and Footprint system
  • New Move Tutors


Pokemon Crystal Clear Download

The download link will send you to a site (from the creator) where you have to get a Discord invite and that’s where you can download the game because we are not authorized to distribute it.


ShockSlayer, Rangi, Froggestspirit, honeybun, fibbef, The BitBuilt Team

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