Pokemon FireRed Rare Candy Cheat


Pokemon FireRed’s Rare Candy is a potent weapon. This guide will show you how to use cheat to obtain plenty of Rare Candy in your FireRed game. Rare Candy is challenging to come by in this game without cheats, but by following the information provided below, you can amass a large number of them; use Pokemon FireRed Rare Candy Cheat now!

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Having only limited rare candies in a Pokemon game is not that exciting. That’s why some players acquire them through cheating.

Using cheat codes in Pokemon GBA games is so popular since players are using them for extra fun.

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Pokemon firered rare candy cheat

In GameBoy Advance, cheat codes are referred to as GameShark codes. There are different versions of GameShark Codes, the Codebreaker, and Action replay codes.

Some GBA emulators do not detect cheat types, so it pays a lot to familiarize yourself with the cheat format to determine its type. Codebreakers are usually one-liner codes, while action replay codes have multiple lines

Pokemon FireRed Rare Candy Cheat Code

Cheat Code (Check PC)

If you have no idea how to withdraw your rare candies after activating the cheat, you must watch this Youtube video.

The cheat works best for recommended GBA emulators such as My Boy or John GBA for Android users and GBA4iOS for iOS users.

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Common Issues

Some users have reported the cheat codes do not work for them, and this is true if you are using FireRed version V1.1. Cheat codes work best for (US) ROMs with version V1.0.

Years ago, Emuparadise took down the download file for their FireRed v1.0. That’s so unfortunate, but there are still other sources for the FireRed V1.0 version, do a Google for them, or you can ask a friend who has the file.

If you’re having trouble activating this cheat, don’t hesitate to ask for help, we love to help. Send your message in the comment form below.


So, to sum up, this rare candy item is extremely rare and difficult to obtain. You’ll have to put in a significant amount of effort to locate it. Giving your  Pokemon rare candies is the fastest way to increase their level and to obtain stronger Pokemon in a short period. You can also get more rare candies by using Pokemon Fire Red rare candy cheat.

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Is there a way to get the cheat if it’s just the original Game Boy Advance SP?

it keeps saying code seems to be for a different game how do i fix it

it doesn’t and it keeps saying that there are no items in the storage

this is the one that I use. can you help me?


How do I download it

searh pokemon fire red on google and click the first link:)

dose this work for rom hacks?

I use VBA M and every time i try and use a code on Fire red i get the same thing, Code seems to be for a different game. Ive tried multiple different versions of fire red and cant get them to work (all 1.0)

Show me the rare candy cheat for the fire red

where do i put it in with can you describe with detail

please help fast

also i play on playemulator on a chromebook

How/where do I enter the code?

The thing is I try the code and it doesn’t work on Fire Red but when I tried it on a romhack that is based on FireRed it somehow works can you explain how that works? I copied the code 82025840 0044 and it doesn’t work. When the gameboy advance emulator is on I cannot use the gameshark advance cheats but when I close the screen I can use it but cannot turn on the GBA emulator and when I close it the cheat doesn’t work. Can you explain to me in *detail* how it works because I tried every… Read more »

I am using the VisualBoyAdvance 1.7.5

It said this the Cheats for GameBoy Advance games must be entered while no rom is running. Select close rom from the File menu and then you can enter the cheats using the cheat items under the Options menu respective to the type of code you want to enter. After entering your codes, click OK and then select a rom using the Open Rom… option in the File menu, and your cheat codes will be applied to that game.

What is this cheat type

It says error cheat code is not valid

Pretty cool

I did the same as it was written but everytime i put cheat it just don’t work.

Hey Pokemon coders everything works fine so far expect for one thing, I’ve been doing the cheat code where you can modify what Pokemon you want and I wanted a tyranitar but it came up with a snorlax since their the same code number and I don’t wannavgrind up a pupitar or larvitar to a tyranitar I think it will be boring so please try to help this situation 😀

Whoops made a mistake in that sentence sorry 🙁

Does it work????????????

the pokemon coders is so great working cheat codes

This cheat really worked thank you everyone

When i activate the cheat all of my pokemon are too quirky

I tries to use the rare candy cheat on my John gba lite emulator for Android but it I didn’t work. What should I do?

The rare candies replaced the gold teeth. Now what do I do.

It’s not a bug, it’s the cheat, and it was never updated.

I have visual boy advance-M 2.1.4 (PC)
and pokemon firered versions 1.0 USA and cheats, including rare candy, do not work for me